Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical Review

Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical Review

Body Solid E5000 Elliptical is one of the leading center drive ellipticals that are designed for low-impact full body workout sessions with precision. With 21” stride and 20 resistance levels, this equipment is meant for rigorous workout sessions.

It offers contact and wireless heart rate monitoring with two window display for better readability. It provides more capacity and better stride for user weight as compared to Body-Solid EllipticalRead Body Solid E5000 Elliptical Review 2020 that shows the key facets of the equipment. that has the self-generating power capacity.  

This equipment is a perfect blend of designing, stability, and performance with the space-efficiency feature. The patented designing makes this elliptical more result-oriented as it is highly recommended for home and commercial usage.

Its unique selling feature is the provision of a low center of gravity along with oversized pedals, and balanced frame helps in creating the natural elliptical motion for enhanced comfort and performance.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical is fitness equipment that provides both upper and lower body workout sessions. It proves to be a healthy heart exercise that helps to improve the aerobic capacity of the users. It helps to strengthen the lungs and enhance the flexibility of the body.

The elliptical trainer helps to customize the workout program by changing the stride length, resistance levels, and speed, thus making it the best workout option for burning the calories.

Overall, it is the best elliptical for home use as it offers low-impact and rigorous workout with intense cardio workout programs.

Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Body-Solid cardio equipment can be assembled easily with the instruction manual that offers an insight into the step by step guide. The users need to follow the guidelines, and the machine can be set up with the help of two people. But if the user prefers to hire professional service, then he has to pay extra money for it.

Design and Build Quality

The Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical viewed among the best center drive ellipticals that are developed with the use of innovative technology, precision and meant for high-end performance. Its sturdily built steel frame adds to the years of performance with the dimensions measuring 68.4″L x 31″W x 69″H with 20 levels of resistance.

Supports the maximum user weight of 325 Ibs. It is a self-generating machine that allows natural stride with a balanced and arched frame for having a robust performance. Its easy step design allows the users to get in and out of the machine quickly.

The comfortable platform and low height of equipment with oversized pedals help the users to enhance their workout capability without exerting themselves. The handlebars are designed with a firm grip for enhanced comfort and precision.

The large-sized console with contact and wireless heart rate monitoring provides a user-friendly interface for improved levels of performance. The provision of water bottle holder adds to the comfort of the users for keeping them hydrated during different levels of intensity.

Therefore, it is the best commercial grade elliptical that is highly recommended for home use and personal usage having a cost of less than $2500.

Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical Features


This Bolid Solid elliptical trainer arrives with magnetic resistance that offers 20 different levels of resistance. The users can modify their exercise regimen from slow to moderate to intense levels by changing the resistance levels.

Also, the users derive the benefit of a low-impact workout that helps in relieving pain from joints and knees and make it ideal for an extended period of usage. The magnetic resistance is comparatively more natural to use than belt resistance.

It offers smooth and quiet operation with the provision of changing the resistance as per the requirement of the user. Furthermore, the magnetic resistance is easy to control, and maintenance of the equipment is quite easy.

Its resistance levels are less than as compared to NordicTrack SE7i elliptical that comes with rear drive design.

Fitness Meter

This Body Solid elliptical is designed with 2 windows LED screen that is easy to use with intuitive features. It displays information about time, speed, distance, stride, calories, resistance, pulse and calorie/hour.

It is designed with quick start mode that allows users to improve their performance with easy to use and functional buttons. The console is equipped with six preset programs, five heart rate control programmes and two user profiles modes.

The six inbuilt programs comprise of mountain, hill, interval, interval mountain, random, interval speed training. The heart rate programs comprise of % heart rate target, HR80% (cardio), HR65%(fat burn), HR HILL (65-75-85%), HR INT(Hill interval).

The chest strap is included in the bike as the user doesn’t need to buy it separately. Thus, the users have a variety of workout options to choose from to get ahead in their fitness journey and see their results.


The pedals of this elliptical trainer are comfortable, oversized and come equipped with closed pedal spacing. It helps the different sized users to easily fit into the pedals and make pedaling more comfortable with natural motion.

In-built Transport Wheels

The inbuilt transport wheels make this equipment an ideal machine for small areas. Thus, the users can quickly move the equipment from one place to another after finishing the workout.


The handles of the elliptical trainer are removable that helps in easy transport of the equipment after a workout session. The firm grip further aids in smooth exercise sessions that motivate users to modify their workout from regular to intense sessions with safety grip handles.

Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical Warranty

The provision of warranty adds to the value of the Body Solid brand that further makes the product more reliable. Body Solid offers commercial and home warranty on this equipment as it is perfect for home use and can be effectively used for commercial purposes as well.

The home warranty provides a lifetime warranty on frame, five-year warranty on parts and a one-year warranty on labor. The commercial warranty coverage offers three-year warranty on parts and one year on labor.

Thus, it becomes one of the best commercial ellipticals that are known for high-end performance.

Body-Solid E5000 Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy build quality
  • 21” natural stride
  • The patented design of the center drive elliptical
  • Self-generating power
  • Contact and wireless heart rate
  • Balanced frame for intense performance levels
  • 20 levels of resistance
  • Seven inbuilt programs
  • Two window LED console for better readability
  • Commercial grade quality
  • Removable handles for better transport
  • Easy step-up height for intense cardio sessions.
  • Oversized pedals for a comfortable workout


  • No provision of water holder.
  • It is not budget-friendly with the range under $2500.
  • Less number of workout options.


The Bolid Solid E5000 Elliptical is a commercial-grade quality fitness equipment that comes with the patented center drive design to provide stable and space-efficient equipment that is meant for intense cardio sessions. Its natural stride with different resistance levels and effective designing makes it recommended choice for cardio fitness.

The only minus points of this machine are that it is not cost-effective and has no adjustable stride length and for that feature, you can opt for Body Solid E400 Elliptical that is also center drive elliptical.

But, if your main criteria are to buy equipment that offers the hard-core cardio sessions, then Body Solid E5000 Elliptical should be on your checklist to get fitter and healthy.