Body Rider BR1870 Fan Elliptical Trainer Review

Body Rider BR1870 Fan Elliptical Trainer Review

The Body Rider BR1870 Fan Elliptical Trainer is electricity free and bearable sized elliptical that helps in training both your lower and upper body using standard resistance and less force. You must be thinking you don’t have a home gym to keep this huge equipment at home, but you don’t require a huge room to workout with the Body Rider. This equipment is so compact that you simply need to find your favorite place for it.

It could be the balcony or a lobby area, just get it fixed there and get ready to shape up your body as per your desires. So once it is fixed, you are ready to turn fit with this easily accessible and progressive elliptical machine.  Well, there some amazing features of the Body Rider which are mentioned below please check out some.

Compact Size

One major reason to buy the Body Rider is its size. Its measurements are top out at 35.63″x20.1″x57.7″ (LxWxH) which are considered as compact, making it a great size for limited space houses or even a flat or a condo. It weighs just 58 pounds thus making it easy to move too. Later when not in use you can fold it or store it in a corner or slide it over open window without any trouble.

Simple Display

The Body Rider display is understandable, and you don’t need much information when you start with it. All you want for it is a baseline knowledge that is displayed over it during the workout. It keeps a count of your calories burned along with the speed and distance, all displayed on the front screen during your workout session.


  • Chain driven fan that is quite silent and thus not disturbing anyone else in the room.
  • Moving handlebars that help in upper body workout for a top to bottom fitness.
  • A monitor that can track your speed, distance, time and also the calories burned by you after your workout.
  • You can also watch DVDs that are provided along with the equipment that can help you work out more efficiently.
  • This elliptical machine is completely flexible for a fully custom-made workout.
  • While going through the reviews of the Body Rider, I came across that the small size of the machine does not alter its quality at all. A large number of people mentioned in reviews that it is quite strong and durable and doesn’t appear to be shaky and weak while being used. People report that it shows very minute movement or screech even after being used by somebody of greater weight.
  • The body trainer is inclusive of minimal tools that are very simple to put all together. It requires very less time to set up this machine. The building process is very simple you just simply need to open the manual, follow up the instructions and pictures and build the equipment.
  • This elliptical machine is amazing for all short users because of its trump length. The stride length of the Body Trainer BR1870 is 12″ whereas other elliptical machines like this have a stride length varying from 18 to 22 inches.
  • It is a quite machine meaning it doesn’t make any loud sounds while in use. So you don’t have to worry much while using this workout machine you can easily go for a conversation on the phone or around to your companion. This feature makes it a great buyable product even for busy moms who like to work out when their kids are asleep without waking up from their sound sleep.


The Body Trainer is greatly criticized for its placement of the foot pedals. The pedals slope downwards thus making it inconvenient for the users to find a rhythm. Some users have mentioned that they are walking in the high platform because of the angle of slope of the pedal. As all of the weight is on the toes, it is difficult for the user to maintain a high resistance.

Some customers have mentioned in the reviews that they have a foot size ten and they feel uncomfortable to fit their toes on the pedals and making it little more inconvenient while working for more hours.

Some bad reviews are also there like there are a numerous number of the pieces to build up the equipment despite the fact that some reviews said that this equipment is easy to put together.  Unpacking this fitness equipment is a real time consuming and is again a big task because it is difficult to figure out what is what.


This equipment is an affordable machine helping a lot of people who like to keep a respectable piece of the gym at their home and have a small budget. The Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer equipment costs less . Very less effort is required to assemble the Body Rider. Its small and compact size makes it a preferable choice for many who live in a small house or flat.  Overall, the Body Rider offers users everything it guarantees in a reasonable value. You get Body Rider simply assembled, sturdy, and fully useful elliptical with a display that may meet all of your basic fitness desires.