Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical Review

Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical Review

Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical  is listed in the category of the best elliptical for home use that is designed all those people who intend to engage in total body workout sessions with fitness equipment that is at par with commercial equipment. Bladez is recognized for best quality ellipticals.

But Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical is designed as the modified version of the XS1 model with more compact diverging and converging arms and soft step pedals for the convenience of the users.The key selling point of this is Bladez elliptical is an updated version of the elliptical range of the brand with more focus on the lower impact workout along with providing total body workout.

The Bladez Fitness Elliptical  is a compact fitness equipment that fits any corner of your room with ease. It comes with 20” natural stride that makes the preferred ellipticals for all fitness enthusiasts.The Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical offers the impeccable performance by the provision of contact heart rate sensors that help in monitoring the performance.

Also, this feature is highly compatible with polar wireless connectivity to provide better operational efficiency. The 16 levels of resistance control make it an excellent choice for all those fitness enthusiasts who prefer to workout at different intensity levels. You can look at the Bladez Fitness Elliptical – XS3 Review to have a detailed view of its performance.

Best Suited for Whom?

If you have determined fitness goals for yourself that you intend to attain with a high- quality elliptical trainer that not only fits your budget but also provide amazing results, then you must go for the Bladez Fitness Elliptical – XS3.

You can have a total body workout session with the benefit of the elliptical workout session and the lower impact workout, so you must opt for the Bladez elliptical. Moreover, it is best elliptical under range $1500 that makes it highly cost-effective fitness equipment that comes with advanced features.

Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


So far as the assembly of this Bladez elliptical machine is concerned, it can be done with a guideline manual providing detailed instructions. The users need to follow the guidelines and assemble the equipment. It takes less than 20 minutes to assemble the elliptical with accuracy. But if you seek professional help for this task, then you need to pay extra for the service.

Design and Build Quality

The Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical is a commercial grade quality fitness equipment that is designed in a steel frame. The use of heavy-duty polymers on the pedals and the guards of the flywheel and the resistance system make reliable fitness equipment that offers long-lasting performance.

The steel parts have the provision of double-coating of the anti-corrosive paint that enhances the longevity of the machine.This Bladez Fitness Elliptical has the dimensions measuring 72” (L) x 28” (W) x 67” (H). Its total weight is 188.5 LBS that makes it easy to transport equipment.

One of the key advantages of using this Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical is its premium quality built that is at par with commercial equipment. This feature makes it a highly recommended fitness equipment and best buy elliptical 2019!

Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical Features

1. Resistance – This elliptical arrives with the provision of 16 levels of resistance that helps the users to change the intensity of workout sessions as per their convenience. Thus, even a beginner can enjoy his workout sessions just like an experienced trainer by adjusting the levels of resistance as per their requirement.

2. Fitness meter – This fitness elliptical arrives with a blue backlit LCD display that helps to track distance, time, speed, and calories burned. Moreover, it has 12 preset programs that allow users to engage in different levels of workout sessions with precision and attain their preferred fitness goals with accurate results.

Moreover, there is the availability of Heart Rate Sensors having the compatibility with polar wireless to ensure its smooth functioning.

3. Pedals – The Bladez brand has modified the pedals of this elliptical machine with the use of oversized PCS soft step pedals that helps in having the smooth pedal motion both forwards and backwards. Moreover, it also helps in having the better lower impact workout sessions for higher convenience level of the users.

4. In-built Transport Wheels – The Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical arrives with the provision of an inbuilt transport wheel. It helps to move the elliptical easily from one place to another. As it is compact elliptical having the transport wheels enables the users to shift its position quickly.

5. Handles – The grab handles of this Bladez elliptical are designed with the intention of enabling the user to initiate their exercise sessions with a firm grip. Along with this, the change in the intensity levels of the workout session doesn’t affect the ability of the users to keep the grip tight and enjoy the workout.

Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical Warranty

The valid warranty backup is an essential pre-requisite while making up your mind to buy an elliptical as you should invest your money in equipment that has the warranty.

Thus, the Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical has a lifetime warranty on the frame and five-year warranty on the parts and one-year warranty on the labour. This warranty makes it one of the best home use ellipticals for all those people who intend to workout at their homes.

Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical Pros & Cons


  • Commercial grade quality and lightweight equipment
  • Large-sized PCS pedals that are soft and convenient to use
  • 16 adjustable resistance levels
  •  Easy assembly
  •  Latest features like crouched bike position and centre mounted handlebar for better workout options.
  • Cost-effective as it is available under $1000


  • Not for hardcore fitness training


The Bladez Fitness Elliptical  is a modified version of Bladez Fitness elliptical series as it comes with ergonomically designed arms and pedals for enhanced comfort of the users. This fitness equipment helps in having the lower impact workout sessions with precision and also provide total body workout session with accuracy.

It is backed by a valid warranty and is currently priced for less than $1500 that makes it highly recommended fitness equipment for home-based fitness freaks. Thus, if you prefer to invest your money in the best elliptical for home use, then you must purchase the Bladez Fitness XS3 Elliptical.

So make specific fitness goals that you can achieve and buy this Bladez elliptical as it correctly counts to be one of the best cheap ellipticals owing to its current pricing and modified features.