Bladez Ellipticals Review

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Bladez Ellipticals Review

Bladez fitness is an internationally acclaimed fitness brand and division of Beistegui Hermanos Global Group, that is a multinational company with the headquarters based in Spain. It is one of the premium fitness equipment brands that manufactures and distributes Bladez ellipticals, Bladez treadmills, Bladez indoor cycle, Bladez Cascade Rower, Bladez exercise bike, Bladez upright bikes, Bladez recumbent bikes. These fitness equipment are used for commercial and home use along with providing whole body vibration platforms.

It’s operational functions including distribution covers Asia, UK, North America, Spain, Germany, Mexico, and Portugal. The business of Bladez equipment spans 65 countries, and that makes it a prominent leader in the fitness industry with an incredible customer base across the world.

Why Bladez Stands Out Among The Rest?

Bladez is a part of BHG Group that is acknowledged for manufacturing the world-class fitness equipment for 100 years. Moreover, this acclaimed group is revered for manufacturing and delivering only the high-quality products that are designed with the customer-centric approach and intends to focus only on the performance-driven products. Bladez is respected for being the most trustworthy and widely used brand that caters to a wide range of audience with excellent results.

Bladez Elliptical Series

1. Bladez Fitness Elliptical SE4

The Bladez Fitness Elliptical SE4 machine is the ideal equipment for people who prefer to have total body workout sessions along with having cardio sessions and particularly for those people who prepare for the triathlete. It comes under the category of mid-range price with the benefit of high-end performance and impressive functionality. Following are its features:

  • It is a commercial grade quality product that is meant to design for home use.
  • Its steel frame offers it a sturdy built with the benefit of durability.
  • It comes equipped with comfortable pedals that allow the users to engage in workout sessions for a long duration without exerting themselves.
  • The user can opt to have the high-intensity cardio sessions along with having the standing elliptical position or the crouched bike position that brings diversity in workout sessions.
  • It is meant for heavy duty workout sessions as it comes with 40 LB flywheel that makes this machine ready for hardcore fitness training.
  • It comes with Center Mount Fine Tune Resistance Control that allows the users to modify the intensity levels as per their convenience.
  • It comes with an emergency brake system that makes it safe to use by beginners as well as the pro users.
  • It is the Best Elliptical under $1000 that makes it budget-friendly for many users.
  • The ergonomically designed handles make it quite easy for the users to have a firm grip, and this grip remains firm during the rigorous training sessions.

2. Bladez Fitness Elliptical-XS1

The Bladez Fitness Elliptical XS1 is the premium quality elliptical trainer that helps you to remain fit and healthy with versatile workout sessions. It is the Best Elliptical under $1500 that offers commercial-grade quality built. Following are its features:

  • The steel frame of this fitness equipment makes it last longer and an ideal machine that provides the result-oriented performance with precision.
  • It arrives with 16 levels of resistance, and the user can adjust the levels as per his convenience.
  • Its over-sized non-skid pedals make it safe for the beginners as well as experienced users to engage in workout sessions for a longer duration.
  • There are 12 preset programs for the users that which incorporate weight loss, calories, distance, and manual, etc.
  • It has got 20” natural stride with converging and diverging arms that makes it compelling to use.
  • It is the Best Elliptical for Home Use as its feature of Contact Heart Rate Sensors Monitor Progress makes it a highly recommended trainer for measuring performance during the workout.

3. Bladez Fitness Elliptical XS3

The Bladez Fitness Elliptical XS3 is the modified version of the Bladez Fitness Elliptical XS-1 model and aim to provide the low-impact and high-intensity workout. It intends to give the more accurate ergonomic motion that makes lower impact workout sessions more effective. It is budget-friendly training equipment that offers impeccable performance with added features. It has the following features:

  • The steel frame with heavy-duty polymers makes it a sturdy machine that provides stability and longevity.
  • The stride length is 22” that allows the users to have a comfortable position and handle the machine quite effectively while working out.
  • It has got oversized PCS Soft Step pedals that make room for the convenient foot place and allows the users to have intense workout sessions with ease.
  • It comes with inbuilt transport wheels that make it easy to move and handle.
  • It includes 12 preset programs that aim to keep the user dedicated to the goal of weight loss and overall fitness.
  • The Electronic Resistance Control System makes with 16 levels of resistance makes it ideal for beginners as well as pro users.
  • The Contact Heart Rate Sensors help in monitoring the progress of the user during the workout session.
  • Accompanied by advanced features, this fitness trainer is acknowledged as Best Elliptical under $1500.

4. Bladez E600 Elliptical

The Bladez E600 Elliptical is a machine that is designed for novice as well as the pro users. It is designed with a sleek and aesthetic feel that makes it appear highly presentable and contemporary in style. It is recommended for all those people who need to invest in a machine that offers them all the key features at affordable pricing. Its features are as follows:

  • The Bladez fitness equipment comes with the provision of 32 resistance levels that enable the users to work out at different levels of intensity.
  • The 18 LB heavy-duty flywheel makes sure that the users get smooth and consistent performance for many years to come.
  • The easy to read large-sized LCD console makes it an ideal display screen providing the precise information.
  • This trainer comes equipped with 19 preset programs that enable the user to enjoy the workout as per their preferred program.
  • The transport wheels make it easy to handle the machine, and the user can transport it to the different location with ease.
  • This trainer comes equipped with magnetic resistance that makes it work without making any noise, and the user can enjoy his workout without disturbance.
  • It is perfect fitness equipment for all those people who need to buy the Best Elliptical under $1000.

5. Bladez Fitness Elliptical XS-5

The Bladez Fitness Elliptical XS5 is the best among the Home Use Ellipticals and also proves to be one of the best ellipticals under $1000. It comes equipped with the latest features like fingertip control that makes the user keep his focus entirely on the workout without being hassled to change the workout module. Its features are as follows:

  • This is well-designed fitness equipment with a steel frame that has commercial grade quality and offers longevity with accurate performance.
  • The inbuilt transport wheels add to the convenience of the users as you can quickly move the equipment and use it as per your convenience.
  • The smooth pedal motion makes it easy for the users to create forward and backward movement with ease.
  • The 20” natural stride with converging and diverging arms can help the user to work out more comfortably.
  • This trainer comes equipped with 12 varied workout programs that enables the users to exercise complete autonomy while choosing their preferred programs with ease.
  • The large-sized LCD console is informative and user-friendly.
  • It is cost-effective fitness equipment that makes it fall under the category of Best elliptical under $1000.
  • The grab handles give the firm grip that helps the user to focus on the workout session without bothering about his safety.

6. Bladez Fitness X350 Elliptical Trainer

The Bladez Fitness X350 Elliptical Trainer is an entry level elliptical trainer that perfectly suits the beginners. It is ideally designed for low to medium level intensity workout sessions. It can be categorized as one of the Best Elliptical Under $500. Following are its features:

  • The Bladez fitness equipment is designed for low impact workout sessions that enable the user to begin with the essential workout routine and maintain general well-being.
  • It comes with ultra-smooth and heavy-weight flywheel that makes it convenient for the users.
  • It comes equipped with 16 Levels of Electronically Controlled Resistance that allows the user to enhance the intensity of their workout sessions as per their convenience.
  • EKG Contact Heart Rate Sensors help in accurately monitoring the heart rate.
  • Ergonomically designed handlebar helps the users to maintain the firm grip during the workout sessions.
  • The Natural 17″ stride length enables the users to use the equipment with comfort and precision without feeling cramped.
  • The anatomically Correct Foot Pedal Spacing offers the convenient space to the foot that makes it easy for the users to enhance the intensity levels from low to high without putting much pressure on the feet.

7. Bladez E700i Elliptical

The Bladez E700i Elliptical is the top line model of Bladez with strong rear drive and heavy flywheel. This machine provides the user with an opportunity to burn the calories quite effectively and enhance the general well-being of the body. Its high quality built accompanied with advanced “i. Concept” technology amalgamates technical precision and entertainment that makes it one of the best fitness equipment. Its features are as follows:

  •  The Bladez elliptical comes equipped with 26 inbuilt programs that allow the users to choose from the wide range of workout options.
  • The stride length is 20” accompanied by a narrow Q factor enable the users in having the lower impact workout sessions with comfort.
  • It arrives with ergonomically designed with oversized cushioned pedals that makes it extremely comfortable for the users for intense workout sessions.
  • The Bladez elliptical trainer is designed with “i. Concept” technology that allows the downloading of apps along with other additional programs for having integrated training sessions.
  • This machine arrives with 24 levels of resistance equipped with the electronically controlled magnetic resistance.
  • The thick padded ergonomically designed handles provide the firm grip that makes it effective fitness equipment for both the beginners and pro users.
  • The easy to read Blue backlit LCD showing time, speed, distance, heart rate, calories burned and much more.

Pros and Cons of Bladez Ellipticals


  • Bladez ellipticals have been acknowledged for offering the premium quality built and high performance.
  • These machines come equipped with easy to read LCD display that operates effectively with key informative details about the workout sessions.
  • All these ellipticals have a heavy flywheel that allows quiet motion accompanied by power-packed performance.
  • Bladez ellipticals offer real value for money as all these fitness equipment comes with a variety of features.
  • These ellipticals offer the benefit of having a low-impact workout along with promoting the general well-being of the users.


  • Except for Bladez Fitness X350 Elliptical Trainer, the other Bladez ellipticals may be a bit costly to some of the users as these ellipticals fall under the range of $1000 to $1500.

Final Verdict

Bladez is a renowned brand that is serving customers across the globe for 100 years and offering the exceptional quality of different types of fitness equipment that are designed to cater to the requirements of the users.

The ergonomics of the Bladez fitness machines enable the users to enhance their fitness levels with the incredible line of features that make them stand out of the contemporary fitness industry. Overall, The Bladez fitness ellipticals offer high quality with performance-oriented results and sturdy built that make them one of the Best Home Use Ellipticals in the world.

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