Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer Review

Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Best Fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer introduced through Body Solid has a distinctive set of features which makes it the best buy. This trainer was presented in the market by 2011 and provides you a large range of choice that is made to give you a full control on your workout. It weights up to 200 pounds and also consists of an LCD. It comes with 17 different resistance levels for challenging the workout. Thus we inform you about various pros and cons of this elliptical after Best fitness E1 Elliptical Trainer Review and those are below:

The positive features of this coach are detailed below which can convince you to buy it.

Easy Maneuverability

In spite of the fact that this elliptical is massive one can easy transport it from one place to another. The pedals of this trainer are located very close to each other hence while exercising one will not fell fatigue on the hip side and hence can enjoy long workout schedule.

LCD Display

The elliptical also offers an LCD screen through which you will be updated regarding your exercise. The screen is full, clear and sharp. Thus, you may not need to repair it frequently. The display reflects useful, informative knowledge regarding your workout as the distance covered, speed, the time taken, calories burned and lots more.

You can set your  workout target in this display that thus can be a challenging session. Therefore, the program will access you regarding your goals and will also store it for regular use. Hence, it will undoubtedly enhance your efficiency level.


  • It has 12 different programs for a workout that are specially designed for versatile training.
  • In addition to this, the elliptical allows you 17 unique levels of resistance.
  • The pedal is placed very low so that you can have a comfortable posture.
  • For detailed hear rate, it has a monitor in front of the handlebars for targeting the exercise easily.
  • It has 21” stride length.

The physical outlook of the trainer is unyielding and rigid and is also not that bulky as other elliptical are. The machine comes up with the provision of keeping a water bottle with you during the workout session for your maximum convenience. During the exercise, the trainer will not create much noise and will also be not audible over the sound of TV. Hence, it gives you the ease of smooth and comfortable workout. It is extremely easy to assemble as you will readily understand to put the machine together within just an hour.

It improves your body posture by enabling your legs and hand muscle move in such a way. Thus the elliptical also strengthen its core muscle. The monitor measures the heart rate that eventually assists and enhances your workout schedule efficiently.


This trainer has many active, remarkable features however it also has some drawbacks which one has to keep in knowledge before purchasing it. Firstly, this elliptical does not provide enough training for the abdominal part as it focuses more on the legs and arm muscle of an individual. It also has a problem regarding the placement of the water bottle; the stand is located just below the handle that acts as a hurdle during the exercise. Hence, such things are usually avoided by the competitors. The LCD screen works correctly as per the advertisements although one has to face lots of difficulties while setting up the program.


The fitness E1 trainer is best suitable for the ones who are looking for a not so complicated yet desirable fitness trainer for a home gym. It consists of various features that will help you to enhance your workout session. The elliptical offers your wide range of resistance that will make your daily exercise a new and refreshing each time you use it. Its competitor like the sole fitness E95 is also a similar elliptical, but its skyrocketing price makes the E1 trainer a better choice. This elliptical includes very less negative aspects and has various positive ones like the stride length of 21 inches and the easy accessibility.