AFG Sport 5.5AE Ellipiticals Review

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AFG Sport 5.5AE Ellipiticals Review

AFG is known for producing elliptical trainers who offer a fantastic full-body workout. They are designed to reduce the stress on the joints. Their elliptical machines run unbelievably smooth and natural. This article contains AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical Review and explains how it is a perfect choice for all kinds of users.

It is one of the top ellipticals under $1000. It helps in fulfilling all levels of your fitness goals. It comes with some impressive monitoring features which make this machine worth a buy.

The AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical is somewhat similar to the model AFG Sport 2.5AE regarding designing. But 5.5AE is more substantial, has a good variety of workout options, and offers a longer stride. It has a signature frame and is ready for fitness enthusiasts.

The AFG Sport 5.5AE Ellipitical Review 2021 keep the body in proper alignment and do not strain your muscles and joints. These machines will keep you motivated and provide you with a beautiful exercising experience.

Best Suited for Whom?

The AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical is ideal for fitness enthusiasts as well as for people who are wanting to form a set routine with their workout. It is a mid-range elliptical machine, so is perfect for people with a tight budget. It can comfortably fit into anyone’s pocket and is best suited for home users.

People with needs like cardio training, stamina building, weight losing etc. can achieve their target with this elliptical.

AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of AFG Sports 5.5AE Elliptical is a straightforward process but takes around two hours. The manual contains all the instructions that are easy to execute.

The machine’s drive and resistance systems are already attached to the front of the frame, by the manufacturer. You need to assemble the rear part, like rails, console mast, pedal arms, front base etc.

Design and Build Quality

The build quality and design of this machine is a commercial device, although it is built for home use. The frame is of the two-piece, made of steel tubing. All the steel parts of this machine are double coated with corrosion resistant paint. It is a massive machine and is very stable too.

It can take the max weight of 275 lbs, without wobbling. Its size is 74″ x 24″ x 66″. Another remarkable design feature is the three base tubes it comes with. These are made of steel with a thin rubber sheet at the bottom. This means that even if the floor is uneven, this machine will remain stable.

Since this elliptical is not foldable, it comes with transport wheels to move it from one place to the other.

AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical Features


The AFG 5.5AE Elliptical Machine comes with a resistance which is controlled by a motor. Make sure the machine is connected to the 110-120V power circuit. You can control this resistance from the console. It comes with quick keys which have ten unique resistance settings. It is obvious, more the resistance, more intense the workout, and vice versa.

On selecting the resistance, the servo motor will shift the magnet’s pull onto the flywheel, whether to increase or decrease the resistance.

In case you are using any workout program which is onboard, the resistance changes automatically.

Fitness Meter

The fitness meter or console of this elliptical is comprehensive and comes with Bluetooth connectivity. You can connect your smartphone or tablet with the machine and use the free AFG Fitness App to track, control, and monitor your workout.

Apart from this, you can use the 43 pre-set workout programs from the console. The LED display of this elliptical shows the Time, Distance (miles), Calories Burned, Speed (MPH), resistance levels, heart rate, targets, and the selected workout.


The pedals of this elliptical come with a simple design. They are made of heavy-duty PVC and are given a ribbed design to provide the feel of sports shoes. They do not come with extra padding or articulation system. There is no fear of not fitting into the pedal, as they are spacious enough to take in shoes of all sizes.

Grab-Handle and Built-In Transport Wheels

This elliptical trainer has two handlebars – fixed and mobile. Both have rubber-foam grips to avoid any damage to the hands during a rigorous workout. The console can read the heart rate via the HR chest strap, or via the stainless steel handlebars with pulse sensors.

This machine comes with transport wheels which are helpful in relocating the machine after assembly. They make the task easier, and it doesn’t feel that you are moving such a massive machine. The wheels reduce the weight to almost half.

AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: The AFG sport elliptical trainer comes with 43 pre-set workout options. These are categorised into two divisions – Workout Profiles and Target Profiles. Workout Profiles contains the Manual Mode, Weight Loss (which has ten levels within), Intervals (which has ten levels within).

Target Profiles contains Distance (13 workouts), and Calories (9 exercises).

AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical Warranty

AFG offers best-in-class warranties on labor and components. These machines come with a Lifetime Warranty on frame and One-year warranty on Parts and Labour, each.

You can reach them at or call them at 1-855-396-2524.

AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • Sturdy construction and frame
  • Adjustable stabilisers
  • Fixed and Mobile handlebars
  • Large pedals
  • Pulse sensors
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 43 built-in programs for workout
  • FREE AFG Fitness App


  • It supports no incline
  • Basic and small console
  • A bit expensive


The AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical Trainer is one of the best ellipticals for home use, but it’s built, and design is that of a commercial machine. It offers you a plethora of workouts to train every muscle of your body, with ten resistance levels.

Whether you are a beginner or a regular person, you will be able to make the best use of this machine. You can do several things like burn calories, reduce weight, build stamina etc. on one single machine.

It is value for money since the range of features it comes with is very good, and it falls under the price range of 1000$. It just lacks the incline, but otherwise, it is designed with extensive biometric research.