AFG Ellipticals Review

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AFG Ellipticals Review

The brand AFG, which stands for Advanced Fitness Group, is a part of Johnson Health Tech. It is well-known for making high-quality fitness equipment. AFG makes AFG treadmills, AFG ellipticals, AFG accessories, and AFG exercise bikes. It meets your home equipment needs and has become one of the fastest growing fitness equipment manufacturers.

AFG brand is running past 30years and is only going stronger. It manufactures machines for high-end health clubs to fitness retailers to goods stores. It sells its products in over 60 countries. Their quality is par excellent, superior and innovative.

Why AFG Stands Out Among The Rest?

AFG comes from the JHT family, which consists of some of the reputed brands like Vision, LIVESTRONG, Matrix. It takes full control of its products and parts. Its facilities which manufacture the machines is ranked as one of the most sophisticated facilities. It ensures that every part of the product is designed well and works perfectly. Even if they outsource any component, they make sure they do proper audits and not compromise on the quality.

AFG is undoubtedly the industry’s most robust in-home service in fitness equipment.

AFG Elliptical Series

  1. AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical- The AFG Sport 5.5AE elliptical machine is the ideal one for people who are looking to achieve their goals and stay fit. It falls under the mid-range price and has a superior quality and intuitive functionality. Following are its features:
  • Its frame has a signature design and provides optimal body positioning. It ensures natural body movement while exercising.
  • It provides an optimal comfort level even during a rigorous workout session, due to its sturdy built.
  • The footpads are oversized which gives good room for placing the foot comfortably.
  • You can choose any of the 43 pre-set workout programs to work on. The variety is extensive, and these programs are divided into two main categories – Workout Profiles and Target Profiles.
  • The trainer has a fixed stride of 18” which is good enough for an effective workout.
  • The pedals have a ribbed design and are over-sized. This feature makes it easy to place the foot comfortably on the padding.
  • You can handle the motorised resistance from the quick control keys.
  • The stainless steel handlebars come with pulse sensors to monitor the heart rate.

2. AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical- The AFG Sport 5.9AE elliptical trainer is the one which is sure to fulfil all your needs. This mid-range model is at par with top end elliptical machines and is a decent alternative to them. It helps in delivering a smooth and noiseless workout experience. Following are its features:

  • The steel frame has a long life and lasting durability. Its sturdiness gives extra stability during high-intensity workouts.
  • The design is based on biometric research and provides maximum comfort without putting stress on knees and joints.
  • The 20 levels of resistance and incline levels replicate the natural movement of walking or running uphill.
  • The workout options are extensive, with 43 inbuilt programs which include distance, manual, weight loss, calories, etc.
  • It comes with pulse sensors on its handlebars and a wireless chest strap for accurate heart reading during the workout.
  • The Free AFG app helps you in monitoring and controlling your workout as well as check on your progress.
  • The 5.9AElliptical is close to a gym machine and worth its price.

3. AFG Pro 7.2Ai Elliptical- The AFG Pro 7.2Ai elliptical is a part elliptical, part trainer machine which provides a low-impact and high-intensity workout. It simulates the natural walking, running motion and even stadium climbing exercise. It targets your glutes and thighs and maximises your workout results. It is a high-end model available under $2000. It has the following features:

  • The frame is sturdy and cage-style, which provides extra stability to the machine during intense workouts.
  • The stride length is variable, 20-22” which is adjustable. It lets you place the foot in proper position across all levels of incline.
  • AFG’s Connected Fitness app connects through multi-channel Bluetooth and can connect multiple devices simultaneously.
  • It comes with Bluetooth chest strap to monitor your heart rate.
  • It includes First 5K, which is special couch-to-5K training which allows you to finish the first 5K. Other than this it contains ten pre-set programs.
  • The console is an exclusive ergonomic one with a floating design. It is stylish and at the same time easy to use.
  • The pedal motion is unique and trains the lower body, across the 15 levels of motorised incline.

4. AFG 3.1AE Elliptical- The AFG 3.1AE elliptical is a moderately priced machine. It supports all sizes and shapes and especially for people suffering from obesity and heart disease. It is efficient for all types of body movements. The SIXSTAR Certified frame, with biomechanics research, makes this model extra stable and durable. Its features are as follows:

  • The SIXSTAR certification focuses on the six essential elements and provides the ultimate elliptical feel.
  • The heavy-duty flywheel ensures that you will have years of heavy usage, without any problems.
  • The 20 levels of power incline work on every muscle group and let you challenge yourself every time.
  • This trainer uses the proFILE performance tracking technology in which max two users can monitor and control the progress of their workout.
  • It comes with a Polar receiver, which is wireless, for monitoring the heart rate. Such an accurate rating will help you reach your target range for perfect results.
  • There are ten different programs which target all the muscle groups, ranging from weight loss to muscle toner. These routines help in building endurance and strength.

5. AFG 4.1AE Elliptical- The AFG 4.1AE Elliptical is a stable and smooth elliptical which is built with SIXSTAR certification. It is one of the best ellipticals under $2000 and comes with amazing features. It offers a slightly better workout than AFG 3.1AE elliptical as it comes with Nike + iPod workout tracking, MAXtone pedal, and a heavier flywheel. Its features are as follows:

  • The design of this machine focuses on every area which impacts your workout – handlebar spacing, pedal placement, elliptical, body positioning, etc.
  • The pedals of this trainer come with an arched design, from MAXtone. It uses the art of balancing and replicates running or walking motion.
  • The pedal motion is very smooth as if you are walking on sand, wherein your heels contact first then it rolls up to your toes to start off. Hence, it offers additional traction and initiates core activation.
  • You can track your performance with Nike + iPod. It saves your data and tracks your workout progress. You have to connect your iPod device and begin the workout.
  • This trainer comes with 14 varied workout options, from Muscle Toner to Mountain Climb. It also has three custom workout programs which offer you full freedom to maximise your workout.
  • The console is easy to operate and is very informative.
  • The grab handles give extra comfort while exercising.

6. AFG 7.3AE Elliptical- The AFG 7.3AE Elliptical is one of the most-liked ellipticals by AFG. It comes under the price range of $2000 and is ideal for a home gym. It gives an exceptionally stable and smooth workout experience. It provides you with all sorts of exercises and comes with SIXSTAR certified sturdy frame. It is a smart machine and targets all your future goals. Following are its features:

  • The structure is SIXSTAR certified and ready for the most demanding workouts and heavy-duty training.
  • It gives a smooth and stable ride due to the heavy-duty 30lb flywheel.
  • It comes with 20 levels of power incline and resistance which you can change with the help of quick keys on the console.
  • ERGOfit helps in checking your heart rate and comes with control grips.
  • Livetrack Fitness Journal helps you recap your performance and target on your future goals.
  • The MaxTone gel pads give added comfort and come with an arched design and cushioned support. It makes the workout so smooth and doesn’t strain your knees and joints.
  • The eight pre-set programs, each having its features to give you an effective workout.

7. AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical- The AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical is the top rated model of AFG and has a perfect rating for ergonomics. This machine gives you an intense cardio workout which burns calories effectively and tones different muscle groups of the lower body. The quality of its components is awe-inspiring as it provides a unique approach to crosstraining. Its striking features are as follows:

  • The frame of this elliptical is highly enduring ascent trainer frame and heavy-duty flywheel.
  • The stride length is variable 19-21” and changes with the degree of incline. The design is very intuitive and changes its settings according to the workout.
  • Nike + iPod feature saves the workout data directly into the iPod. This thing helps in monitoring and tracking your progress.
  • proLIFE tracking technology enables you to keep the workout data of up to 2 users and assist in evaluating your workout stats like distance, speed, calories, etc.
  • The pedals of this cross trainer do not ride on wheels, unlike other elliptical’s pedals. It gives proper placement of the foot and the pedals move with the angle of the motion.
  • It comes with a wireless receiver from Polar as well as the hand grip, to measure the heart rate of the user.
  • The 14 programs are pre-installed, and each has its own set of features, which will target some of the other muscle group. This feature helps in providing a variety of workout options.

Pros and Cons of AFG Ellipticals


  • AFG ellipticals have received several awards for their sturdiness and quality.
  • These machines come with SIXSTAR certified frames which are based on extensive biomechanical research, which take care of the six critical elements.
  • These ellipticals have a heavy flywheel which ensures smooth and quiet motion.
  • AFG ellipticals are pricey, but they are value for money and offer a variety of striking features.
  • These ellipticals are known for providing a low-impact workout which does not strain the knees and joints.


  • AFG ellipticals are a little costlier than other ellipticals but are perfect for people who can spend in the range $1000 – $3000.
  • These ellipticals are very heavy and powerfully built. Sometimes it can be an issue for people who shift their homes very often.

Final Verdict

AFG is a well-known brand for building excellent machines which proffer a fantastic exercise experience and help in achieving user’s goals. These machines are incredibly smooth and replicate the natural motion of walking and running.

They keep the body properly aligned and offer a fantastic price/value ratio. AFG ellipticals have garnered a lot of praise and awards from the industry.

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