AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Review

AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Review

AFG ellipticals are perfect cross-trainers which you can own at your home use purpose. They construct easy and comfortable machines from their facility. This article gives AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Review and throws light on its incredible features.The AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical tops the charts and ranks at the second position.

This is not a usual looking trainer but has a unique built and look. AFG Ellipticals features make it more entertaining. This trainer is considered the best elliptical under $2000. This trainer opens you to a unique way of cross-training and comes with high-quality components. AFG has come with this outstanding product to provide its customers with a fantastic exercise experience.

Best Suited for Whom?

The AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Trainer is suitable for those who want an intense workout to burn more calories, and tone different lower body muscles. It supports running, walking, and even stadium climbing movements.

AFG offers excellent deals with the product and makes it one of the best ellipticals bikes in the consumer market.

AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly manual of this machine is simple and comes with easy-to-understand instructions. You will need one person to help you assemble this machine and a maximum time of about two hours. Single-handedly it will take a longer time to join the trainer.

Design and Build Quality

The design of AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical has an extensive base, which offers extra stability to the unit. It measures 68” x 31” x 68”. Due to this size, it may take a little extra space than other trainers, but it is shorter in length than other ellipticals. It weighs 270 lbs, which gives it extra strength. The stride length is variable, 19 to 21 inches, which changes with the incline.

The frame of this unit is a solid speciality ascent trainer frame. The 23lb, heavy-duty flywheel ensures fluidity and smooth motion during the workout session.

AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Features

1. Resistance – The AFG 18.1AXT Model comes with 20 levels of resistance, starting from 1 to 20. The user can choose any one resistance from the console and work on that. More the resistance, more intense the workout will be. Thus, more resistance levels mean that the user has the option of having a variety of workouts.

2. Fitness Meter – The display of elliptical is awe-inspiring, as it comes with 16-digit alphanumeric LED, LED brickyard, and two 4-digit LED windows. The user can see – Clock, Speed, Distance Covered, Duration, Number of Calories Burned, Heart Rate, and your current running program.

And ideally, this the maximum information the user wishes to know. Customers are thrilled with the fitness meter of this trainer and feel motivated during the workout.

3. Pedals – This elliptical has got large, adjustable and articulating pedals, with a 32mm pedal spacing. This much spacing is sufficient enough. The pedals give enough room for foot placement, and the pedal moves in the angle of the motion. In this elliptical, the pedals are not connected to the wheels. Hence there is no noise during the exercise session.

4. Grab Handle and Built-In Transport Wheels – This trainer has both wireless and contact grip heart monitoring. It uses Polar, which is the World’s leading heart rate manufacturer, wireless receiver and its sensors are accurate.

AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps

The AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical trainer comes with 14 individual programs, and each program has its features and objectives. It focuses on each muscle group in your body and provides a lot of variations to the user. These 14 programs are – Constant Watts, Manual, Intervals, THR Zone, Oregon Trail, Mountain Climb, HR Intervals, Cardio Boost, Custom 1,2 and 3.

The custom programs give you the freedom to customise the workout as per your requirement, and this is a fantastic option to add variety to your exercises.

AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Warranty

AFG provides a 3-years warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labour. And it gives a Lifetime warranty on brakes and frame. The warranty is subpar and gives an assurance to the user that they are buying the right product.

You can reach them at or call them at 1-855-396-2524.

AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • Unique design and extra stable frame
  • Offers low-impact workout
  • Nike + iPod saves all your data
  • 14 workout programs
  • Very impressive and detailed fitness meter
  • Dynamic speakers with iPod/MP3 unit
  • Uses proFILE performance tracking technology
  • Variable stride which changes with incline


  • Adjustability issues with pedals
  • No cooling fans


AFG 18.1AXT Elliptical trainer offers a great value and is one of the best ellipticals under $2000. AXT stands for Ascent Trainer, which means that its a dynamic total body variable elliptical. It is far better than the tradition ellipticals and is AFG’s one of the best innovations. It makes very less noise due to its fantastic designing.

It is smooth and provides you with an effective workout and class-apart features.It helps you stay fit by coming up with AFG amazing machines. They make the devices easy, user-friendly and very useful. As per the above review, this elliptical inevitably takes the cake and comes under the Highly Recommended category of customer reviews.