Adidas X-16 Elliptical Review

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Adidas X-16 Elliptical Review

The Adidas X-16 Elliptical attracts the users with its style and edge cutting features. This elliptical works smoothly and gently without any noise of a motor. With its advanced technology, no stress is placed on joints. The pedals of the cross trainer move in a circular motion.

This model comes with a flywheel of 8.5kg which ensures smooth running and landing. This workout machine not only improves your metabolism but also makes you internally strong and fit. Adidas X16 Elliptical is the first option and latest workout machine that comes under $1000.

On the other hand, the elliptical cross trainer is also known as a full-body workout machine. This is the machine that tones your overall body with pressure and pulling movement. X-16 Elliptical has movable arm rods that keep your upper body in shape.

This is the best elliptical for home use because it makes the training effective with various exercise modules and 20 resistance level programs. The elliptical workout has become the best way to perform cardiovascular exercise. It is an exercise machine, which not only shed extra kilos but also makes your joints stiff.

Adidas brand offers many full-body great workout machines, for example, Adidas T-16 Treadmill, Adidas C-16 Exercise Bike. These machines come with many benefits which give you the best value for your money. These Adidas workout machines don’t let your body adapt to one stimulus too much.

Best Suited to Whom?

The elliptical is a cardio exercise and is suited for every adult age group. It creates energy, strength and minimizes the risk of getting ill. This full-body workout machine allows you to focus on various body parts. Adidas X-16 Elliptical is a comfortable and non-impact exercise. For example, if you are suffering from a ligament tear, arthritis, or joint pain.

Then this latest elliptical machine alleviates the pressure on the pain or injury area without dropping the effectiveness of the workout. As it is very nicely said that “Your future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow”! So, let’s make body fat cry by shedding extra pounds from the overall body with this simple yet effective workout machine.

Adidas X-16 Elliptical Assembly, Design and Build Quality


X-16 elliptical is easy to maintain and assemble. It is ready to use an exercise machine that is delivered fully assembled at your doorstep with a few manual settings of programs. Adidas X-16 Elliptical is a stable, reliable and highly-rated machine that people get to lean towards this Adidas brand over others.

Design and Build Quality

The Elliptical cross trainer Adidas X-16 is attractive and designed with some eye-catchy advanced features. This is a compact workout elliptical that can be kept in a small area because it has a stride length of 46cm. If space was a constraint holding you back from getting a toned body,

Then this is the best elliptical machine for you all!. It comes with a quiet and reliable drive system.

Adidas X-16 Elliptical Features


The motor of Adidas X-16 elliptical makes it the perfect choice. It includes silent motor power that allows the user to exercise for a longer time. Now, achieve your fitness goals even faster.

Touch Screen Control Panel

The elliptical cross trainer has a 5-inch console bright display that shows time, speed, calories, distance covered, etc. The touchscreen LCD display includes a variety of exercises, with different program feature settings like manual mode, Weight loss, climbing, running and so on.


This elliptical has incline and decline function available. It can be adjusted according to your desire and need from 0 to 30 degrees. This is the widely used feature that adds variety to your exercise.


It has inbuilt speakers with connectors for iPod/MP3 attached. It allows you to connect and listen to your inspirational music while exercising. It has the best entertainment feature.

On/Off Cushioning

It has advanced technology of suspension cushion. This advanced cushioning technique makes your exercise and landing smooth and injury-free. This advanced technique in the workout machine diminishes the body and back pain.

Heart rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitoring in the cross trainer is a useful feature to consider. Wireless heart rate examination is the greatest quality in Adidas X-16 elliptical trainer. It continually checks the heart charge and allows you to transform strength by staying in the fat-burning zone.

Adidas X-16 Elliptical Workout Programs

X-16 Elliptical trainer has an inbuilt 7 training programs and 20 levels of resistance that can be adjusted according to the level of an individual. For example, manual, running, jogging, climbing, hill, cardio, strength, fat burn, pulse control training, etc. All you have to do is just set the module according to your workout routine.

This elliptical by Adidas has the capacity to hold the user’s weight up to 120kg. Whether you want to lose weight from legs, arms, hips, stomach or merely want to tone up your body. Then the full-body workout elliptical machine is the first and the foremost choice as every day is a new beginning!

Get on the elliptical machine and shred extra kilos in very little time with advance programs.

Adidas X-16 Elliptical Warranty

Warranty: Warranty is the primary concern in workout machines. Now, do not worry as this elliptical machine comes with a warranty of 2 years.

Parts and Services: Parts of elliptical include grip, handles, foot pedal, motor This product offers an extended warranty of 1 year on parts and services.

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Return Policy: Return Policy is applicable if the product is returned within 30 days.

Adidas X-16 Elliptical Pros and Cons


  • Effective cardio workout
  • Full body exercise
  • Non-impact
  • No injuries
  • Quick weight loss
  • In-built sound system


  • Requires electricity
  • Not for building muscles
  • Stride length


The Adidas X-16 Elliptical is a well-designed cross trainer for your home or gym. Its ergonomic design offers excellent workout and looks elegant at the same time. This full-body workout machine provides the well-rounded exercises for every individual and offers optimum results, in spite of your age or body type.

Elliptical cross trainer guaranteed a total workout that leads to weight loss, improves blood circulation and strengthened bones/muscles. As it is said above, it is a non-impact exercise that reduces the strain or pain in legs, joints or back with its elliptical motion technique. This is the best elliptical under $1000 that requires less maintenance.