XMark Pair Adjustable Dumbbell review

XMark Pair Adjustable Dumbbell review

To build up on all the muscles of your body, there are many kinds of equipment that you must possess. It is a fact that cardio part of the workout is crucial to building your stamina. But to strengthen your shoulders and biceps, you need dumbbells. Offered at a much lesser price than other dumbbells, the XMark Adjustable are just 50 pounds in weight, and this XMark Adjustable Dumbbells[/easyazon_link] Review will give you enough reasons which will help you to decide why these are the best for you. They are very reliable and durable too.

It is also true that a tremendous effort and thought has been put into constructing these dumbbells. They are manufactured from plated steel that is heavy, and this ensures the durability of the long lasting dumbbells. This equipment also has adjustability feature with the help of which, you can change and adjust the weights just with a simple slide system. There is no need of individual dumbbells if you have a pair of these XMark ones.

There is no denying the fact that they are low priced dumbbells, but that doesn’t mean that they are not durable. They are very convenient to use, durable and stylish pair of dumbbells that you would ever own. Read on to know the features in detail of this equipment.

Large Dumbbells

This set of dumbbells is a little bigger than the other ones available on the market. They can take up a weight of up to 50 pounds. It is also easily portable and can be carried anywhere you want with ease. Once you start using these dumbbells, you would love the benefits that it comes with, and would want to take it everywhere you go.

Many Uses

Most of the dumb bells that are available in the market do not offer the flexibility to perform many exercises with the help of just one pair. But that is not the case with XMark. The design of these dumbbells is such that you can work your arms, shoulder, back and chest without any restriction on your movement or your motion. You will never experience any trouble with this XMArk set of dumbbells.


  • The handles of the XMArk dumbbells are made of steel and help you in getting a secure grip that is firm too. The dumbbell will not slip from your hands when you are performing your routine.
  • The lever of the dumbbells is also easily adjustable, and you can change the pounds of weight with no trouble at all. This bar can withstand many years of consistent use and gives you a long lasting durability.
  • The dumbbells come with a one year warranty that adds on to the amazing set of features that are offered by them.
  • The etching on the handles helps you to maintain control over it especially when your hand’s sweat and the handle bar may become slippery. This machine avoids any case of injuries.
  • To start your workout, all that is needed to be done is adjust the lever when the dumbbell is in the cradle and then without any delay; you can go on with your workout.
  • The affordability of these dumbbells is a huge plus and a major reason people go in for these dumbbells along with the many features that they have.
  • The weights of the dumbbells can be very easily adjusted which is again a huge plus.
  • The construction ensures the longevity of these dumbbells.
  • The dumbbells come with a storage tray so that they can easily be stored in a proper place rather than them being lying anywhere and then rolling somewhere.
  • These XMark Adjustable Dumbbells are a great piece of exercise with some fantastic features to give you the workout that you desire. One such advantage is the weight range of each plate of the dumbbell that ranges from 10 to 50 pounds that are the ideal range for both male and female users.

Drawbacks of the XMark Adjustable Dumbbells

Some users complained of the weight plates which stuck to the hands when they first used it. But this is not a colossal issue as this can be rectified by putting some thin cloth over the dumbbells before you use them.


All in all, the Mark adjustable dumbell gives various options to its users. It also understands the basic facts that every person has a different style of working out and also, each has many options to explore this superb set of dumbbells.

The price of the dumbbell is very affordable, and their quality is excellent. The reputation of the company is such that the customers can go in for them without thinking much.