Best Dumbbells Under $500

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Best Dumbbells Under $500

Dumbbells are a very useful piece of fitness equipment. Spending money on it won’t ever become a waste. But let us warn you, a tool is only as good as the one who uses it. So, even if you buy an expensive dumbbell and you don’t know how to utilize its potential you will be wasting your valuable money. The potential of the dumbbells is dependent on their weight.

Once our body gets used to the weight of the dumbbells it will no longer push our body to develop more muscles. Of course, our body gets stronger but the muscle building will come to a halt. This is where getting the best adjustable dumbbells under $500 becomes a good option. Instead of buying new dumbbells, you can always add more weights to your present dumbbells. And this will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Things to Consider For Buying Best Dumbells Under $500

Adjustable dumbbells give you the maximum value for money but that doesn’t mean that every adjustable dumbbell is worth the money. If you make a random decision, you will be wasting your money. But with proper knowledge, you too can get the best buy. Our guide is specifically made to help people like you who would like to get the best adjustable dumbbells under $500 for working out.

1. Weight: Weight defines the potential of the dumbbells. So, this is the most important feature to look out for in a dumbbell. But this doesn’t mean that you must get the heaviest dumbbell. When getting adjustable dumbbells, you have to look for the least weight and the maximum weight available in the dumbbells. Also, check the incremental increase in weight to know the kind of advancement you can expect when working out with them.

2. Stability: Dumbbells are simple and robust. Unlike other equipment that has many parts; dumbbells are mostly made out of a single piece of solid. So, the chance of a dumbbell getting broken by mishandling is quite less. But the story is not the same when it comes to adjustable dumbbells. Check for the safety features first as the weights can be removed you might risk yourself getting injured with sliding off weights.

3. Size: Dumbbells come in various sizes and there are many dumbbells that take more space than necessary. One good feature of adjustable dumbbells is their compact size. They save you a lot of space. But don’t go for cheap adjustable dumbbells, trust us you will regret the decision later.

4. Ease of Use: Adjustability is a key feature to adjustable dumbbells. So if it is difficult to change the weights in the dumbbells, then it must be avoided. You must be able to easily change the weights while working out without any hassle. If it becomes a chore, then your workout flow will be lost.

5. Price: Adjustable dumbbells are more costly than regular ones. Only buy them when you have variety in your workout. They are always $100 more or costlier than the traditional one. Get the best adjustable dumbbells under $200 for yourself but don’t shell out cash on fancy dumbbells.

Fixed Dumbbells or Adjustable Weight Dumbbells – Which Are Better?

  • There is always confusion between choosing the fixed weight dumbbells or adjustable dumbbells because on the outside both of them are utilized in the same manner and produces similar results. But if you have a closer look, you will know that they have different advantages and disadvantages.With a fixed weight dumbbell, you don’t have to think about changing weights at all. Just pick them up and start working out. It saves a lot of time and work.
  • But fixed weight dumbbells as the name suggest only has a single weight so to get the proper variety you will be forced to buy a larger set which will cost you a lot. They are worth the money but you will pay a large amount to get sufficient weights.
  • Adjustable weights are for people who care about the budget and for the people who are planning to set up their homes gyms. If you are that kind of a person buy the best adjustable dumbbells available in your budget and buy more weights whenever required.

Adjustable Weight Barbells versus Fixed Weight Barbell: What to Choose?

  • Barbells and dumbbells are extremely similar. The only difference is the weight you will be handling in them. Barbells usually deal with heavier weights so it is more focused on the high-intensity workout. Barbells are always a good buy for your home gyms.
  • But even if you choose fixed weight dumbbells, you will be spending a lot of cash for that setup. So, if you are tight on your budget and want to buy some barbells, then choose an affordable barbell with some weight plates so that you can swap them thereby getting enough flexibility.
  • Normally we will not advise any beginners to begin working out with barbells. It is always good to begin fitness training with dumbbells then slowly move towards the barbells. This way you will get a proper understanding of the exercises and your body will also get used to handling the weights. Otherwise, you might injure yourself rushing into workouts.

What Dumbbells Should I Buy?

We would love to suggest a single dumbbell for you but to tell the truth there are many good performing dumbbells out in the market and some of the features we mentioned are general things to consider but ultimately the liking towards dumbbells are completely subjective. Instead of categorizing them as good or bad, it will be better to talk about their quality and your preferences.

Maybe the best dumbbells under $500 you found for yourself will not be the same as the one suggested by a fitness expert. Because of this, we won’t be mentioning a specific brand for you because it might misguide you into making the wrong choice. But check into the ones we advise and find the best one that suits you.


As you might have already understood there are a lot of options for you to choose from. When you decide to get yourself the best dumbbells under $500 make sure to put the focus on yourself. Consider the features that we talked about and find something that fits perfectly inside your budget – The right one with the right price and right weight. Maybe our list won’t have some of the best dumbbells that are available in the market.

And let us again make it clear dumbbells are simple fitness equipment so most of the conclusions are derived from our subjective thoughts. Anyway, we found BalanceFrom Cast Iron as a good choice for people looking for the best adjustable dumbbells. They provide good value for money and are a good choice for people who can never make a decision.

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