Best Dumbbells Under $1500

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Best Dumbbells Under $1500

Ask any experts about the best equipment to get to a fitness gym. The answer will always be the same, the dumbbells. They are the best all-in-one equipment one could incorporate into any exercise. The dumbbells are suitable for building muscles and for weightlifting. There are people who prefer barbells but still, dumbbells top the list of multi-workout equipment.

It very well deserves that spot because a dumbbell can help you exercise every inch of muscle in your body and what not it is also perfect for resistance training and cardio training. Dumbbells can be used by anyone who wishes to work out as it has a lot of flexibility to offer and is simple equipment.

We consider it to be the best equipment but any random dumbbell cannot be your best companion so give extra care to select the best dumbbell for yourself. Always get a set of dumbbells because it can save a good amount of money. A lot of options are there for you to choose from so we will help you choose the best dumbbells under $1500.

What to Look For When Buying a Dumbbell Set

Dumbbells can become really expensive when they are made of premium materials but don’t get yourself worthless equipment by shelling out a lot of cash so be careful with your selection. We have made a list of things that you need to check before making the purchase to help you in getting the best dumbbells under $1500.

1. Material: All dumbbells may be similar in the first glance but there are many differences in each of them. First of all, make sure that the dumbbells are made out of solid metal. This can ensure that the dumbbells remain durable for a long period. There are many other good materials too but going for the solid metal inside will be the easiest and less confusing choice that you can make.

Dumbbells are usually not handled with much care so if not strongly built, you will end up breaking your favorite equipment. Rubber is a good choice for the outside material. It will stay good on your hands without hurting them. But the quality of the rubber must also be considered if the rubber is not durable, then it will be worse than buying one with a metallic outside.

There is a type of dumbbell that comes with neoprene coating. This is also a good choice. It will also stay durable for a while and will provide you with enough comfort and grip to hold your dumbbell.

2. Shape: The shape of the dumbbells matters a lot. You might think appearances don’t matter but when it comes to dumbbells it is not just about the looks. It improves the functionality of the dumbbells as a whole. If you get round dumbbells, then expect it to roll around the floor whenever you keep it down. It’s much worse than what you think. The best one we would suggest is getting the hexagonal shaped dumbbells.

They do not just appear good they prevent the dumbbells from rolling over. Trust us this is going to save you a lot of angry moments. Choose Fit World Imported Rubber Coated Hexagon Dumbbell to make the purchase.

3. Various Weights: The weight of the dumbbells is the most important feature to consider because that is the primary reason why you are getting a dumbbell. If you are buying a set of dumbbells, then check out the various weights available and check the increments of weights available. If you are just getting into a fitness life, then don’t think of getting a lot of dumbbells. Buy a few light dumbbells to get yourself started. You can always buy better ones later on.

But, if you are an advanced user and are ready to go into complex workouts, then go for heavier weights. These will only be useful if you are fit and your muscles are well toned otherwise you will end up injuring yourself. These kinds of users must buy the sets with a lot of pairs, to begin with, because they can make use of them all.

Also, make sure to check the weight difference between each of the dumbbells. They must be incrementing in smaller weights as that is more suitable for advancing your workout. Thus, the selection of Best Dumbells over $500 will be easy if you follow these points.

4. Weight Rack: Dumbbells are good fitness equipment but they are small and if not kept properly, they can make your whole place look messy. So instead of putting them in a corner, it is always a good choice to get yourself a good rack for keeping your best dumbbells over $700. Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells come under this category. You don’t need to get a rack if all you have is a pair of light dumbbells.

And, if you have heavy dumbbells, then buy really sturdy dumbbells that can hold this much weight. Otherwise, your light rack will get crushed under the strong weight of the heavy dumbbells you put on them. It is very easy to assemble a rack so you don’t have to worry in that part. Just get a perfect rack for your dumbbells and start pumping up.


Dumbbells are the most worthy investment anyone can make in their home gyms. They are simple workout equipment that can do much more than what to think. People of any age group can get a good fitness companion out of the dumbbells. Be it a person who needs to stay fit or a person who wants to build muscles, dumbbells can always help. Unlike other fitness equipment, you don’t have to shell out a lot of cash to use the best dumbbells.

You can always get the best dumbbells over $1500 and it will still prove to be a good buy. Before you purchase them always make sure that the dumbbells you choose are affordable, durable and are good value for money. If you have got any doubt, always feel free to ask because we are always happy to help.

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