PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbell Review

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PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbell Review

The PowerBlock sports 5.0 Dumbbells are rated among the top-selling dumbbells for home use as these fitness equipment provide the benefit of maximized efficiency, smooth lifting, and space-saving design.

The PowerBlock dumbbells arrive with the weight range of 5 to 50Ibs per hand and that too with 5 Ibs increment. Thus, users can workout with a wide range of exercise options to have a healthy and fit body.

These dumbbells equal 550Ibs of free weights or the ten pairs of dumbbells to save space. These dumbbells can be adjusted with 65Ibs per hand with the provision of optional Sport 5.0 set with 20 Ibs cores. Read more about the

PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbells review 2021 to understand about the efficiency of this power-packed fitness equipment in daily workout sessions.

The PowerBlock pair of dumbbells are revered for being more compact and balanced as compared to the contemporary dumbbells. Moreover, the users can optimize their workout by using the selector pin to change the weights quickly. Overall, these fitness equipment are recommended for home use

Best Suited to Whom?

The PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbells are recognized as one of the top-rated adjustable dumbbells as the users can add more weight with optional Sport 5.0 set of 20 lb cores that can enhance the weight to 65Ibs.

These dumbbells are recommended for those users who intend to work out for their cardiovascular fitness and enhance the endurance levels as well. Those users who prefer to lose calories to become fitter and healthy can also find this equipment for optimal benefits.

Some users prefer to build muscles or enhance muscle endurance can find these pair of dumbbells quite challenging and result-oriented. The users can increase the intermuscular and intramuscular coordination by relying on these PowerBlock dumbbells to improve muscle activation.

People who prefer to have strength training exercises can derive the desired results by using these dumbbells. Also, these dumbbells are quite budget-friendly and viewed among the best-selling dumbbells under $500. Thus, users can find these dumbbells highly rewarding in terms of providing excellent workout opportunities.

PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbell Assembly, Design and Build Quality


The Powerblock sports 5.0 Dumbbells come pre-assembled. We don’t have to assemble it. This equipment is packed in boxes. It is possible that they may be packed separately. The Powerblock dumbbells are easy to use.

If you want to change the weights according to your need, you just have to move the selector pin. It is very easy to use as it is compact and takes less space.

Design and Build Quality

The first look at the PowerBlock Sport 5.0 Dumbbells makes it explicitly clear that these fitness equipment are designed for ultimate workout experience to the users. The dumbbells are meant to provide excellent results owing to their incredible build quality with welded solid steel construction that enhances their durable performance in the long run.

The build quality of these dumbbells is enhanced by the durable powder-coated finish that protects the equipment from regular wear and tear. Also, the ergonomic design and firm grip enable the users to perform a wide range of exercise movements, including squatting, strength training, and chest press, as well.

Besides, the dumbbells are so compact that they take up minimal space for storage and equals to the size of two shoe boxes that can be placed anywhere in the room. Even though the pricing of this equipment may appear high to some users but very few good quality dumbbells are available in such a compact design to provide incredible workout options.

The users can experience incredible workout sessions as these dumbbells arrive with an open design of the handles to provide an enhanced range of motion. The users can maximize their workout using the contoured rubber grip for maintaining safety while working out.

The bands that are located in the side rails display the weight that the users can select with the help of a magnetic polypropylene pin. Thus, the pin shows the band that depicts the preferred weight option as selected by the user.

Moreover, these dumbbells show the color charts on the handle that help to coordinate with the color band as depicted on the rail. Therefore, these fitness equipment turn out to be the best dumbbells under $500 for home use.

PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbell Features

Small Weight Increments

The PowerBlock Dumbbells are meant for hardcore fitness training workout sessions as these arrive with 5 Ibs to 50 Ibs weight range.

Moreover, users can make the weight increments with 5 Ibs weights, and that makes it an optimal choice for all kinds of users including beginners, intermediate, and expert users.

Also, the users can enhance the weight to 65 Ibs by the use of optional Sport 5.0 set of 20 lb cores. If you look for having smaller weight increments say 2.5 Ibs, then you can buy PowerBlock Pro EXP Dumbbells that provide weight range of 5Ibs to 70Ibs with a smaller weight increment of 2.5 Ibs.

Steel construction

The PowerBlock pair of dumbbells are designed with welded steel construction and powder-coated finish to have a durable shelf life for long-term usage.

Weight Adjustment

These dumbbells arrive with the weight adjustment provision with a weight range of 5Ibs to 50Ibs. Moreover, users can opt for 65Ibs increment with the use of PowerBlock Sport 5.0 set of 30 Ibs cores to achieve desired results.

Plates and Handles

There is no provision of plates in the design of PowerBlock dumbbells. But, the open design of the handles allows for a wide range of motion. Users can maximize their workout with the contoured grip on the handles that enhance the safety of the users.

Finish Of the Dumbbell

The dumbbells are designed with a powder-coated finish to have the aesthetically pleasing look and a durable shelf life.

Weight Range

The dumbbells arrive with a weight range of 5Ibs to 50Ibs. While users can optimize the weight range limit to 65Ibs using the optional set of 30 Ibs cores.

But, if you prefer to have an enhanced level of weight range with different weight settings, then you can opt to buy Body-Solid SDX Dumbbells. The weight range of these dumbbells is 2Ibs to 100Ibs with weight increment of 1Ibs, 2Ibs, and 5Ibs for desired outcomes.

Weight Settings

The dumbbells provide the benefit of 10 weight settings that range from 5Ibs to 50Ibs.

Instructional materials

The PowerBlock dumbbells come equipped with instructional materials to guide the users adequately on its practical usage.

Dial Pin

The PowerBlock dumbbells do not operate with dial pin, but designed with the provision of secure settings of desired weight by moving a magnetic polypropylene pin either up or down. Moreover, the color-coding provides amazing visual assistance that enables the users to make the desired changes in the weights.

Thus, users can opt for preferred settings between the sets and that too, without wasting any time.


The dumbbells from PowerBlock weigh 110Ibs and have a compact design so that users can place them anywhere after the workout.

PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbell Workout Programs

The PowerBlock dumbbells are designed to provide optimal fitness activities to its users for total body conditioning. The pair of PowerBlock dumbbells don’t provide the inbuilt workout programs, but still, the users can engage in a variety of workout sessions by using them.

Users can enhance their cardiovascular fitness, improve their stamina, enhance the mobility of the joints, and lead a healthy life with regular workout sessions using the dumbbells.

Moreover, users can reduce stress hormones and can enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle by engaging in dumbbells exercise sessions. Besides burning calories can never be so interesting as by working on the dumbbells.

Kind of Exercises: The PowerBlock dumbbells arrive with variable weight settings. As such, users can engage in different types of exercises like shoulder presses, lunges, fly, bench presses, and extensions, and curls for having a toned body.

Also, users can engage in a wide range of exercise options with the PowerBlock dumbbells. These exercises include triceps kickback, kneeling one-arm row, Dumbbell Bench Press, alternated biceps curl, lateral raise, lying fly and upright row.

Besides, the dumbbells can be utilized by any user, be it a novice, or an advanced level of user to get a toned body with precise exercise sessions.

PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbell Warranty

PowerBlock is a renowned brand in the fitness industry that aims to provide quality-driven and customer-oriented fitness equipment and reliable warranty. The PowerBlock Sport 5.0 Dumbbells arrive with a five-year limited warranty.

The company offers an easy return policy within 30 days of the original purchase date. But, the users must have an RMA number as provided by the brand to secure the benefit of returning the product. The returns do not incorporate shipping, handling, and return cost and the users have to bear these expenses.

PowerBlock Sports 5.0 Dumbbell Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy welded steel construction for longevity
  • Compact design
  • It offers a wide range of weight from 5 to 50Ibs with 5Ibs increments
  • It replaces ten pairs of dumbbells
  • It comes with a comfortable and firm grip
  • The color-coordinated bands on the rail to depict the selected weight
  • It aids in a strength training workout
  • It is recommended for maintaining total body fitness
  • The users can enhance the weight increment to 65Ibs for optimal results
  • Easy to use dumbbells


  • The dumbbells are expensive with a range of less than $500
  • Some users have claimed that these dumbbells are quite noisy
  • There is no provision of preset workout programs
  • No provision of a training app to track workout statistics
  • No stand is provided with the dumbbells


The PowerBlock Sport 5.0 Dumbbells are viewed among the best dumbbells for home as their sturdy build quality, result-oriented performance, and variable weight settings make them preferred choice for fitness enthusiasts.

These dumbbells have reliable warranty back up, ease of usage and compact design that makes them perfect for home-based users. But, there are no preset workout options in these dumbbells, and users can’t track their workout vitals via a training app.

So, if you prefer to have all these features in your dumbbells, then our recommendation would be Bowflex Selecttech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells. These dumbbells arrive with 30 preset workout options that have 80 variations, and users can track their workout vitals on free Bowflex SelectTech training App.

This app is compatible with all Android and iOs devices and is budget-friendly at a range of less than $500. However, PowerBlock dumbbells are recommended for users who require a basic set of dumbbells that is convenient to use and convenient to store with user-friendly features.

Therefore, the PowerBlock Sport 5.0 Dumbbells review state that these dumbbells are must-buy equipment for home-based users who need to improve their endurance levels and engage in strength training with easy to use dumbbells.

Overall, a recommended fitness equipment for the fitness enthusiasts who need a sturdy and reliable pair of dumbbells for optimal health.

FAQs of PowerBlock Sport 5.0 Dumbbell

Is there any need to use gym gloves while utilizing the PowerBlock Sport 5.0 Dumbbells?
No, there is no need to use any gym gloves while working out using the PowerBlock Sport 5.0 dumbbells as these fitness equipment are well padded and balanced and extremely easy to use
Is it possible to modify the weight settings during the workout sessions in PowerBlock Sport 5.0 Dumbbells?
Yes, these PowerBlock dumbbells are designed with a selector pin that plays a crucial role in changing the weight settings quickly without interrupting the workout session.
Do the PowerBlock Sport 5.0 dumbbells arrive in expandable design?
No, these PowerBlock dumbbells can’t be expanded, and they arrive with fixed dimensions