PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell Review

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PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell Review

Powerblock Inc was incorporated in the year 1991 and their unique design stormed the markets leaving no room for competition. Powerblock has three series of dumbbells which have been created for different purposes – urethane series, sports series, and classic series.

The PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbells has a weight range between 5-70 pounds. You can expand the dumbbells further with the help of the expansion kits. The company provides a warranty of 10-years on the dumbbells which indicates the level of confidence the brand has in its products.

Read the PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbells 2021 review to know all about its features, workout programs and the like. These PowerBlock dumbbells are adjustable and perfect if you do not have the space for fixed weight dumbbells or the budget to keep buying new dumbbell weights every single time.

The increments come in 2.5 lbs which is quite small, yet effective. PowerBlock has been a producer of adjustable dumbbells for more than 25 years and their experience in the fitness industry make them a trustworthy brand, thereby offering their customers value for money.

Best Suited to Whom?

The PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbells is ideal for home gyms as well as commercial use. If you want to save on space and have a low budget, these adjustable dumbbells are perfect.

The PowerBlock brand is popular for the swift weight adjustment feature. Weight adjustment barely takes 2-5 seconds. These dumbbells are good for people into cross-training or super setting.

PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell Design & Build Quality

The build of the PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell is quite sturdy and durable. The stacking system of its weight range makes the Elite 70 very compact. These dumbbells do not have a basic length handle, the Elite 70 dumbbell increases in length only when you add extra weights.

The weight stacking system provides a natural feel to the dumbbells, especially when it comes to the lower range of weights as the dumbbell s more compact in this range.

The dumbbells do not appear to be conventional by way of their design. The square design looks a bit weird initially but does not distract the functionality of the dumbbells. It also prevents the dumbbells from rolling over.

These adjustable dumbbells are high-tech and come in numerous weight configurations – the basic configuration is the PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbell set and you also get expansion sets which enhance the weight to about 70, 90 and 130 pounds for every dumbbell.

You can adjust the weight of every dumbbell in increments of 2.5-pounds. Based on the adjustable dumbbells selected by you, they can replace about 6 pairs of dumbbells that are fixed-weight.

These dumbbells weight can be adjusted in increments of about 2.5 pounds per piece and the maximum limit being 130 pounds for each dumbbell. A 130-pound fixed-weight dumbbell is a rare sight and was not even heard of until PowerBlock Elite dumbbell was introduced in the market.

The rectangular shape though weird make them quite safe, as these dumbbells will not roll off. It can also be used as a book stopper or a bookend on your bookshelf whenever they are not in use.

PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell Features

Small weight increments

The main advantage of using PowerBlock dumbbells is that the weights can be adjusted in smaller increments of 2.5 pounds, to the inner portion of your dumbbell. If you are looking for versatility, then this kind of incremental weights in adjustable dumbbells are perfect.


The weight plates of the Elite 70 dumbbells are made of steel. Two steel rods connect the two weight plates. The points of connection are precision-welded.  These rods come with colour-coding which is quite important in the adjustment process of the dumbbells.

Weight Adjustment

The system of weight adjustment of these PowerBlock dumbbells is very distinct from others. The sets of weight plates are piled up together and through a polyurethane selector pin, they are locked onto the handle. A tether cord is used to attach the pin to the first weight plate’s side rod.

This cord is very important for the overall protection of the weights and it has to stay attached to the handle along with the top-weight plate bar. This ensures that the locking pin will not loosen up and fall off. The top of the handle has a color-coded table, whereas the side rods are also color-coded.

Plates and Handles

The handle assembly consists of five bars connecting two heavy-duty plastic boards. The inner bar is the actual grip of the handlebar assembly, which is covered with rubberized coating.

However, the bars that connect the corners of the boards, the “wrist supports” as they’re called, can also be used for exercises. For example, if you choose to do overhead triceps exercises, it’s best to hold one dumbbell by the exterior bars of the handle, not the inner one.


These PowerBlock dumbbells have a thick, long-lasting coat of black enamel, which gives it a neat glossy finish.

Weight Range

They come in a weight range from 5 lbs to 70 lbs. This replaces approximately 22 pairs of fixed dumbbells. These are expandable to about 90 lbs. You can read about the PowerBlock Elite 50-70 Expansion Kit.

Weight Settings

You can’t rely on the central bar for securing the weight plates. All you have to do is slide the locking pins in the place of the specific weight you wish to use. There is a reference guide atop every dumbbell on the color codes in case you get confused. There is a small handle at the color guide’s opposite en, and this can be adjusted.

Once you remove the locking pin and lift the frame, you will see two tubes across the frame’s length. The two tubes that are closest to you assist in balancing the weights, while the two other tubes store two cylinder weights of 2.5 lbs each.


The PowerBlock Elite 70 dumbbells appear to be bulky and this is due to the rectangular shape. However, these PowerBlock dumbbells are smaller in comparison to the Bowflex 552. The Elite 70 dumbbells are about 14″ (35.5 cm) long, and 6″ (16 cm) wide.

Dial system

Each handle of these dumbbells come with a dial lock having “Open / Closed” positions. To remove the weight cylinders or the handle or to add weight cylinders, this dial has to be used. As a safety precaution, ensure each dial has been set to “Closed” prior to the start of your exercise.

Storage Stand

PowerBlock does not provide its storage stand that has been designed for these weights. If you wish to own a stand, you will have to purchase it via PowerBlock for an extra sum. The stand is quite beneficial, as you will not have to bend repeatedly to lift the dumbbells and weights off the floor.

PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell Workout Programs

A 15-minute workout using these impressive adjustable dumbbells will give you results. Have a look at the dumbbell Tabata workouts that are very effective. These workouts save your time, increase your metabolism and make you very strong. 

They also strengthen your cardiovascular system as well as the central nervous system. These dumbbells can be used for the basic workouts as well as cross-training exercises.

PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell Warranty

PowerBlock, as a brand, is famous for its durable and sturdy products. The brand is so confident regarding the quality of the Elite 70 dumbbells that it gives you a 10-year warranty on the dumbbells!

This is very impressive and justifies the price! This PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbells is among the best adjustable dumbbells for CrossFit and will last your life long.

PowerBlock Elite 70 Dumbbell Pros & Cons


  • The adjustment system is swift and easy.
  • The dumbbells have a balanced and natural feel.
  • The wrist guards have a comfortable handle for the grip.
  • The company offers a 10-year warranty on the dumbbells.
  • The weights can be adjusted in small increments of 2.5 lbs
  • The weights can be expanded up to 90 lbs.


  • The stand comes at an extra cost of $130.
  • Adjustment of 5 lbs weights can be slow


The PowerBlock Elite 70 adjustable dumbbells are very sturdy, versatile, and space-savvy, there becoming one of the best adjustable dumbbells for home use. They are very reliable weights and can cover the entire range of exercises which can be done using dumbbells.

They have a safe adjustment system. The weight plates have precision welding points as well. At present, the Elite 70 dumbbells from PowerBlock are one of the best dumbbells in the market. These dumbbells may not be quite affordable, but the quality and features outweigh the price, thereby making it worth the splurge!