PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbell Review

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PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbell Review

Powerblock Inc was founded in the year 1991 and aimed at being a leader in the fitness industry. The PowerBlock dumbbells came with a unique design that stormed the markets as there was no other equipment like it.

The Powerblock dumbbells come in three different series that are designed for specific purposes – the urethane series, the sports series, and the classic seriesThe PowerBlock Elite Dumbbell 50 comes under the PowerBlock Classic Series. The Elite 50 Dumbbells have a weight ranging between 5-50 pounds.

The dumbbells can be expanded to 70 or 90 pounds. The company also offers a 10-year warranty on the product which speaks volumes about the brand itself.Read the PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells 2021 review to know more about the features and programs of the product.

Best Suited for Whom?

The PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells  are fitness equipment that is good for home gyms. They are perfect for people who want good quality and affordable dumbbell set. The adjustable dumbbells from PowerBlock are known for their quick weight adjustment.

It takes lesser than 2-5 seconds to change the weights of these dumbbells. The dumbbells are ideal for workouts like cross-training.

PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells Design and Build Quality

The Elite 50 is quite a variation in comparison to the traditional dumbbell. Though the design is unique, you will be able to get the hang of it in no time. They are one of the best adjustable dumbbells 2021 and the shape is ergonomic.

A balanced structure along with a padded handle ensures that the units can be used by those who suffer from any kind of injury to the hand or wrist. The ergonomic handle lets the user get a comfortable grip over the weight for a longer period of time. This feature makes the dumbbell a perfect piece of equipment for long weight training sessions.

A PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells needs little effort for the adjustment. All you have to do is slide the selector pin to remove weights and add a specific weight as per your requirements. Adding and removing the weights consumes lesser time when it comes to a PowerBlock.

The advantage of PowerBlock dumbbells is that they can be easily expanded. In case you own a PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells , and if you want extra weights, you just have to get their expansion kit. They have a 4-bar cage design. PowerBlock designs various models for different purposes.

They have three series: urethane, sports, and the elite or classic series. The Elite series is very popular primarily for home athletes and there are three different stages – the PowerBlock Elite 50, Elite 70, and the Elite 90. The number mentioned at the end indicates the weight.

PowerBlock Elite 50 Adjustable Dumbbells Features

Small weight increments

Each dumbbell has weight settings in pounds in the range of 2.5- 50. A huge advantage to the Powerblock Elite 50 is that the weight can be adjusted in increments of 2.5 pounds by using additional weights which, attaches to the inner portion of the Elite 50 dumbbell.

Small yet precise weight increments are important if you expect versatility out of these adjustable dumbbells. Changing weights in small increments takes a longer time than changing in larger increments of 5 lb or 10 lbs.


The PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells is made using the highest quality materials.

Weight Adjustment

There are two selector pins by which the weights can be increased or decreased and they ensure the weights are locked securely. PowerBlock Elite 50 dumbbells in which you can adjust the weight in increments of 2.5 lbs. In case you need more weights, you can purchase an expansion kit.

Padded support

The PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells handles and plates have padded wrist supports.

Weight Range

The Elite 50 dumbbells have a weight range of 5 – 50 lbs per dumbbell.


The Elite 50 pack includes two adjustable dumbbells, each measuring 12 x 6.25 x 6 inches and each weighing 50 lbs totally. The Elite 50 is on the taller side at 6”, however it is shorter than other hexagonal dumbbells.

Weight Settings

The weights for these dumbbells can be adjusted in small and precise 2.5 pound increments.

Dial system

The PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells has a safety system that consists of a dial lock that has two settings – “Open and Closed”. If you want to add weight or remove one, you have to turn the safety lock to open to remove the weight and “close” to lock it before you begin your exercise.


  • Storage Stand – PowerBlock stands are the perfect place to keep your PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells when they are not being used. Many have a podium design and come raised with the top being flat, while other storage stands are more traditional in design.

The stand’s surface area, as well as weight capacity, vary. The price of each stand differs.

  • Powerstation – The manufacturer also has the PowerBlock PowerStation. This PowerStation brags of a 125-pound capacity and has additional storage by way of two slide drawers. It also has a halo for speedball along with some optional media attachments.

PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells Workout Program

It is quite tough if you have been doing a workout of 60 minutes for many years, to believe that a workout for 5-15 minutes using adjustable dumbbells can give you results. There are dumbbell Tabata workouts which are quite effective. One needs to try it out for a month and you will observe that these workouts can,

Save a lot of your time.
Increase the metabolism for hours
Construct skeletal muscle.
Make you strong.
Strengthen your lungs, the heart, and the entire cardiovascular system.
Strengthen the central nervous system.
Enhance your cardio.
Safeguard the joints from injuries due to overuse of equipment.

PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells Warranty

PowerBlock is known for its durability and strong products. The brand is quite confident about the quality of its Elite 50 dumbbells and it offers a 10-year warranty on them. This is quite impressive and provides enough justification for the price of the product.

If you purchase a less expensive product which offers a lower warranty, you will be spending more on repairing the product and this expense might exceed the cost of the PowerBlock Dumbbells. This PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells is one of the best adjustable dumbbells for CrossFit as well as for your home use and will last you a lifetime.

PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells Pros and Cons


  • The weights can be changed easily with the selector pin
  • The dumbbells are very durable
  • The design and construction make the product durable and strong
  • Expansion kits are available in case you want to increase weights
  • In these dumbbells, lower the weight, smaller is the dumbbell size
  • The dumbbell set makes your workout space look neat
  • You can use these adjustable dumbbells as push up bars


  • Inconvenient weight change in contrast to the Bowflex SelectTech 552
  • The Elite 50 dumbbell’s design can prevent certain exercises


PowerBlock has changed the perception of people about dumbbells when it first introduced itself in the year 1991 to the world of weightlifting. One can lift about 90 pounds of weight in a single PowerBlock dumbbell. On using an expansion kit, you can increase the weight up to 100 pounds.

The PowerBlock Elite 50 Dumbbells is the least expensive model in the Elite series by PowerBlock. It is quite compact and one of the best adjustable dumbbells for home use. The Elite 50 can be a good option for anybody, be it those who visit the gym casually or for the dedicated weightlifters.

It is tough to find a traditional model that can beat the offerings of PowerBlock.