Best Dumbbells For Women 2021

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Best Dumbbells For Women 2021

People say girls are after Barbie dolls and jewelry but they are totally wrong. Girls are actually now after attaining a fit body. And for that, they are now in search of the best dumbbells available in the market. If you are one among them then you are in the right place. We know that you, being a woman will rather stay at home and do the workout rather than visiting the gym early in the morning and that is why we also recommend dumbbells for women. Dumbbells can easily become your ultimate fitness companion. We have listed out the best dumbbells available in the market that will help you do bicep curls or lateral raises whichever exercise that you like.

Top 3 Dumbbells for Women

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How To Buy The Right Women’s Dumbbell Weight Set For You?

Buying a dumbbell set is always better than taking a single dumbbell. The best dumbbell sets give you the flexibility and versatility to do multiple exercises focusing on different muscle groups. Usually heavier weights are used for biceps curls rather than lateral rise so having extra pairs of dumbbells with extra weights are always a good choice. With a good rack that comes with the set, you can easily arrange your dumbbells tidy after the workout. For Example Davina 12kg Dumbbell Tree[table id=4 /]

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Dumbbells for Women

A blind buy can always cause you more harm than any good. So check out the important factors that we have mentioned below to get some insight into what you will be getting from the dumbbell and then finalize on the best dumbbell for women.

  1. Type Of Grip – Dumbbells are obviously heavy so if they are slippery and don’t have grips, then they will be on your foot in no time. So, if you want to keep your foot safe and body fit buy the best dumbbell with good hand grips. It can also reduce the tension caused on your hand skin. You can buy Palm Springs Dumbbell Weights Set.
  2. The Design – Buying a hexagonal dumbbell might look like going for a fashion statement but the thing is it does more than it looks. Circular dumbbells will roll away when you keep them on a flat surface. Hexagonal dumbbells will never roll and give you enough support for working out. For example Fitness Mad Neo Dumbbells
  3. Multi-Purpose Ability – Women always prefer dumbbells that are capable of multipurpose workouts. Yoga and jogging are like the favorite aerobic programs for women. Women want the dumbbells to help them do these programs effectively. Adaptability is the key point they are looking for.
  4. Purpose – Women are also interested in heavy weight exercises. They too dream of a well-toned body with well-defined muscles so heavy dumbbells are also a necessity for women. But if you are much inclined much into light exercises then maybe light dumbbells will be enough for you.
  5. Price – Dumbbells don’t have much difference in performance when it comes to the pricing. It is just a matter of what you have in your hand.
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What Weight Dumbbells Should You Use?

Your preferred dumbbell is extremely dependent on your fitness goals and style. We usually consider people who look for dumbbells as beginners looking for ways to shape their body.

There are women who are scared of taking weights because they think that the well-defined muscles will make them look bulky. But let us tell you something if it was that easy to get abs and muscles, then all men would have easily got them. It requires a lot of dedication and hard work with really heavy weights to attain something of that sort.

The number of reps needed for women is much more than that of men. If 8-12 reps are ok for men, then women will have to do 15-20 reps but don’t get discouraged you will only need to use fewer amounts of weights.

There are a lot of dumbbell exercises you can do effectively. We will list out some of them to give you a glimpse into what you are getting into.

  • Shoulder and triceps exercises: 2-5 pounds.
  • Biceps exercises: 5-8 pounds.
  • For big muscle groups like chest, thighs, back: 10-45 pounds.

If you have no clue on which dumbbell you need, then we will help you choose the right one. Fill bottles with water and try to do some exercises with them. At least do 10-15 reps with them. If the last few reps are hard for you, then that is the one fit for you. You can identify the dumbbells of your choice in this manner.

Don’t get overexcited and start doing random exercises rigorously you will just end up hurting yourself. So, do the exercises well and get the best results out of them. There are many tutorials available online so that won’t be a difficult thing for you to get. Develop gradually from lower weights to heavier ones. That is the right way to go up.


Some people consider it a joke about women going to the gym but the truth is women are much more dedicated to fitness than men. Most of the women look for the comfort of their home to work out and that is why we made this guide to make sure that you don’t feel neglected. Finding the best dumbbell for women is not a hard task if you are ready to follow the guide that we made for you.

Choose the weight of the dumbbell that is much suited for you or else you will just end up hurting yourself. Before making the buy, it will be a good thing for you to visit a gym and take up the dumbbells to really understand how the dumbbell you selected really feels like. Always remember the key to a fit body is regular exercise so instead of doing harsh exercises on your body workout regularly for a healthy body, we recommend you to buy the best dumbbell and stay fit. Body Sculpture Vinyl Dumbbells are highly suitable for the beginners as well as for carrying out a variety of exercises.

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