Best Floor Friendly Rubber Dumbbells 2021

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Best Floor Friendly Rubber Dumbbells 2021

Ask anybody out in this world who is keen on keeping their body healthy which is the basic equipment in a gym. Their obvious answer will be dumbbells. There won’t be a single gym in this world without dumbbells. Being the basic equipment for bodybuilding, it would be stupid if you don’t work out with dumbbells. Dumbbells are available in multiple varieties with different shapes, styles, and materials making them fit for all people.

The rubber coated dumbbells are one of the best equipment that you could buy for your home. These are well known for improving the durability of your floor. The rubber coating is capable of preventing accidental damages caused by drops. With cheap price and abundance of features, they are the best dumbbells you must buy.

But before we get to that, what are Rubber-Coated Dumbbells Exactly?

Don’t confuse rubber coated dumbbells for complete rubber dumbbells. The name itself says that they are just rubber coated. The best rubber coated dumbbells available in the market are made of classic cast iron and then covered in rubber or neoprene fabric. The rubber coated dumbbells are available in all the categories including fixed weight dumbbells, adjustable dumbbells and other varieties with hexagonal heads and round heads.

If the coating is removed, they are just like the good old dumbbells. Besides the extra appeal and the protection they give out, they perform exactly like the best dumbbells you have always used. But be skeptical while selecting them because at times concrete fillings are used instead of metal. This will affect their durability. They have great aesthetic appeal so these can make your home gym classier. It can also take a lot of wear and tear for many years without any noticeable damages.

Rubber dumbbell Over Bare Chrome or Cast Iron

Chrome or cast iron dumbbells are similar to floor friendly rubber coated dumbbells in performance but they are heavyweight equipment that can easily damage themselves and their surroundings. So, it is highly likely that they will scratch the storage area and the floor with time. Moreover, scratches and dents are more noticeable in metal dumbbells and are totally unnoticeable in rubber dumbbells.

These are less prone to noise making when putting down after workouts. Their customizability is an attractive feature to many because there are fitness enthusiasts who collect them and display their team strength by displaying their team color using a differently colored dumbbell. If it spreads joy then why not use it.

Features Of The Best Dumbbells

1. Easy on the floor: Steel is hard and that is why we use it to keep our structures strong. In the dumbbells, the steel is strong but sadly nothing could be done on an ordinary steel dumbbell for preventing it from scratching the surroundings. If you let it fall on your floor, it will make sure to leave an unforgettable mark making you regret your actions. But we have rubber coated dumbbells which are friendlier on the floor and that is certainly good news.

Because of their impact-absorbing techniques, they won’t ever scratch your floor. Whichever way you throw it, the dumbbells will never scratch or dent the floor. For some people, it is annoying to hear the clanging metal sound when you get to the gym. For people like that this is an excellent choice as they don’t make any noise while working out or when they touch each other.

2. Gentle on your hands: Rubber coated dumbbells don’t just love the floor; they love your hands too. So, the physical bruises during the dumbbell workouts are a thing of the past. The steel and iron surfaces are hard on the hand so if they can cause hand soreness during continuous workouts.

They also get slippery when your hand gets slippery and never forget that heavyweight equipment touching your foot after a fall from a distance won’t be a really good experience. With a rubber layer coating, the dumbbells stay firm and safe in your hands removing the risk of hurting yourself and destroying the floor.

3. Protects against the elements: Cast iron is prone to rusting so if kept in open it will soon start to rust making it unusable after a while. While the rubber coating on the new dumbbells with their waterproofing techniques keeps the water at bay and prevent rusting of the dumbbells, even the expensive enamel coated dumbbells will soon get chipped of their coating and start to rust so it is always better to get rubber coated dumbbells.

The high impact resistant property makes these dumbbells highly durable than its many other counterparts. But don’t get too excited as rubber is not the ultimate material so it also has its own flaws. With constant exposure to sunlight and heat, it will also wear out. It cannot handle multiple contractions and expansion for a very long time. It will soon crack.

So as a warning, you must keep your rubber coated dumbbells always away from the sun or any other heat source as it can be a possible remedy to extend the life of your rubber coated dumbbells. They are well known for their superior build quality as compared to iron and steel dumbbells but make sure that you are not allergic to latex and the strong odors that might come out of rubber products. This is because sometimes even the best products can turn out to be the worst for you if you are not compatible.

There is only one thing to understand, as long as you take care of your dumbbells and yourself both your floor and you will stay healthy. We do advise people to use rubber coated dumbbells because we found them to be more durable. Always work out with limited pace with consistency to attain the maximum result. And you must never try out a complicated new exercise without the assistance of a trainer because you can end up doing it wrongly and injuring yourself.


We wanted to tell you why we choose rubber coated dumbbells over conventional ones because we thought it will be good for you too. And we guess you must have felt the same. We are sure you love yourself more than anything and you will never want to hurt yourself in any way. While working out, always bear in mind that random workouts aren’t the key to a perfect body.

It is consistent workouts on every part of the body muscles that tone your body better. Don’t take it as like we are rejecting steel dumbbells as a whole they are just as good as the rubber coated dumbbells. It is just that they are better. So, buy yourself the best dumbbells and lead yourself to a better and healthy future.

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