Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Review

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Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Review

Increasing muscle endurance is your aim along with having a perfectly flexible and toned body then you can’t skip your dumbbell workout. The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells provide the high-intensity strength training workout sessions that have rubber coating for enhanced performance.

These dumbbells are rated among the top dumbbells for home use that play a crucial role in enhancing total body fitness. Read the Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells review 2021 to understand its functioning and features in a better way.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are ideally meant for those users who require a workout session that is easy on joints and improves strength and flexibility. Those users who primarily intend to focus on bodybuilding should opt for these dumbbells as they can enhance their muscular strength with a variety of workout sessions.

The users who require to work on their biceps, wrists, arms and total body fitness must workout using these dumbbells as they can achieve optimal results with this fitness equipment that are easy to use. Therefore, users can optimize their fitness levels using these top-rated dumbbells for home use.

Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Design & Build Quality

Design and Build Quality

The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are one of the preferred fitness equipment for serious fitness enthusiasts who require to build their body with precision. Therefore, these dumbbells are ranked among the top best-selling fitness dumbbells as these are cast from high-quality gray iron for durability.

These dumbbells are coated with superior quality rubber encasing that further adds to its longevity and high-end performance. These dumbbells are easy to use on any kind of flooring as these equipment don’t deteriorate the flooring.

Its hexagonal design prevents it from rolling to avoid damage due to disbalance and improper use. The one-piece cast heads are aesthetically designed with steel to have safe and secure performance.

These dumbbells are designed with weights ranging from 5 Ibs to 100 Ibs with 5 Ibs increment that allows users to have variation in their workout. Also, their compact size helps the users to use with precision and make them one of the best workout dumbbells for fitness enthusiasts at less than $900.

Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Features

Small weight increments

The Body-Solid hex dumbbells are designed for intense bodybuilding exercise sessions with small weight increments. The users can add the weight of 5 Ibs to have desired outcomes in the weight range from 5 Ibs to 100 Ibs.

Rubber construction

The Body-Solid round dumbbells have the premium quality rubber encasing that play a vital role in improving their durability and performance.

Weight Adjustment

The users can quickly get the weight adjustment of 5 lbs in the given weight settings from 5 Ibs to 100 Ibs.  If you look forward to having perfectly organized dumbbells with smaller weight increments, then there are Body Solid GDR363 dumbbells.

It is recommended as it offers the weight adjustment from 5 Ibs to 50 Ibs with 10 pairs of dumbbells accompanied with a three-tier dumbbell rack for easy storage. It can be recommended by beginners and intermediate users.

Plates and Handles

These dumbbells offer high-end performance owing to its impressive handles made from a steel alloy that provide comfort, and a firm grip.

Finish Of the Dumbbell

The dumbbells have a clean finish that makes this equipment quite appealing and a splendid addition to any home gym or the workout setting.

Weight Range

The weight range offered by this fitness equipment is fair for a novice as well as a trained professional to have an optimal workout with 5 Ibs to 100 Ibs weight range.

Weight Settings

These dumbbells offer 20 weight settings and enable users to choose as per their convenience and workout requirement.


Each of these dumbbells arrives in three settings ranging from 5 Ibs to 50 Ibs, 55Ibs to 75 Ibs and 80 Ibs to 100 Ibs. the dimensions of this dumbbell are 9 x 4 x 4 inches with a total weight of 570 Ibs.

Instruction Materials

These dumbbells have clear instructions on the user manual for safe use.

Dial System

 These dumbbells don’t support the dial system, but with the explicit number markings on the dumbbells provide easy readability.

Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Workout Programs

The Body-Solid Dumbbells set is meant for the hardcore fitness training that engages the entire body in an effective workout. The dedicated bodybuilding and strength training exercises allow for the rigorous workout sessions that make the users more fit and flexible with enhanced muscle strength.

Thus, the users can make the optimal workout sessions with barbell thrusters, bench press, incline press, decline press,  dumbbell goblet reverse crossover lunges, seated calf raise, dumbbell hip thrusters, and a lot more.

Kind of Exercises: The Body-Solid hex dumbbells are designed for comprehensive bodybuilding exercises that make the workout more promising and result-oriented.

Therefore, the users can enjoy the versatile exercise sessions that cover push-ups, pec-fly, pull-over, squats, wide arm row, calf press, reverse fly, shrugs, upright rows, and a lot more.

Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Warranty

The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are designed with long-lasting results and therefore, backed by a solid limited lifetime warranty. The users have a warranty on any defects in the workmanship and the components of the equipment.

Thus, the users have warranty back up support that makes this equipment as among the best dumbbells for home.

Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Pros & Cons


  • Durable build quality with high-grade gray iron
  • Incredible performance
  • Provision of variability in the exercise options for the users
  • Availability of knurled steel alloy handles
  • Rubber coating
  • Hexagonal design that avoids rolling of dumbbells
  • Clear demarcation of weights on the dumbbells for easy use.
  • Effective on all types of flooring


  • It may appear a bit costly to some users as it falls under the range of less than $800.


The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are considered as among the top-selling hex dumbbells of the brand that assure high-end performance. The notable build quality with rubber coating allows for long-lasting results even with intense workout sessions.

If you prefer to have a huge variety of dumbbells in individual sets as well as in the pair that can provide the advantage of weightlifting, then our suggestion would be Body Solid BSTND Dumbbells.

These are color coordinated dumbbells available from 1 Ibs to 15 Ibs to allow the users to conveniently incorporate dumbbell workout in their daily regimen.

But, Body-Solid brand is the preferred option for those users who need to buy a reliable pair of dumbbells with hexagonal designing.

Therefore, if you intend to perform intense bodybuilding sessions for having muscular fitness and overall body fitness, then purchasing these best hex dumbbells for home-based users is recommended for you.