Body Solid Dumbbells Review
Body Solid Dumbbells Review

Body Solid Dumbbells Review

Body-Solid is undoubtedly one of the leading fitness equipment manufacturers of the world that is known to provide a robust line of equipment. All the fitness equipment of the brand have a durable shelf life and equipped with industry leading warranty; these equipment offer excellent results. Being in the fitness business for thirty years the brand offers a wide range of fitness equipment and dumbbells are one of them.

The Body-Solid brand has got the ISO certification that makes it more responsible towards its customers to deliver exceptional quality fitness equipment.

Body-Solid BSTND

  • Model: Body-Solid BSTND
  • Weight Range: 1-15
  • Durable Molding: Durable non-slip neoprene coating
  • Coated material: Neoprene coating
  • Durability: Right
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If you feel bored while working out with the same set of equipment every day and require a splash of color in your gaming area, then having the Body-Solid Dumbbells is the best option. These dumbbells arrive in colour-coordinated sets that are coated with neoprene and are easy to ...Read Full Review

If you feel bored while working out with the same set of equipment every day and require a splash of color in your gaming area, then having the Body-Solid Dumbbells is the best option. These dumbbells arrive in colour-coordinated sets that are coated with neoprene and are easy to...

Why Body Solid Stands Out Among The Rest?

The Body-Solid brand is acclaimed among the pioneers of the fitness industry across the globe. The reason for its unparalleled reputation is the quality of its fitness equipment that makes it much ahead of its contemporaries. Its mantra of “Build for life,” stays true to the core as all its fitness equipment is designed with immense perfection and highest quality material to enhance its durability.

Also, the equipment caters to residential, commercial and professional usage like in schools, gyms, fire and police department along with rehabilitation centers. Thus, the brand offers the premium quality fitness equipment that aids in long-lasting performance for years to come.

Body Solid Dumbbell Series

ProductRatings  Weight Range   Weight Range   No. of Exercises   Best Price
Body-Solid SDX Dumbbell Review
Body-Solid SDX
2-1002-100 ---
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Body-Solid SDR Dumbbell Review
Body Solid SDR
5-1205-120 ---
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Body-Solid SDS Dumbbell Review
Body-Solid SDS
5-1005-100 ---
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Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbell Review
Body-Solid SDRS
5-1005-100 ---
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Body Solid KBC Kettlebell Review
Body-Solid KBC
5-755-75 ---
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Body-Solid BSTND Dumbbell Review
Body-Solid BSTND
1-151-15 ---
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Body-Solid SDP Dumbbell Review
Body Solid SDP
5-505-50 ---
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1. Body-Solid SDP Dumbbells: The Body-Solid SDP Dumbbells are ranked among the best-selling rubber dumbbells that are fit to be used in any residential and commercial settings. These dumbbells are made for strength training and also providing total body fitness. Following are its features.

  • The Body-Solid dumbbells offer the weight range of 5 Ibs to 100 Ibs for having the versatility in the workout sessions.
  • Its handle has got the medium kurl that helps in providing the comfortable and a secured grip for effective usage.
  • The provision of rubber encased coating enhances the shelf-life of the equipment.
  • The dumbbells have anti-corrosion paint on the handles that make them recommended for intense training sessions.
  • These dumbbells are easy on any floor settings as the use of floor-friendly rubber coating helps in making this equipment more preferred choice of users.

2. Body-Solid SDX Dumbbells: The Body-Solid SDX Dumbbells are known among the best hex dumbbells that are cast from premium gray iron for durable performance. Following are its features:

  • The Body-Solid Dumbbells offer versatility in the workout sessions by offering the weight range of 2 Ibs to 100 Ibs.
  • It is equipped with steel alloy handles that are easy to use and offer a firm grip.
  • The corners and the edges of these dumbbells have a smooth finish for impressive usage.
  • The hexagonal shape plays a crucial role in avoiding the rolling of the dumbbells to have smooth and safe usage.
  • The weight references are marked in silver color for easy readability.

3. Body-Solid BSTND Dumbbells: The Body-Solid BSTND Dumbbells are rated among the bestselling neoprene dumbbell sets that are color coordinated to have excellent results. It has the following features:

  • Body-Solid BSTND Dumbbells arrive in the weight range of 1 Ibs to 15 Ibs that provide a comfortable range of weight for workout sessions.
  • These dumbbells are extremely helpful in core conditioning and improving the flexibility of the body.
  • These dumbbells can be effectively incorporated into a daily workout regimen or in daily life as the users can do weight training while watching television or walking outside.
  • Different colors of weights add to the vibrancy and positivity in the workout sessions.
  • Easy to use and store, these dumbbells can be used anywhere and anytime

4. Body Solid SDRS Dumbbells: The Body-Solid SDRS Dumbbells are the best rubber coated dumbbells that provide smooth and durable performance. This equipment is ideal for enhancing muscular strength and flexibility in the joints. Its features are as follows:

  • These set of dumbbells are known for their superior rubber coating that makes them useful in intense workout sessions.
  • The users derive the weight range of 5 Ibs to 100 Ibs to have the desired workout sessions.
  • The rubber coating helps to avoid any damage to the flooring and as such, the users can workout on any flooring.
  • The hex dumbbells are meant to provide the no-rolling feature to avoid any injury.

5. Body Solid SDS Dumbbells: The Body-Solid SDS Dumbbells are designed for strengthening the body by offering numerous workout options. These are rated among the top-rated classic cast iron dumbbells that provide high-end performance. Its features are as follows:

  • These dumbbells are available in the weight range from 5 Ibs to 100 Ibs in three different sets.
  • The use of alloy steel in the handles make them last longer and efficient for rough and tough usage.
  • These dumbbells play a crucial role in enhancing the muscular strength of the users.
  • These equipment are extremely durable and won’t break even after rigorous workout sessions.

Body Solid Dumbbells Pros and Cons


  • Body Solid dumbbells are designed with solid iron to have durable performance.
  • Long-lasting results
  • The neoprene dumbbells offer a variety of colorful dumbbells for users.
  • Provision of Knurled steel alloy handles for durability
  • Rubber coating enhances the shelf life of the dumbbells
  • The comfortable and firm grip of handles
  • Hexagonal shape for safe usage


  • The neoprene coating may get damaged after rigorous training sessions.

Final Verdict

Body Solid is an acclaimed fitness equipment brand whose products excel in the parameters of performance, build quality and longevity. The Body Solid dumbbells are an ideal combination of precision and durability as all the top-selling hex dumbbells are meant for intense strength training sessions.

Therefore, if you are a fitness enthusiast who requires to have versatility in his workout, then using these dumbbells would be recommended to him. Thus, Body Solid dumbbells review 2020 would help you to choose the best set of dumbbells that suit your budget, workout preferences, and fitness objectives.

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