Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

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Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set Review

Do you want to increase your total body strength? Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set is the perfect fit for your home gym as it is compact and gives the best results to your whole body.
It is the most effective method that gives strength by increasing muscle mass. Dumbbells are commonly used as it is a complete set of a fitness program.

The adjustable dumbbell set plays a significant role in fitness. It is a multipurpose exercise that helps you to build muscles and define your overall body by reducing excess weight. Adidas Adjustable dumbbell set is perfect for weight training. It proficiently works on every single muscle and gives the best results.

The best thing about the Adjustable dumbbell set is that it does not take much space and easy to carry. Above all Adidas dumbbell set comes under $100. It is not only economical but also shows incredible results providing you full value for your money.

Dumbbells are an excellent source of strength because an individual can set the weight according to their capacity or can add more or less resistance.

Best Suited to Whom?

Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell set is suited for the people who want to build the muscles strong. As many individuals want to do the exercise by staying in their comfort zone, for them Adjustable dumbbell set from Adidas is the best choice.

It is the best workout equipment because Adidas’ adjustable dumbbell set offers tremendous and remarkable results. Buying an Adidas adjustable dumbbell would be a great option as it is a lifetime investment because adjustable dumbbells last for a long time with no maintenance.

Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set Assembly, Design and Build Quality


It is easy to assemble. It comes with detachable rods and spinners that can be attached according to the requirement or workout routine.

Design and Build Quality

Adidas is a well-renowned fitness brand that takes proper care of your health. It designs comfortable products with reliable quality. Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell includes two spin-lock collars that help you hold the discs securely and tightly.

The advantage of the best Adidas adjustable dumbbell set is that it allows you to choose the weight level for the specific workout. With the advanced spin-lock collars you can change the weight faster and smoother without any hassle. Adjustable Dumbbells allow you to do a variety of exercises. Below are the few effective exercises with excellent results.

Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set Workout Programs

  • Dumbbell Rows: This exercise will help in building the latissimus dorsi, or lat, muscles.
  • Chest Presses: This exercise will help in building muscle tissue and strength. Also used for pectorals, deltoids, and triceps.
  • Lunges: This exercise will work for many muscles and for strengthening, sculpting.
  • Calf Raises: This exercise is good for the muscles of lower legs
  • Lateral Raises: This exercise is used for shoulders
  • Tricep Extensions: This exercise is used for the growth of triceps
  • Tricep Kickbacks: This exercise is used for the upper body strength
  •  Bicep Curls: It is a weight training exercise
  •  Sumo: This exercise is used for building strength

Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set Effective Workout

1. Biceps: Biceps is the most effective workout for toned arms. It is very nicely said that your arms will thank you for the pump you’re about to receive. It is easy to perform. Stand straight by gripping the Adidas dumbbells in your hand. Now, extend your arms. Make sure to keep your elbows straight and tight.

2. Triceps: Triceps can be performed by lying on a mat or bench. Hold dumbbells in your hands and extend your arms straight above your head. Do not move your shoulders. Bend your elbows slowly and push your arms back to the normal position.

3. Flies: Flies are similar to triceps. Lie on a mat or a flat bench by holding dumbbells on each hand, extend your arms above your Chest. In this bend your elbows and make sure you turn the elbows during the exercise.

4. Lungs: It is a workout that makes your legs strong. It is an aerobic workout that increases the strength of your leg muscles. It is comfortable and effective. Stand straight with a dumbbell in each hand. Open your legs about 12-18 inches.

Now, step forward with your one leg and bend the knee at 90 degrees to touch the floor. Repeat the same step with another leg.

5. Get in shape with Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell set: No other workout is more effective when it comes to tone the muscles. The dumbbell is a piece of equipment that challenges your muscles. It reduces blood pressure and increases oxygen uptake. Adidas Dumbbell balances your body.

Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set Warranty

Warranty: All the products from Adidas have a manufacturer warranty that covers the structural integrity of the product. Adidas adjustable dumbbell set comes with a lifetime warranty.

Parts and Services: Parts and services are the primary concern in dumbbells. This product gives extended warranty on parts like rods, plates, spin-locks, etc.

Return Policy: You may return the product within 30 days of receiving. Make sure the product is unused and returned in original packaging.

Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set Pros and Cons


  • Cost Saving
  • Portable
  • Easy to maintain
  • Modern Design


  • Limited Exercises
  • Keep away from water to avoid rust


Adjustable Dumbbell Set is versatile workout equipment best known for strength training. It comes in different styles and brands. Adidas is the first and foremost fitness brand that offers high quality with advanced features in under $55.
The adjustable dumbbell is a vital piece of equipment every home should have!

Dumbbells give you the real exercise power. With a set of dumbbells make your home gym at a minimal cost. Adidas Adjustable dumbbell not only tones your muscles but also reduces the weight by burning the calories. To reduce the weight, focus on the large muscles of your body like legs, chest, back and so on.

An Adjustable dumbbell contains 8 discs, 2 spin-lock, and a rod. Adjustment of rods and plates with a suitable grip chrome coating makes Adidas Adjustable Dumbbells the best workout equipment! It is well said that “the pain you feel today, will be the strength you feel tomorrow”.

Set your fitness goal now with the latest collection from Adidas Adjustable Dumbbell Set.