Best Dumbbell Reviews 2021

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Best Dumbbell Reviews 2021

Anybody who wants to build muscles has to bring their focus primarily towards the weights. It is the best piece of thing that you can have to shape and strengthen your body. So, make it a good practice to buy some weights for your home. The good thing about weights is the ability to do multiple exercises focusing on different muscle groups on the same equipment. The major advantage is that the cost of these weights is comparatively lower than the home gym machines you buy.

The most popular weight training equipment is dumbbells and barbells. There is other equipment like the kettlebells which are also good equipment. There won’t be a single person who is into fitness and is unaware of the dumbbells. They are quite useful as a fitness partner and are one of the basic fitness equipment. Millions in the world are using it to shape and build their body muscles every single day.

So, be happy to get the best dumbbells for your home gym. We know that it is hard to select the best dumbbells out of the plethora of options that are available in the market right now. So, our experts have made a list of the top 3 dumbbells to help you select the best dumbbells.

Best Dumbbells for Home
Best Dumbbells for Women
Best Adjustable Dumbbells
Best Floor-Friendly Rubber Dumbbells
Best Classic Cast-Iron Dumbbells
Best Dumbbells Under $1500
Best Dumbbells Under $500
Best Dumbbells Under $200
Best Dumbbells Under $100

Best Dumbbells – Top 3 Favorites for 2021

The ability to practice functional movements or functional fitness is one of the reasons that make dumbbells and free weights of good fitness equipment. Functional fitness aims at making the movements that you do on a regular basis better this is because of the increase in capacity of your body strength. One of the common functional fitness exercises is the squat you do. The people do squat multiple times a single day. But when you add weight to squats you do then it becomes a functional movement.

The fitness machines that are found in gyms don’t give you this ability. They are mostly good for isolated workouts. For example, the leg press you do is not simulating any activity that you do in daily life so it won’t be directly beneficial for your normal activities.

If you were looking for the best dumbbells for your home gym, then you came to the right place because our experts will help you analyze the dumbbells that will help you make the right choice. Having the best dumbbells for your home means working out whenever you want to. And convenience is not just the advantage; they are much cheaper to buy than spending a lot of cash on your gym membership each month. Another good advantage of dumbbells is that you can always begin with a small number of weights. When your body gets used to the weights, you can always choose to add more weights to your whole collection helping you push your limits further.
Women are many times excluded when it comes to heavy workout machines. But dumbbells are for everyone. The best dumbbells for women can keep you healthy in the comfort of your home. Hand weights can be a good addition to your gym. With them, you can easily build your body strength and shape your body muscles and not just that dumbbell exercises are extremely useful for people who desire to reduce their weight. And above all, they don’t take much space of your apartment.
If you haven’t already noticed, the gym is no longer the ideal place to get in shape or implement an exercise program. And, unless there is gym close to work, for most working folks, hitting the gym isn’t motivating. Especially when you work late hours and need to travel long distances to the closest gym; the motivation can dry up pretty quickly. Now, you need not worry, with Adjustable Dumbbells, you can reap all the benefits of strength training from the comfort and convenience of your home.
Rubber dumbbells are one of the popular varieties chosen by people. They just have a rubber coating over the metallic hand weights. Some of them come fully covered while others just have rubber paddings on the metallic sides. The reason for its popularity is its ease of usage, unlike the normal ones. Dumbbells are heavy and they might damage your flooring and furniture if not handled well. Floor Friendly Rubber dumbbells take away this problem by making the rubber layer act as a cushion to the dumbbells. Moreover, the best rubber dumbbells are moisture and dust resistant increasing the durability of your dumbbells. And they do come with racks on which you can easily store them.
The old traditional one is not completely abandoned yet as they are still good for exercising. The classic cast iron dumbbells may not be found in newer gyms however you can find them easily for second-hand purchasing. Like the new dumbbells, these dumbbells do come in classic and hex shapes with the strong and solid boy making it highly durable in all kinds of environments. Like traditional ones, they will scratch your surfaces without any mercy.
As we have already told if you want to save money on your gym membership then dumbbells are a good way to go. You will still be able to stay fit and build your body in the comfort of your home. The good thing about dumbbells is that you can use them parallel with your normal cardiovascular exercises and nutritional foods which will help you balance your metabolism thus helping you preserve a healthy body. The best dumbbells under $1500 are the best ones that are available in the market right now.
Adjustable dumbbells are a perfect choice for you if you are planning to begin at the lower end of work out but have a very intense workout goal for your future. You can easily add more weight to it as you get stronger with the dumbbells. The best dumbbells under $500 can be a good choice for a beginner who wants good equipment to begin with.
The potential of dumbbells is infinite and if you are the right person then you will be able to build a lot of your muscles just with this equipment. Your biceps, shoulders, legs, and waistline can be improved just with a pair of dumbbells. You can get the best dumbbells under $200 and you are good to go in that matter.
Like we told if you are getting into the fitness world, then dumbbells are a must buy. These can help you maintain your weight and also help you build your muscles with weight training. They are not expensive equipment to exclude from your home gym. Get the best dumbbells under $100 and you will be good to go. These dumbbells can prove to be one of the most versatile equipment that can help you target different muscle groups and pump yourself up.

Why start with dumbbell workouts?

Every fitness expert will ask you to begin your workouts with light dumbbell workouts as they are a good choice for anyone who desires to start working out without getting any injuries. Once you are used to the normal weights you will make your body ready for some barbell training. Dumbbells exercises are motion controlled exercises so a lot of your muscles are engaged at the same time.

Different Kinds of Dumbbells

There is always a perfect dumbbell for any kind of person. It can be considered as a layman’s equipment and also as the perfect equipment for bodybuilders so it all depends on you. The flexibility it offers not is limited by the price range it offers but also by the custom design and features for each kind of people. Getting the best dumbbells can be a daunting task but our guide will help you to figure it all out. Check out all the dumbbells mentioned below and find the perfect match for you.

1. Fixed Dumbbells

From whatever we have seen, we found fixed dumbbells to be the best for the people to work out. It is comparatively simple and all you have to do is just pick the weight when you want to start pumping up your muscles with no more complications. They are also a good option if you prefer to do drop sets as you only need to pick up the next weight you need. But they are not cheap. If you plan on doing a full-fledged workout, then you will need a bunch of dumbbells to do a variety of workouts.

There are a variety of dumbbells available in the market right now with the lowest weight starting from 0.25 kg then 0.5kg and 1 kg. After that, it will continue to increase with a 1kg variation to 2kg, 3kg, etc. So, the problem comes if you are a person who works with light weights and heavier weights together. For example, if you only have 1kg dumbbells that you use for light workouts then when you need heavy weights as you will actually need 20 of them to match the weight.

So, the number of dumbbells in your gym will go on increasing with the variety of weights you workout with. What we are trying to tell is even though fixed dumbbells are good equipment they will take up a lot of space in your gym. And it will turn out to be much expensive than adjustable dumbbells as you will need more of them to decently workout. Imagine if you want a workout in a different location, all these dumbbells have to be moved with you making it a tiresome task.

Then you might ask who these dumbbells are really for. They are for the people who need a very limited workout potential and they are a good option to choose in gyms too. There will be multiple people working out in the gyms so the more the number of dumbbells more number of people can work out simultaneously with them. These dumbbells can be neatly arranged on the dumbbell rack giving a nice appeal to your gym.

So, we are sure that this will be the best choice for gym owners but not that suitable for everyone else. If you can stick with just a few weights, then it is fine but if you plan to work out more with different weights then isn’t the one for you. Also, if you have less space or a tight budget, go for adjustable dumbbells instead of this.

Fixed Rubber Dumbbells: Rubber dumbbells are for the people who want their dumbbells to last for a long period of time. This is extremely likely for everyone but that kind of abuse is mainly done on the dumbbells in commercial gyms. With the rubber coating, they can easily withstand most of the wear and tear. Fixed rubber dumbbells are also good for your home gyms because as much as they are durable they are also stable performers.

The main advantage of rubber dumbbells over normal cast iron is the ability of the rubber coating to protect your dumbbells and the surrounding it touches from possible scratches. Without rubber coating, you can easily notice the dents and scratches that come on your dumbbells. Not just that, it is very common for people to drop their dumbbells on the floor so rubber dumbbells will reduce the impact and the noise it causes. These rubber dumbbells are highly customizable so you can easily find attractive looking ones among them or better you can even put the company logo on it.

Fixed Urethane Dumbbells: Fixed urethane dumbbells are a lot similar to rubber dumbbells but they have their own advantages.

  • If you want a premium dumbbell, then this is one you can opt for. Polyurethane looks a lot similar to rubber but they are expensive than rubber dumbbells.
  • Like rubber coating, the urethane coating also protects your dumbbells from unexpected scratches and dents but they are much stronger than rubber making the fixed urethane dumbbells last longer without any damages.
  • Another big advantage they have over the rubber counterparts is that they don’t leave markings on the wooden floor and vinyl floors if they fall.
  • Urethane is superior in quality to rubber so it doesn’t emit any kind of odor when it is used for a long while. Many may find the odor of rubber dumbbells irritating and for them; urethane dumbbells will be a good option to go for.3. Fixed Hex Dumbbells

Fixed hex dumbbells: Fixed hex dumbbells are simple in design and shape but have a lot of advantages over the conventional ones.

  • Like the name suggests they are hex shaped. Because of this shape, you can comfortably place them on the floor and be sure that they won’t roll off like cylindrical dumbbells. This will come in handy when you workout with a lot of weights and the weights you place near to you keep rolling off.
  • And not just they are perfectly suitable for floor-based workouts, with the hex design, you will find easy to do push-ups with them with their stable design.

2. Hex-dumbbell

Hex dumbbells are comparatively cheaper than the traditional dumbbells that you find in the market like the urethane and rubber ones making it a budget-friendly option for many people to choose. With their hex shape, they stay stable in the place where you choose to store them and this is really a good feature to store them easily on a rack.

Fixed Chrome Dumbbells: Metal dumbbells are the normal traditional ones you will find in any gym. They were famous during the old days but now they are way cheaper than the rubber dumbbells and urethane dumbbells you buy. Since the dumbbells don’t get old that easily you will easily be able to find second-hand ones from old school gyms and at a really cheap price. They are also available in hex shapes so if you prefer them you will still be able to get classic hex shaped metal dumbbells.

They are really good for weightlifting, with their strong build and stable design but you will still be having the risk of scratches and dents. Some gyms, nowadays even use chrome plated or steel plated dumbbells which looks attractive in the gyms. The plating increases the durability but still, we cannot call them completely durable like the rubber dumbbells or the urethane dumbbells. If you are buying these dumbbells for your home or to a place where harsh usage is not expected then they can still be good enough for your workouts.

2. Adjustable Dumbbells: Adjustable dumbbells are for the people who have different priorities to consider before buying the weights for working out. They can be really helpful if you are limited by the space or budget. You will be able to get the advantage of multiple weights at a cheaper price on these dumbbells. It has now become really hard to choose the best dumbbells because of the plethora of dumbbells that are available in the market right now.

Power Block produces one of the best dumbbells by providing the ability to replace 34 pairs of dumbbells with just a pair of dumbbells. And don’t take us wrong there are many good manufacturers out there who make great quality dumbbells with different dimensions, price, and features. Another good brand to choose is the Bowflex dumbbells which work a lot like the normal dumbbells with bars and plates.

You will need a storage space to keep your discs which can be used to increase the weights on your dumbbells. It is a lot similar to a fixed resistance machine where you will stack the weights you want to provide the resistance required. In the Power Block dumbbells, you can use a pin lock in the number of weights you would like to use on them.

Different Styles of Adjustable Dumbbells

There are three main styles or types of adjustable dumbbells each with a unique weight changing system: ‘Dial-a-weight’, ‘Spin-Lock’, and ‘Selector-Pin’ systems.

1. Dial-a-weight: This system is extremely easy and convenient to use. You simply dial to select the weight you want, and when you lift the dumbbell it will have your chosen weight attached, and the remaining plates will are left in the holder. While this system is very efficient and allows for quick and easy changes during your workout, it is the most expensive of the three.

2. Selector-Pin: This system is more affordable, although it less convenient. With these best dumbbells, you change the weight by moving a pin which selects the weight you wish to lift. The remaining weight, like in the previous system, is left in the holder. Although this is similar in principle to ‘dial-a-weight’, these dumbbells are not nearly as reliable or safe and the weights do come loose from time to time during workouts.

3. Spin-Lock: These are the traditional adjustable dumbbells with removable plates that have to change manually and fixed tight with the help of a metal lock or collar. The drawback with these dumbbells is that they too can create clutter around your exercise area and the process to change the weight can cut into your workout time. That aside, however, they are the most affordable of all three kinds and have good safety measures built-in.

Dumbbell Plate Sets

If you are a dumbbell lover, then you can also get a dumbbell set. They have plates which could be attached to the bars. They can save a lot of space so these are the best dumbbells solution for the people who are limited by space and investment. Dumbbell sets usually come with spinlock collars for locking the weights. They are not the safest way to lock the weights on the dumbbell but it is much easier to assemble the weights and remove them.

The weight of the dumbbells can easily be changed by using different plates on the bar. They usually weigh between 0.5kg to 2.5kg. One disadvantage is that the same weights cannot be used on barbells. It is hard for you to find one of them in a commercial gym because it is much profitable to get fixed-weight dumbbells. You can even get Olympic sized dumbbell handles that can use higher weights and collars. But their handles are wide which will restrict you from moving freely. Fixed dumbbell sets give you more flexibility to workout.

Studio Dumbbells

There are many studio classes that utilize dumbbells for light resistance workouts. Even the best dumbbells that they use are cheap. It is really easy to buy them in large quantities and they usually come with easy storage facilities. Generally, studio dumbbells come with color coding so it is easy for people to identify different weights easily while working out. The best part is that these dumbbells come with textured rubber or neoprene coating so they are less prone to scratches and dents.

And not just that, the coating will also improve the grip you have on these dumbbells making it extremely handy during heavy cardio workouts. These dumbbells are specifically designed for studio usage so they won’t roll away like usual dumbbells reducing the risk of falling because of them. It is also good for home users if you are looking for low weight dumbbell options. You can easily find studio dumbbells weighing around 0.5kg to 10kg and these can be bought easily in bulk quantity. Types:

  • PowerBlock Dumbbells
  • PowerBlock Elite 90
  • PowerBlock Elite 90 dumbbells with the handle taken outside

While the Ironmaster dumbbells take the top spot, PowerBlock is the next best dumbbells that you could get. Their parts are not made out of steel or iron but they are as durable as the Ironmaster dumbbells. You might find it hard to believe but the evidence of their durability is the confidence that PowerBlock has on their dumbbells. They give a lifetime warranty of over 10 to 15 home use warranty which is really rare to get. But don’t think of using it rashly like you would with the Ironmaster dumbbells.

We will advise you not to drop them on the floor intentionally. PowerBlock offers a really heavy pair of dumbbells that range up to 175lb which literally converts to around 350lb per pair. Adjusting the weight depends on the kind of increments you are expecting to get from them. If you want heavier increment, then you will finish the weight changing in as less time as 5 seconds but if you are carefully changing the weights then it will take as much as a minute. We found these dumbbells to be the most compact ones available in the market and may be more compact than the fixed weight dumbbells.


Kettlebells are similar to dumbbells in the sense that they are good for weight lifting but other than that they share no similarity with them. They have a ball like portion on the bottom where the weight is focused with a handle on top to hold. Kettlebells are usually used for swings and ballistic exercises.  But the problems with it is that their weight is not evenly distributed making it difficult for us to perform exercises with them.

Dumbbell Racks & Storage

Dumbbells are small but good equipment so you will find a lot of them in any gym. Many people will be working out with them to make their body look better but if they are not properly arranged then they will make the whole gym look bad. This is where the need for good racks and storage facilities come up otherwise you might even lose the plates and screws in the mess you create.

Horizontal racks or vertical stands are useful for storing coated dumbbells and cast iron dumbbells. Horizontal racks can hold over 12 pairs of dumbbells and vertical racks can also hold around the same number of dumbbells. Studio dumbbells racks can store dumbbells in different slots depending on their weight.

Buying Guide

Weightlifting equipment is a must for anyone who is planning to keep his body healthy or who is planning to build his body. Buying a random equipment won’t help you reap all the benefits of a good dumbbell so consider it as a good equipment and do proper research buying the equipment. Everyone wants their device to last and nobody wants to make another investment very few years. We know that many people are confused about getting the best equipment so we have made a guide to help you get the best deal out of the money you spend.

Part 1: How are you going to be using Dumbbells?

What are your training goals?

You can’t get to the right spot unless you know where to aim for. Fixing fitness goals are important if you want to gain the benefits of having workouts. With proper goals, you will know which equipment to get for weightlifting. And don’t just think about your immediate need you must also consider how you are planning to improve your training in the future. The answer will vary for bodybuilders, fitness enthusiasts, normal people and the people who want to reduce their weights.

Do you want to work out your current strength for maximum results?

Your current body strength is an important factor for deciding on what level you must begin searching for the equipment. If you are just a beginner, then you will only need light equipment but, if you strongly planning to work out in the future then adjustable dumbbells will be a good option for you to go for. Your fitness plans decide what kind of workout increments you will need with the weights.

So, it is always best to take the advice from fitness experts before making the purchase. In an easy manner, we could say that normal people who just want to start working out must begin with light weights and improve gradually while people like athletes can go for heavier weights from the first day. Adjustable dumbbells usually have increments of around 1.5, 2.5 or 5 lbs.

How much weight you can use?

You should check the maximum capacity of a dumbbell before buying one. Generally, the best dumbbells have a maximum weight capacity of 50lbs.  Ones that are specific for athletes and advanced users will have a capacity of over 100lbs. As we have already told, it is a good idea to buy a dumbbell with lower weights but you should also make sure that you are having a higher weight capacity so that you can use it well later in the future. A capacity of 50-60lbs will be enough if you want to develop strength and build your muscles well in the future.

For determining the capacity, you need to figure out the maximum lifting capacity your body has first. They must be enough to match your 1 rep max with their overall weight and leave a 10% extra for future progression. If your next incremental strongest lift target is way higher than the present one, then you can consider buying those additional weights later so that you could save some cash. Or else these weights will be lying around waiting for you to be utilized.

Divide the total weights you want into multiple smaller weights. If you need to get 200kg of weights then divide it into 2×5 plates, 2 x 2.5 kg plates and 4 x 1.25 kg plates. The advantage of having large and smaller weights together is the flexibility you would be getting with the variety of exercises you could possibly get with them. Plates are used in pairs so make sure to buy them in even pairs. And there is a limit to which each bar can hold the weights so if you are aiming for heavy workouts then consider going with heavyweight plates rather than choosing smaller plates.

How Would Like to Change the Weights?

There are different methods by which you could change the weights on an adjustable dumbbell. When selecting the dumbbells, make sure that the dumbbells are easy and safe to use. We have found ‘dial-a weight’ system to be the easiest and safest one that you can get in a dumbbell but they are expensive. Another one is the Selector Pin system which is more efficient than Spin-lock but it is not as safe as the normal ones. It is your discretion to choose the style based on your budget and convenience.

Which exercises you will be able to perform?

We know that push-ups can easily be done everywhere but that isn’t enough if you want all your muscles to be trained well. Selecting which muscles to develop is important towards working out well. This will help you in identifying the type of equipment you will need for your workout.

Part 2: Pre-Purchase Considerations of Adjustable Dumbbells

As we always say never make a blind buy. Look at the specifications and match them up with your features to get the best value for your money. There are some factors to check regarding the storage and warranty before making the purchase. This way you will get the best adjustable dumbbells in the market.

1. Material: The quality of material used to manufacture the dumbbell is also an important deciding factor. Some heavy duty adjustable dumbbells are made of steel and even cast iron and as such also have heavier, less bulky plates. These dumbbells, however, are not always the best option if you’re just starting out. Most high-quality dumbbells in the market are made of less dense materials than steel an iron. We recommend these, as they are safer, easier to use as well as less likely to damage your floor and workout area.

2. Grip: The grip of the dumbbell is really important as the durability because if you can’t hold it well, then the whole workout will be ruined. Some dumbbells have smooth grips which will slip from your hand just when you start to sweat. Those dumbbells must be avoided at all costs because they can pose risk to your body. The grip must be steady and easy on your hands.

3. Shape: We always prefer hexagonally shaped dumbbells as you won’t have to run or put some stoppers to prevent them from rolling over. They might even roll away and someone might slip over them. So, choose the design wisely.

4. Price: Now that you are aware of all the different variables that potentially affect the cost of an adjustable dumbbell, you will have a better idea of different prices. Some of the best dumbbells with all the bells and whistles go for a few hundred dollars while the traditional ones can be purchased of less than a hundred. It boils down to what your training goals are, how frequently you plan on training, safety, the ease with which you wish to adjust the plates on your dumbbell and, of course, your budget. Whatever your budget restrictions maybe our Adjustable Dumbbell reviews cover the widest range of products, and we are positive that you will find what you need here.

5. Storage: This is entirely optional and up to you. There are many adjustable dumbbells that come with a stand for storage, but as you guessed these are more expensive. If you like your exercise areas very neat and tidy, then they are a great option. But for most people, just keeping the dumbbells on a mat on the floor is as good a storage place as any.

6. Warranty: It is always good to know the details of any replacement or repair guarantee that the manufacturer has on offer in the case of damages or any unintended discrepancies with the product. While we try our best to include warranty information in our Adjustable Dumbbell reviews, it is best to call up the manufacturer and get the details on product, parts and labor warranty if any.

Part 3: What accessories you should have?

Accessories: Dumbbells also come with a lot of accessories to improve your workout experience so don’t forget to take them with your dumbbells. Some of the important accessories to go for include:

1. Gloves: Handling weights for longer periods can easily get you blisters and calluses. The grips of the dumbbells may be textured depending on the weights to give you a proper hold. This might be for gripping but can rip the skin of your hands with a lot of strain. It will be better if you could use chalk with it to protect your hands.

But what we would advise you to do is get a good pair of weightlifting gloves. They are fingerless and will have good padding on the place where your hands touch the weight so it is good for your hands. Make sure that they are breathable otherwise your sweaty hands will make it uncomfortable to hold.

2. Mat: Everyone will at least once drop the weights on the floor. We know how horrific it is. Everyone around you will feel the shake. If you have a wooden floor or a tiled floor, then the marks these falls are going to leave is permanent. Carpeting and the usage of mats are a good way to get around these markings.

There are multiple exercise mats to choose from so choose something specially designed for weightlifters to protect your floor. There are mats with the size 4 foot by 6 foot available with a thickness of around half an inch. The thicker the mats, the better they are in protecting the floor and you get lowered noise

3. Bench: You can use the bench press to do multiple exercises. Press your back against the bench comfortably with your legs on the floor and hands on the sides. In this posture, you can easily workout with the weights you want.

Part 4: Safety and Maintenance

Dumbbells are heavy so don’t go lightly on them. If you happen to mishandle them, then you might hurt yourself more than what you might think. So, make some rules for safety before beginning to work out. The weight plates, bars, and the dumbbells must always be kept on the racks safely. And also make sure to check the health of the racks to make sure that they are in a good condition because it is really easy to get something like this wear down especially when they are in a gym.

When you buy the dumbbells for home, also make sure that you buy a rack as it is much safer and it will also keep your house neat and clean. The weight locking mechanism must also be verified for security. If they are loose, there is a higher probability that these weights will end up on your toes.

Part 5: Finally Shopping the Equipment

If you have read the article, then by this time you might have understood how much we want you to get the best equipment. As fitness experts, we believe that the healthier our readers, the more successful we become. Our experts have put a lot of time into finding the best dumbbells for each type of person so that you won’t have to worry about anything when it is about making your health better. Get the best value out of your money by selecting the best dumbbells 2021 suggested by us.

Buy From us with 100% Confidence

Like we have already told, a lot of things have to be considered before shelling out your cash on a dumbbell. Before reaching out on any conclusion, we advise you to decide on your budget so that you will know what you can actually buy. Our findings are made by the experts so you can totally trust the advice we have made so far. We are sure that we can successfully help you get the best equipment. We do have the best dumbbells for your home. Buy from us and begin your workout.


Adjustable dumbbells are invaluable exercise equipment for the home that offers a complete body workout and the tools to build impressive muscles for years to come. This page is intended to be a comprehensive resource for Adjustable dumbbells, so that you can learn all there is to know about the various styles and functions of dumbbells, including their advantages and disadvantages.

Before you make your final purchase be sure to read our Adjustable Dumbbell review 2021 and get all the updated and latest information on the widest range of dumbbell products available today. Good luck and lift safely.

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