Bowflex Equipment Review

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Bowflex Equipment Review

Bowflex is the prominent international fitness brand that is offering premium fitness equipment since 1986. As the market was flooded with expensive gym equipment, the key focus of Bowflex was to develop the innovative fitness equipment for home-based users. The idea was to create a personal home gym for users and give them results as equaled and even more to that of the gym membership.

The development of home-gym created a stir in the market leading to the more efficient, smarter and productive fitness equipment. The Bowflex brand manufactures and markets the innovative line of products like Bowflex Ellipticals, Bowflex Treadmills, Bowflex Max Trainers, Bowflex Home-Gym, Bowflex HVT, and Bowflex SelecTTech. Bowflex LateralX is coming soon in the market.

The brand is known to bring out the breakthrough changes in the fitness industry with its incredible line of fitness equipment series. The innovation of cardio and strength training fitness equipment to suit different needs humongous base of its clientele across the world. 

Why Bowflex Stands Out Among the Rest

Bowflex is the brand of Nautilus Inc that is known to create world-class fitness equipment and has got other brands like Schwinn®, Universal®, Octane Fitness® and more. The brand of Bowflex provides revolutionary fitness equipment from the past 30 years with the aim of making people’s lives better and productive. The brand brought a highly efficient and practical solution to the fitness requirements of the users by introducing a series of premium quality fitness equipment.

When other brands were focussing on bringing heavy-duty commercial gym equipment, Bowflex was dedicated to providing the innovative results to the users with home-based gym equipment. Their original fitness products got instant response from the customers, and now they are selling their fitness equipment across the globe with guaranteed results. The brand has made a considerable change in modern life by making people happier, fitter and healthier.

Bowflex Treadmills

Bowflex is acknowledged for providing the premium quality treadmills that meet the specific demands of the consumers with delivering exemplary results. The key criteria of Bowflex are to manufacture the quality driven products based on consumer insights and then the process of rigorous testing is followed to ensure quality performance. All the treadmills of the Bowflex brand have got the entertainment and connectivity feature that makes it the best range of fitness equipment.

The innovative design and use of advanced technology make it the recommended choice for home users. Moreover, the users can opt for customization of the features to make them suitable to meet their absolute requirements. Overall, the Bowflex treadmills offer excellent value for money and ensure fitness with precision.

Bowflex Ellipticals

The Bowflex elliptical series boasts of incredible performance equipped with motorized incline and oversized non-skid pedals. All the features of the Bowflex ellipticals are designed to ensure superior performance with heart rate sensor monitor and LCD screen. The brand has incorporated Bowflex Max Trainers in this category to provide the cardio benefits in less time with productive results.

The provision of a burn rate console offers an in-depth analysis of calories burnt and set targets to motivate the users to achieve them with precision. In short, it offers maximum results in 14-minute workout sessions. The Bowflex elliptical ideal for home use.

Bowflex HVT

The HVT series of Bowflex is designed with hybrid velocity training that provides the immaculate performance to burn the calories. This range of equipment is designed to provide complete body workout sessions within 18 minutes. This equipment helps to tone the muscles while burning the calories at the same time.

The provision of a powerful coaching console with built-in Bluetooth technology and access to the free Bowflex HVT app for iOS and Android devices further enhance the usability of these range of equipment. The users can avail the benefit of 50 + exercises with customized workout sessions make this fitness equipment a powerful machine to keep fit and healthy.

Bowflex Home Gyms

The Bowflex Home gym series provide the advanced resistance technology that allows the users to remain fit and healthy. The provision of 70 + exercise options to the users at the comfort of their home makes this equipment a preferred choice for all the dedicated fitness enthusiasts. The use of advanced technology with prominent features make this range of equipment an ideal provision for all those users who need specialized home gym equipment at their home.

The Bowflex HomeTower is another home gym equipment that is specifically designed to provide the toned upper body with strengthening back and shoulder muscles with a focus on chest and abs muscles. Thus, the Bowflex home gyms cater to a wide range of users who need a definite solution to their fitness requirements at their home.

Bowflex Selecttech Dumbbells

The Bowflex SELECTTECH range of dumbbells is ergonomically designed to provide the benefit of dumbbells in a pair of dumbbells. Bowflex dumbbells are designed with advanced features and customized workouts to ensure high-quality performance with ease. The provision of Bowflex free app adds to the practical usage of the equipment. The provision of three-dimensional trainer helps in tracking the sets, reps, weight, count, and speed and helps the users to monitor their performance with precision.

The availability of dial system adds to the convenience of the users making it ideal for home usage. Overall, this equipment provides a good option for investment in fitness equipment as it tones the upper body and there is also the provision of extra weights for lower body workout sessions.

Bowflex Fitness Equipments Pros and Cons


  • The sturdy built quality of Bowflex equipment makes them durable
  • Use of advanced technology for offering premium features
  • Ease of usage
  • Valid warranty backup on all products
  • Provision of free access to the Bowflex app
  • Provides real value for money
  • Customized workout programs
  • A lot of variation in workout sessions


  • Some Bowflex equipment can be of high-range


The Bowflex fitness equipment is designed with the use of innovative technology to ensure that only the premium line of products are made available to the users. The brand offers a variety of fitness equipment, and each range of equipment has got fantastic features with customized workout programs. So, the users have complete freedom to choose the products like ellipticals, max trainers, HVT, SELECTTECH, and the home gym series.

The sturdy built quality with the added benefit of valid warranty adds to the years of uncompromising performance of the equipment.  Therefore, if you intend to invest in well-designed fitness equipment that provides durability, unmatched performance, and impressive functionality, then you must take a look at Bowflex fitness equipment review to buy only the best equipment.

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