Bodyguard Equipment Review
Bodyguard Equipment Review

Bodyguard Equipment Review

Bodyguard is the prominent fitness industry leader that manufactures the premium quality fitness equipment since 1969. The brand is known for the superior designing, immaculate engineering and dominant performance of its fitness equipment. It won’t be wrong to state that Bodyguard is exemplary in the realm of the fitness industry setting the standards for premium grade manufacturing, broader ways of testing the equipment with the use of innovative technology. Moreover, the warranty backup on the products makes it the recommended choice of the users.

The Bodyguard brand manufactures the products including Bodyguard ellipticals, Bodyguard treadmills, Bodyguard indoor cycles, Bodyguard exercise bikes. The brand is committed to its philosophy of providing quality driven fitness equipment owing to its fundamental belief in the principle of exercising effectively to live every day to the fullest.

Thus, the Bodyguard fitness equipment are designed keeping in view the core values incorporating natural feel, ergonomics, accurate results, innovation and safety features. Therefore, the user is going to have all the peace of mind while utilizing the fitness equipment of Bodyguard to derive the goal-oriented results within a definite time frame to attain overall fitness. The brand manufactures the fitness equipment for both residential and commercial use and offers the perfect amalgamation of technology and innovation to make the best fitness equipment worldwide.

Why Bodyguard Stands Out Among the Rest

The Bodyguard brand is acknowledged as one of the reigning fitness industry whose equipment is on par with international standards. What makes this brand sets apart from its contemporaries is its continuous attempt to create the fitness equipment that provides the natural feel with an earnest effort to procure results.

Furthermore, the brand offers the premium grade quality products that have incredible durability and backed by valid warranty. Also, the fitness equipment is designed keeping in view the urge to create only the best equipment that has got all the benefits of advanced features with optimal results.

Bodyguard Treadmills

ProductRatings  Incline   Best Price
Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Review
Bodyguard T - 45
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Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Review
Bodyguard T-30
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Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Review
Bodyguard T-75
-3-15 %
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Bodyguard is the leading brand that provides the best treadmills for home use having the powerful functionality and sturdy built with the result-oriented approach. The brand is conscious of creating the treadmills that have the core fundamental principals enhancing the utility and durability of the equipment.

The Bodyguard treadmills are designed with BDS that stands for Bodyguard Dissipation System. It is designed to attain the three key goals of minimizing the impact energy, maximizing the stability of the foot on the treadmill and simulating the real athletic track. The treadmill has got the impressive shock absorbers to provide all the three key parameters to the equipment.

Along with this, Bodyguard has engineered the whole BDS system that has been designed as a complementary system to the treadmill. There are commercial treadmills that are rated for the utmost precision and performance. All the treadmills provide the benefit of commercial grade built with sharp performance even at high-intensity levels and cost-effective pricing.

Bodyguard Ellipticals

ProductRatings  Resistance   Stride Length   Max. Weight   Best Price
Bodyguard E – 45 Elliptical Review
Bodyguard E - 45
2020-Blue LCD display " ---
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Bodyguard E – 40 Elliptical Review
Bodyguard E40
--- --- ---
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The elliptical series from Bodyguard brand comes equipped with advanced features that make them rank among the best ellipticals for home use. Moreover, the space-saving feature of these ellipticals makes them best compact treadmills that offer the natural motion pattern owing to its unique stride pattern. All the ellipticals from Bodyguard are designed with 1.75” pedal spacing that helps in proper alignment of hips, knees and ankles with a complete simulation of natural bio-mechanisms and reducing excessive exertion.

The elliptical series of Bodyguard is equipped with x-comfort footpads to enhance maximum comfort to the users. The provision of the K2 electromagnetic resistance system provides the benefit of durability, more levels of resistance, add to strength training and operates noise free for best results.

Bodyguard Exercise Bikes

Bodyguard Recumbent Bikes

ProductRatings  Resistance TypeDisplay   Programs   Best Price
Bodyguard R-75 Recumbent Bike Review
Bodyguard R-75
Magnetic6.5” Blue LCD16
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Bodyguard R-45 Recumbent Bike Review
Bodyguard R-45
---6.5” blue LCD ---
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Bodyguard Upright Bikes

ProductRatings  Resistance   Display   Programs   Best Price
Bodyguard U-75 Upright Bike Review
Bodyguard U-75
---Blue LCD ---
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Bodyguard U-45 Upright Bike Review
Bodyguard U-45
---Blue LCD ---
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The Bodyguard exercise bikes incorporate the recumbent bikes, upright bikes and indoor cycles that are designed with the K2 electromagnetic system for maximized performance. With no buzzing noise and maximum levels of resistance and improved strength training, the K2 electromagnetic system helps to operate the exercise bikes quite efficiently and smoothly.

The provision of more responsive and durable silicone keys make these exercise bikes perform better along with the digital heart rate control system. The availability of x-technology that allows the users to train after completion of custom programs to achieve preset goals for fitness. Along with this, the target watt programming helps the users to work with a dedicated approach. Thus, all the exercise bikes have got the advanced features and sturdy built quality for durable performance.

Bodyguard Rowing Machine

ProductRatings  Resistance Levels   Digital Monitor   Fold-able Frame   Best Price
Bodyguard W-45 Rowing Machine Review
Bodyguard W-45
16Blue LCD display
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The Bodyguard rowing machine is robust and sturdy fitness equipment that has been designed to provide a healthy workout session. Moreover, the Bodyguard rowing machine targets the large group of muscles that provide balanced workout sessions without exerting the joints. Thus, the impact-free workout sessions help in improving the well-being of the users without excessive exertion. The premium grade quality of rowing machine with the use of innovative features and sturdy built to enhance the durability of the equipment.

The provision of air rower and magnetic resistance levels with quick lock/release mechanism and adjustable seat with comfortable pedals help in improving the usability of the equipment. Overall, the provision of safety features and high-end features make Bodyguard rowing machine reliable equipment for long-term usage.

Pros and Cons of Bodyguard Equipment


  • The Bodyguard equipment is designed using the premium grade material making them durable and highly performance-oriented.
  • The whole range of Bodyguard equipment is designed with the intention of providing the natural feel to the users.
  • There is the provision of digital heart rate control programs in Bodyguard equipment for accurate results.
  • The provision of x-technology in Bodyguard equipment helps the users in attaining better results from their workout.
  • These equipment have got advanced safety features that enhance their usability for intense workout regime.
  • The provision of valid warranty back up makes the Bodyguard equipment highly reliable.
  • The provision of innovative technology in all the Bodyguard equipment make them customer-oriented.
  • The Bodyguard equipment is designed for residential and commercial use that enhance their usability.
  • Driven by innovative technology, the Bodyguard equipment delivers the best performance.


  • The few models of Bodyguard equipment are not budget-friendly as only high-end users can opt to buy them.


The Bodyguard equipment is rated among the pioneer brands of the fitness industry that have been catering to the customers’ requirements for more than five decades. The brand is acknowledged not only for manufacturing the premium grade products but also for testing and introducing the cutting-edge technology in their fitness equipment.

The fundamental philosophy of the brand is to create the result-oriented fitness products that are high on innovation, simplicity, ergonomic designing with the natural feel. Along with this, the warranty back up on the fitness equipment make them the preferred choice of the users. The users tend to maintain their general well-being with a focus on weight loss, strength training and cardio workout sessions with low-impact exercises. Thus, all the equipment have been categorically designed to encourage maximum people to come up and take the challenge of being more fit and healthy.

Also, the brand caters to the masses with its cost-effective equipment, but there is also a range of high budget equipment that is designed for maximized performance. Thus, if you prefer to invest your money in longlasting and durable fitness equipment having the power-packed performance, then look at the Bodyguard equipment review. It would help you buy the best fitness equipment providing the incredible performance with precision.

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