Bodycraft Equipment Review
Bodycraft Equipment Review

Bodycraft Equipment Review

Fitness is the ultimate demand of today’s lifestyle. In the current scenario, you will find more people in a fitness club or gym than in any top shopping complex. The reason being increasing awareness of a fit and healthy body through social media and many other fitness platforms.  If you too feel any inferiority complex due to your irregular body shapes, lean muscles or lack of stamina or if you are a professional trainer, both looking for an optimal fitness equipment brand, then Bodycraft is there for you.

It hits both the ends perfectly- residential users as well as commercial trainers. Bodycraft is a leading fitness brand in the industry. It has already flooded the fitness market with its top-notch machines- be it treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bikes, upright bikes,  rowing machines, indoor training cycles and much more.

Why Bodycraft Stands Out Among the Rest

Established in, 1994, Bodycraft, an emerging fitness brand, designs and distributes high end commercial and residential fitness equipment ranging from treadmills to cycles. The Bodycraft equipment are today emerging as an epitome of fitness, providing the best in class build, sleek design, robust feature, mind-boggling specifications, leading warranties, superior engineering and a lot more. The kind of technology the Bodycraft incorporates into its every product provides them with the bonus point.

Thus, increasing the popularity of the devices among the customers more than ever today. Each Bodycraft product comes with an innovative console with multiple programs loaded into it and the kind of magnetic resistance technology utilised, makes the product more and more appealing. Bodycraft thrives for customers satisfaction and contentment, and this is what motivates and helps the brand to generate best.

Bodycraft Treadmills

The brand has launched a series of treadmills for a smoother workout. The Bodycraft treadmills include Bodycraft T1000 Treadmill, Bodycraft T800 treadmill, Bodycraft T400 Treadmill and Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill. Build on a minimum three hp motor, and displaying interactive consoles, treadmills aims to most significant workout outputs. The Bodycraft spacewalker is the show stopper here. The best of the folding treadmills for residential and light commercial utilities. Worth investing!

Bodycraft Ellipticals

Bodycraft Ellipticals introduces many front drive and rear drive ellipticals under $2000. It includes the ECT400g elliptical, ECT500g elliptical, ECT800g elliptical, ECT1000g elliptical and SCT400g seated elliptical. The highlighting feature here is the eddy current technology, electromagnetic brakes, variable resistance and massive flywheel that ultimately aids to enhance the utility of the product. SCT400g seated elliptical displays an ultra full seat, which is a significant point.

Bodycraft Rowers

Rowing machines are the latest addition in the Bodycraft fitness equipment series. The chief models include VR400 Pro rowing machine, VR400 Pro Rowing Machine and VR200 Pro Rowing Machines. Resistance levels on these machines vary from minimum 8 to maximum 32. Bodycraft VR500 Pro Rowing Model is the flagship model from Bodycraft with maximum resistance levels. Other attractive features you will get on Bodycraft rowers are magnetic resistance, contoured seat, seamless ride, full footrest, ergonomic handlebars and folding capability. So invest your money!

Bodycraft Recumbent Bikes

A strong motor up to 3 hp, contoured seats and pedals, space-saving design, high tech feature and more significantly the budget and warranties are some of the key features you will find across the Bodycraft R1000g Recumbent Bike. If you are planning to install a recumbent bike, there are a lot of options for you, but Bodycraft provides you with everything that you will ever ask on it. This mid value model caters to the needs of any intensity trainers.

Bodycraft Upright Bikes

The Bodycraft U1000g Upright Bike is the best home upright bike from the trusted manufacturer like Bodycraft. The highlighting features on the model include 3 piece crank system, massive flywheel, sharp incline/decline which are equivalent to some high-end brand standards. If you are looking for more comfortable ways of workout, then Bodycraft U 1000g upright bike can be your perfect partner in crime.

Bodycraft Indoor Cycles

Bodycraft offers a fantastic range of Indoor Cycles, designed and packed with ultimate features and designs. They are worth giving a consideration. The leading models include Bodycraft SPT MAG, Bodycraft SPX, Bodycraft SPR and Bodycraft SPR CT indoor training cycles. Indoor cycles aim to provide you with the smoothest rides of the industry.

Pros and Cons of BodyCraft


  • BodyCraft equipment are easy and simple to use
  • The Designs of all equipment are innovative and technologically advanced
  • The company aims to offer the widest variety of exercises through their products.
  • The products are of the highest quality without any compromise on safety and durability.


  • The products are slightly expensive.


With so many excellent brands offering ever excellent fitness equipment loaded with all the ultra-modern technological interventions, the Bodycraft is slowly emerging as the most trusted brand among folks. Serving over thousands of people since ages, with their everlasting services and products, Bodycraft is a fierce competitor to all the existing big brands. It is a leading producer of both cardio as well as strength equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes etc.

All the leading models are designed with smart tech features that stimulate the maximum body workout. Workout programming and tracking, along with heart rate monitoring further adds to the value of the products. The versatility and ability to withstand different intensities, make the brand best!

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