Body-Solid Equipment Review
Body-Solid Equipment Review

Body-Solid Equipment Review

Body Solid is the acclaimed international fitness equipment manufacturer that also distributes the equipment. It is in the fitness industry for two decades and believes in providing the uncompromising quality, performance, and durability to the users through their fitness line. It offers a wide array of products in the fitness industry that makes it one of the prominent leaders of the industry.

The Body Solid brand manufactures and markets the products like Body-Solid Ellipticals, Body Solid Treadmills, Body Solid Multi-station gyms, Body Solid free-weights machine, Body Solid Recumbent Bikes, Body Solid Exercise Bikes, Body Solid Rowing Machines, Body Solid Power Racks, Body Solid kettlebells, Body Solid Dumbbells, and Body Solid fitness accessories.

The brand ensures quality products are delivered to the consumers with its ISO9000 certification and it deals in both home and commercial equipment to cater to a wide range of customers across the globe.

Why Body Solid Stands Out Among the Rest

Body Solid is the premium international fitness brand that is based in Forest Park, Illinois. It has been consistently working in the fitness industry since 1989 and has grown substantially from 10,000 square foot warehouse to 2,00,000 square foot distribution facility. The company successfully distributes its equipment in the USA, Canada and 100 other countries of the world that makes it a prominent fitness market leader.

The brand Body Solid strictly adhere to its fundamental policy of providing the ultimate craftsmanship, robust quality and innovative product line catering to the broader range of clients across different countries of the world. All the equipment of Body Solid speaks volumes about its sturdy build, impeccable performance, and incredible customer satisfaction.

Body Solid Treadmills

Body Solid fitness equipment is known for their impressive functionality along with robust build quality and the same holds true for their treadmill range. The endurance treadmills are designed for power-packed performance that aims to deliver exemplary results. The guaranteed results of endurance treadmills can’t be found in the market as the users have the best commercial quality equipment at their place for meeting their fitness requirements.

It is the tough performance and caliber of the endurance machines that make them the best cardio fitness equipment of the fitness industry. You can buy Body-Solid T100 Treadmill if you prefer to opt for a powerful motor capacity and it also comes under the best commercial treadmills of the brand that offers superlative performance.

Body Solid Ellipticals

The Body-Solid ellipticals are meant for delivering the best fitness results owing to the elliptical cross-training that makes the workout more satisfactory and enjoyable. The users experience the results by having the workout of their glutes, quads and calves muscles.

Also, the users feel completely relaxed with the cross-training equipment as it offers the low-impact motion with a cardio workout that also involves the upper body workout. You can go for best center drive elliptical of the brand and that is Body Solid E5000 Elliptical offering 20 levels of resistance with precision.

Body Solid Rowing Machines

The rowing machines of Body Solid are intended to offer engaging and results-oriented workout sessions. The rowing machines of this brand are sturdy and provide the cardio workout with precision. The Body-Solid rowing machines enable the users to have low-impact workout sessions that don’t have a jarring impact on the knees and joints.

Also, these machines help the users in improving stamina, building and toning muscles, weight loss and also work towards strengthening the abdominal muscles. The R300 Endurance Rower by Body Solid not only offers the upper body workout but also aims to provide lower body workout including glutes, calves, thighs, and quads for best results.

Body Solid Home Gyms

The Body-Solid Home Gyms provide amazing durability and high-end performance owing to the sturdy build quality and use of advanced technology in its designing. The Body Solid G1S Selectorized Home Gym is rated high for its impressive performance with incredible precision and that too at affordable cost.

Body Solid Exercise Bikes

The exercise bikes of Body-Solid play a crucial role in body conditioning and enhancing cardiovascular fitness. The Body-Solid ESB250 Exercise Bike provides amazing resistance levels with a variety of workout programs that can challenge both the novice and hardcore fitness enthusiasts. These bikes are designed for durable performance and backed by the valid and best warranty in the fitness industry.

Body Solid Power Rack Systems

The Body Solid Power Rack Systems are designed for bodybuilders, athletes, and serious fitness enthusiasts. The Body-Solid SDIB370 Power Racks help the users to engage in weightlifting without compromising on the weight and quality performance. The users can resort to their fitness workout and weightlifting without requiring the help of spotters.

Body Solid Dumbbells

The Body-Solid Dumbbells offer a productive and result-oriented addition to the existing workout or having a great workout start with these dumbbells. The Body-Solid SDP Dumbbells prove to be an effective addition with the strength and conditioning program of the users.

Also, the dumbbells add variety to the exercise options and help in maximizing the output especially for those who need variation in a workout and they need to stick to their budget as well.

Body Solid Kettlebells

The Body-Solid Kettlebells are designed for providing power, endurance, strength, and balance to the users. The KVB kettlebells are manufactured with solid cast iron and then dipped in vinyl and are preferred workout option for sprinters, throwers, jumpers, and hurdlers. The users can engage in squats, rotational training, overhead throws, pulls and much more to add versatility in the exercises of the users.

Body Solid Weight plates and Sets

The Body-Solid weight plates and sets provide the high-intensity and full-range exercise options to the users. The free weight training provides the full range of intensities with a full-range to ensure that a wide range of users can derive benefit from it. The OBPH weight plates are designed with stainless steel to provide durable performance with heavier weights on bars and weight carriage systems.

Body Solid Cardio Accessories

The Body-Solid cardio accessories provide amazing speed, dexterity, and precision in the workout sessions of the users. These accessories help the users to achieve their goals with ease and comfort. Some of these accessories incorporate cardio barbell individual set, cardio barbell set, cardio barbell rack, and  Body Solid tools black puzzle mats.

All these accessories intend to enhance precision and comfort for the users in their workout sessions. You can opt for GCRPACK, the cardio barbell set that helps to tone the body with results.

Pros and Cons of Body Solid Fitness Equipment


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Durable performance
  • The feature-rich range of equipment
  • User-friendly equipment
  • Enabled with innovative technology
  • The best warranty in the industry.


  • A few Body Solid equipment are expensive.


The Body-Solid fitness equipment is designed for high-end performance, and uncompromising quality is delivered to the users. The brand is dedicated to developing the premium quality fitness equipment to ensure that the users have an amazing experience and they reach their fitness goals. The brand provides a wide array of fitness equipment with high build quality to withstand the tough demands of multiple users at home and in commercial setups.

So, whether a novice requires to focus on his fitness levels or an experienced users needs to make an addition to his existing setup, Body Solid has a wide variety of equipment for every type of user. Thus, having a look at the Body Solid equipment review 2020, you can access your specific requirement and can buy the fitness equipment to take your fitness to the next level.

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