Your Guide to Meal Prep Containers

Your Guide to Meal Prep Containers

You spend hours in the kitchen to prepare your healthy meal for a whole week so that you can keep your diet under control. The biggest problem comes when it comes to storing of meals. The meal preparation process go through three phases-Planning, Cooking and storing. To lose weight, meal preparation is crucial and critical, so do the proper storage of food. When it comes to buying storage containers, consider the following things:

Freezer Friendly Containers

  • Leak-Proof and Air-Tight Lids – It’s your lunch time and you just put your hand in your bag and see that your lunch box is leaking, you surely feel frustrated. Such situations will make you angry. Good lids will never let the water out of the container. When buying a container, make sure they are airtight and leak proof. Before you make a purchase, test your lids. The best lid containers will never leak. Bend the storage container from its side and check if liquid will come out or not. The best containers have seal or locks that do not let the liquid come out.
  • Plastic Containers – Most of the people eat their directly in the containers. Some containers are not microwaved safely. If you put them in the oven they can melt. Before you buy plastic containers, make sure they are labelled as microwave safe . Buy high-quality plastic containers that give guarantee that your food will remain safe when put the microwave.
  • Freezer Friendly Containers – There are many types of food items that are needed to be frozen when they are not in use. Freezing food items ensure the longevity but it also subjects to the harshness of freezing food such s the foul smell of plastic container etc. Freezer friendly container ensures that the food texture, flavour and colour will remain the same as it is cooked. These containers do not expose food to air. Freezer friendly containers should be rigid and sealable. You can also buy plastic friendly sealable bags .
  • Check the Portability – Always buy those containers that are portable and fits in your travel bag. A slim, lightweight and flat shaped containers are best and fit to most standard meals. Make sure that different sizes of containers are available so that you can store any amount of food as per your need.
  • Durability – When you are investing on storage containers, make sure they are durable and long lasting. They should be strong enough to handle the wear and tear, and an occasional tumble. They should not get cracked when putting in the freezer or melt in the microwave. They must be durable enough to deal with freezer, dishwasher and microwave.
  • Clean Easily – Tomato sauce and other gravy foods are worst enemy of containers. Such food leaves oily, greasy and crusty surfaces and smell. Some containers are hard to clean, even sometimes the smell of food never wash away. While buying containers, make sure they are easy to clean with water. Invest in high-quality containers.
  • BPA free – Always buy BFA free container that ensures that when reheating the food in the container then your food does not get affected .
  • Size – When buying containers, make sure you buy different sizes. This will help you to store different types of food in a different amount as per your need .

Glass Vs Plastic Container Vs Steel Containers

When you are buying the containers, you will get many options. Which one is the best, Glass containers or plastic containers? Both types of containers have their own benefits.

Glass containers will cost you more but they are economical. They are too heavy for travelling.  They are easy to clean and give you an ideal option if you are concerned about plastic.

Plastic Containers are lightweight, less costly than glass containers. They are available in different sizes and can be disposed of easily.

Steel containers are more durable and environment-friendly than glass and plastic container. They are expensive and get rust over time. Hey can be recycled, reused and are easy to clean .

Whatever container you choose, make sure they fulfill all your needs and are safe to use.  Try to buy different sizes of containers in which you can store your meals. Choosing right containers will make your life easy and frustration free when it comes to storing the different amount of meals. Food storage containers will give you more spaces to store your food in the fridge. Choose different colours, sizes, shapes of food storage containers to add some glamour to your kitchen.

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