Workout to Increase Stamina and Endurance on a Treadmill

Workout to Increase Stamina and Endurance on a Treadmill

Working out is not easy as its thought, you really need to be consistent and pull up your sleeves to achieve fitness. Unless you are a trained athlete, you will tire yourself up within a few minutes from the starting line. Thinking about it if you remember, this was the case from the time you were young.

You might play for hours without any break but after the start of every sprint within a few minutes, you could be seen sitting in the shade catching your breath. Guys we need to break this ice between you and running.

We have made this article for people like you who want to upgrade their running capacity and for those who are terrible at this. A person who has not been working out lately and who never engages himself might think of himself as a healthy being.

He will always perceive himself to be running miles without breaking a sweat. This thought only lasts until the moment he actually starts the run. On that very moment, you will know how pathetic your stamina really is. Remember the best ways to measure your stamina is by taking a short run.

Doing Zumba, cycling, aerobics or swimming won’t help you in measuring your endurance capacity. Don’t feel bad if you struggle to run even for a short distance. This is one of the major problems faced by everyone in the fitness segment.

Lifting weights and doing multiple workouts are never a pain for most of the people but taking a 30-min run can take the life out of many. If you had those miserable moments, then be happy at this moment. This is because we have got the perfect solution for you. Once you follow our advice you will find it too easy to run miles.

A higher endurance capacity of your body will come in handy on many. The key to building stamina is increasing the endurance capacity of the body. One of the best ways by which you could do this is by using a self-powered treadmill.

Most of your jaws might have dropped at that statement. Yes, because a vast majority in the fitness community has never even heard of these self-powered treadmills. They are completely non-motorized and these run totally on your strength.

The moment you hop on to it, you can begin the workout. There is no need for the fancy buttons obstructing your way in beginning to perform your workout.

Workout to Increase Stamina and Endurance on a Treadmill for General Users

Step 1

It is a common mistake repeated by people over and over again. They usually get into intensive workouts without any preliminary preparation. Our body is more like a machine. If you push it too further without a warning, then it might break.

So, it is essential that you make sure to warm up your body before every workout session. This will keep the body alert and will make the workout more productive. Don’t stretch it out for a long period.

All you need is like 5 or 10 minutes of your time on a treadmill and you will be good to go. Make sure not to get into any intensive workouts during this time. Just make it a light run and that’s it.

Step 2

Don’t overlook your capacity. People make this common mistake and simply hop on the best treadmill at the maximum speed without realizing its consequences. Ultimately, what happens is that you will be forced to stop the treadmill making you end up totally worn out.

This is not a good way to go. Those long tracks are for you to cover and that is only possible if you are willing to take the baby steps first. This is the right way of development.

So, get on the treadmill and set smaller targets like 1 mile at 3 mph in the initial week. Once you get comfortable with this, make it 3 miles at 4 mph after around 20 weeks. This will slowly upgrade your body.

Step 3

Your body can be compared more to a machine. Giving it the right amount of workouts at the right moment is crucial towards building it up. So, always pay attention to mixing up high-intensity workouts with light workouts.

Keep changing the workout pattern so that your body never gets used to one style and settle. If you have been doing light jogs after hard workouts, then you could substitute it later with long walks.

Adding more variety in your workouts will always keep your body on high alert. When you keep doing this, the endurance capacity of your body will start to change.

Step 4

Make sure to include interval training in between your workouts. Taking on it once a week will help you. To start with, you can include a mix of beginner and interval training. In here, you need to do walk at a speed of 2 mph for 90 seconds and then a brisk walk at a speed of 4 mph for 30 seconds.

Couple these together and keep on doing this for around 30 minutes. When this becomes easy, you can then know that it is the right time for an upgrade. You can increase the intensity by increasing the speed of your run on the treadmill or run with a higher incline angle.

Do this in proportion with your endurance capacity otherwise it will only stress you out. For example, you can go for Sole Fitness 85 and NordicTrack Elite 9700 Pro.

Step 5

Listen to soft music. Ok, now this might look totally out of context but we are not joking. This is a fact based on the study conducted by the “Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness” in the year 1991.

From the research, they have found out that if you listen to soft pop music during your intensive workouts, your heartbeat levels will stay low. This is actually more related to your internal psychology.

When loud and fast music is played, you will have the tendency to keep up the pace and workout. This might become handy in some cases but in here it will be of no use.

So, it is better that you stay a little away from your favorite pop tracks. You can prefer purchasing NordicTrack Commercial 1750, ProForm SMART Pro 2000 and Sole Fitness F80, etc. treadmills if you are looking for in-built speakers.

Step 6

Building your endurance capacity requires you to push your normal body limits. So, doing the exercises you have been doing for a long while may not be of that much use. Using little variations in your workouts can increase the intensity with ease.

For example, you can carry 1-pound hand weights while running on the treadmill. Do everything else as you normally would. But don’t destroy the normal form you keep while running. If that’s the case avoid using extra weights.

Step 7

To maximize the effects, make sure to organize your workouts in a systematic manner. Never begin the workouts all of a sudden and never stop your workout abruptly.

Always begin your workouts with lower intensities, then keep on building them up to a higher level and to end the workout do the same in the opposite way.

For example, include a cool down period at the end of your workout session. Allot around 5 minutes to this cool down period where you will be decreasing the intensity of your workout and slowly come to a stop.

Workout to Increase Stamina and Endurance on a Treadmill for Distance Runners

Step 1

If you find yourself running very long distance as part of your workout, then the preparation needed for that is way different from that of normal jogging. Before each run.

It is advisable to hop on your treadmill and run for at least 10 minutes. Don’t overwork; remember this is only for getting you ready for the long run and not an intense workout.

Step 2

Gaining stamina is not an instant process. It requires you to invest enough time in planning for a gradual enhancement of your body. As a runner, make sure that you do sprint intervals every week.

This might look odd since sprinting plays no part in your long distance races or marathon unless you are approaching the finishing line. But sprint training can be very useful for improving your cardio performance.

During sprint intervals, you have to run in medium speed for 90 seconds and then increase your speed and sprint another 30 seconds. Repeat doing this in combination for at least 20 or 30 minutes.

You might find it difficult to do initially but with constant practice, you will notice the difference it creates on yourself. Gradually you will find that it becomes an easy target for you to increase the pace of both the combination. In some treadmills there is an option of sprint in the workout plans write the names

Step 3

This is quite simple and straightforward. Get on the ground and run twice the distance that you would normally run. Endurance training of this type is pretty much effective so has to be done at least once in a week. If you are a professional runner, then you will know your usual running track distance.

Then you must run twice that distance. While if you are a casual runner who just wants to get fit and needs to boost up his stamina, then you can opt to run around 6 miles in a single stretch.

Since we are focusing on endurance building, always remember to increase the distance of the run once your body gets used to the long distance you run.

On the treadmill, you can replicate the racetrack conditions by increasing the inclination to 1 percent as a substitute for wind resistance.

Step 4

Developing muscle strength is also necessary for maintaining a fit body. One of the best ways to do that is by performing calisthenics. Include calisthenics training in between your treadmill runs. You don’t have to make any changes to your normal running session.

Keep the normal running session live but put some breaks into those sessions and include calisthenics there. For the calisthenics, you can do 3 sets of 10 squats each combined with 3 sets of lunges for each of your leg. As soon as you finish this, hop back on the treadmill and continue your normal running session.

Step 5

Our body can be compared to a sharp-edged knife. The more you polish it, the better it becomes. No matter how much discipline you have or how much you train once the body gets used to the pressure it is subjected to, it will stop developing.

If you want the body to continue to grow, make sure that each week is more challenging than the previous one. In the case of running, what you can do is keep on incrementing the distance you cover every week by a margin of 10 percent.

Step 6

The same way you put pressure on your body for faster development, it is necessary to leave some gap for it to relax. So, make sure to include a cool down after every workout you do. They don’t need to be long, just allot around 5 or 10 minutes at the end of the workout.

During the cool-down period, the workout intensity must be reduced gradually towards stopping. For example, if you are doing sprint training, then during the cool down period, slow down your pace to jogging before stopping the run.

Or if you are doing hill training on the treadmill, then before stopping the exercise, decrease the inclination to zero percent and stop the workout.


It is a common mistake made by people to make up conclusions regarding their health and body despite the little knowledge they have over it.

It is good to workout as much as you could, but if your body is not fit enough to do certain workouts, then refrain from doing them. Because all you can do with the wrong workouts is harm yourself.

To determine this, you need to consult a good doctor or a health expert. Their expert hands could examine your body in no time and come up with valid conclusions.

Taking their advice and setting up your fitness schedule will be extremely beneficial for you. So, take up the little effort, lose your pride and consult a health expert before trying out anything new on yourself.


The whole article was dedicated to the challenger in you – the person with a never settling mindset. Or maybe you aspire to become one like that. Either way, we have made the stamina and endurance guide with one aim, to build a better you.

And if you are ready to follow the suggestions we made, then I can confidently promise that you will be reaching an upgraded level of your body in no time. Keeping a healthy body requires extreme discipline and planning. Mere intense workouts won’t be enough for anything.

A constant pushing over your body’s limits is required to improve your stamina. Good stamina won’t be just making your running easier. Your daily tasks and intense jobs you get subjected to at time will become a lot easier too.

And for the runners, this will help you run a lot more distance than you did earlier. So, why not get out of your homes and start building your body.

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