Ways To Avoid An Injury During Elliptical Workouts

Ways To Avoid An Injury During Elliptical Workouts

Fitness along with a healthy lifestyle has become a trend followed by almost every person of all age groups. People either get themselves a gym membership or get the gym home! People who have injuries on their lower back would find the elliptical to be the best workout equipment for them.

Though it helps in getting rid of the calories, the workout on an elliptical would involve repetitive movements which makes the body prone to injuries. An individual must first learn how to use an elliptical before beginning a regime with the elliptical.

The muscles and joints face a certain amount of strain, as in an elliptical, the body position remains fixed and there is constant movement of the limbs. What a person using ellipticals and while performing any cardiovascular workout, needs to remember is to switch between modes and not maintain a monotonous routine.

You can read more about the injuries caused by Elliptical Machine Injuries. Yes, it is true that a workout with the help of an elliptical transforms your body by making it more stronger. It is like a cardio workout, for e.g., walking and biking. The difference between an elliptical and a basic cardio workout lies in the impact on

various parts of the body. Running or walking focuses on lower body workout, whereas ellipticals focus on the workout of both the upper as well as lower body. The focus of workouts using ellipticals is on the quadriceps, calves, glutes, hamstrings, etc.

While working out on the elliptical, the backward movement of thighs works on the hamstrings along with glutes and the forward movement works on the quadriceps. The core muscles of the body help in maintaining a balance and proper alignment.

How To Avoid Injuries While Using Ellipticals

1. Commit Yourself to your workout: Quite a lot of people enroll themselves in a gym in order to gain some benefits of having a fit and healthy lifestyle. While working out, many of the “ gym enthusiasts” engage themselves in either socializing with others or watching the tv at the gym.

What they do not realize is that they do not focus on their workout and cardio workouts are supposed to be high-intensity workouts. A cardio workout is to be continuous for about 20-30 minutes to have the necessary effect on the body.

What people fail to realize is that what matters in a workout is quality than quantity. Once enrolled in a gym, every workout counts and commitment is vital.  Unfortunately, people buy ellipticals or use these at the gym in order to get a good cardio workout.

But what they fail to understand is that the results they desire cannot be achieved if they indulge in socializing or watching television while working out. It is true that a little workout is way better than doing none at all, but the point is one needs to be committed and make every workout count.

2. Being totally engaged in the workout: In order to make every workout count, one needs to be committed to the workout by not switching on the television, or conversing with the other people or surfing the internet.

One needs to concentrate on the workout completely as lack of focus will not help you workout and this, in turn, will not help your body in any way. When you are not in sync with your elliptical, your elliptical might pause or even switch off. This isn’t a good sign for any workout.

3. Making good use of Resistance: One of the common mistakes observed is that people do not make use of resistance. People believe that if they pedal really fast on the elliptical, the better is the workout. However, this belief fails when it comes to an elliptical.

A flywheel- it is the rotating mechanism found in an elliptical which makes use of momentum in order to spin around. So, in an elliptical, moving your feet fast just increases the momentum and the leg muscles do not get any kind of workout.

However, when you make use of the resistance and boost it up, the workout is on the arms along with legs that work hard to ensure the elliptical is moving. In some ellipticals, you can even boost up the incline along with the resistance which intensifies your workout making it even better.

4. Faulty Machine, faulty design, and Machine Parts: At times, in spite of not being hard on yourself when you workout, you end up with knee pain or joint pain. in such a scenario, it isn’t your workout that has faults, but it is possible that your machine itself is faulty.

Sometimes, few companies build machines using low-quality and cheap parts, which leads to the creation of a faulty machine and this can cause pain in the knees or joints. You can read the article on how to protect knees on elliptical to avoid knee injuries.

However, you can find a few elliptical that have made it to our list of Best Cheap Ellipticals. Also, if your elliptical is quite old, it may face some wear out, and this can be the reason for the pain. In such cases, you can either repair it or get it replaced with a new elliptical.

There are few elliptical companies whose design itself might create problems for you. At times the space between the pedals and the frame might be quite a lot in order to give you a good workout. But this itself can be the reason for knee damage and other joint pain while working out.

Have a look at some of the Best Elliptical Under 2500$ and Best Elliptical Under 1000$ to get an idea about the features. In addition to this issue, another area of concern is the angle of the pedal. One needs to ensure that when using an elliptical to workout.

The heel should not be lifted from the pedal; instead, they must be supported well by the pedal. Good support is vital to ensure the workout doesn’t lead to injuries. A high-quality elliptical, is the answer to this, as it ensures the spacing between pedals along with the angle of the pedals is perfect.

5. Wrong alignment of your body: Wrong body alignment can also result in knee pain while working out on an elliptical. Wrong postures adopted during the workout on an elliptical such as hanging over the front, has an adverse effect on the entire body and not just your knee.

Hanging over the front of the elliptical can become a habit over time and the impact will be a lasting one. The knee pain, thus, turns out to be self-induced due to the wrong posture and alignment of the body while working out. One has to become aware of one’s posture and straighten it up instead of hanging and slumping.

In addition to the wrong posture, also note that if you use the balls of the feet to pedal the elliptical, it can result in knee pain. This is due to the unwanted stress placed on the knees and legs during the process, which leads to knee pain and other leg injuries.

6. Using the same machine at the gym: One has to get out of his/her comfort zone in order to meet your goals- be it fitness or any other activity. Making use of simply the elliptical every single day makes your workout a monotonous one and this can hamper the ability of a person to achieve the desired goals.

Maintaining a monotonous regime can even lead to injuries in certain areas. In such a scenario, the body gets used to the workout regime and it becomes its comfort zone. The results won’t change even after years of working out.

A person who loves working on the elliptical can make use of certain variations to have a better workout regimen. It can be converted into a HIIT workout routine I.e. High-Intensity Interval Training. In such a routine there is a shift from high intensity to

low-intensity workouts, rather than using the elliptical for an hour. One can try doing maximum burpees in 30 seconds or go in for maximum mountain climber exercise in30 seconds, before getting onto the elliptical.

Though in such a workout, one must remember that the length of every session on high-intensity workouts differs between people based on their fitness levels as well as goals. If you aren’t aware of how to do a HIIT workout, enroll yourself into a gym where trainers can guide you well.

7. The “Fat Burn” Button: You would find this button on every elliptical and what this exactly means is it helps you in burning more fat while doing a low-intensity workout. However, what we don’t realize is we aren’t getting rid of the calories!

Losing weight is correlated to burning calories, irrespective of whether the fats or carbs are getting burned in the process. This makes high-intensity workouts a good choice as they help in burning fat as well as help in weight loss. This is because they help in burning calories as well.

Post a high-intensity workout, the body along with burning fat burns additional calories in order to repair the muscles and recharge the body. You can have a look at some of the Best Elliptical for Home Use.

8. Unequal weight distribution: We must understand that an elliptical is a machine that is a substitute for running on the street- one can run in the comfort of his home or gym without worrying about the barriers one can face on a street. Ellipticals, however, ensure that the joints do not face any pressure.

However, while using the elliptical to run, the weight of the body has to be evenly distributed on the feet in order to avoid the risk of straining the knees as well as other injuries. While pedaling, the person has to be careful as to not to place the body weight on the balls of his/her feet.

9. Maintain a steady pace: While using any machine for workouts, one needs to ensure that he/she and not the machine is in control of the speed. The speed has to be steady even if the resistance is pumped up. A person needs to learn to maintain a balance between the speed and the resistance in the given time.

In case it gets tough, the pace can be improvised slowly with time. Also ensure you hit the gym and begin the workouts without any makeup on, as in case you decide to increase the intensity of the workout, the make-up might lead to breakouts or even result in wrinkles.

You can have a look at some of the Front-Drive Ellipticals and Rear-Drive Ellipticals to get an idea about the difference between the two.

10. Avoid paying more attention than required to numbers: Yes indeed! The numbers reflecting on your workout machine make you feel victorious, but the catch is these can be distorted data. many of the machines can identify just basic data such as Weight and age in case you have entered it.

However, they fail to identify the other details such as your body type, your level of fitness or the percentage of fat in your body. This means the data is skewed. You have to pay attention to your workout and your mechanism of working out rather than focusing on the numbers appearing on the screen of your machine.


Fitness has become a part and parcel of our daily routine. Everyone dreams of having the perfect body but what they fail to understand that just enrolling into a gym and ending up conversing with people while working out will not help in achieving the desired goals.

You can begin your workouts right from the comfort of your home by getting yourself one of the Best Elliptical for Home UseTo achieve the desired fitness goals, commitment is vital. Instead of texting on the mobile or watching your favorite programme on television, one needs to concentrate on the body and the workout.

If you pay attention to each of the common mistakes committed by an individual while working out, which are listed in this article, it will help you realize that the focus should be on your body rather than all the other disturbances around you- be it at the gym or at your house.

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