Treadmill Sprint Workout for Fast Fat Reducing

Treadmill Sprint Workout for Fast Fat Reducing

Most of us have an inner desire to reduce our weight and have a fabulous figure and physique but not many of us take the next step of working out and get that dream body which they secretly wish to get.

Most of us keep ourselves in a denial mode and use this as an excuse saying only models, actors and people from the glamorous industry has the duty an right to lead a well toned and fit body.

Somehow we have kept ourselves in the cocoon of thought that we do not have any time to invest in ourselves especially when it comes to taking preemptive measures for keeping our body fit and healthy by means of working out and exercising.

People have forgotten the fact that our body is our temple and we must offer our prayers and gratitude to it by exercising and working out. The world may give us many excuses to not exercise but we have to ensure to throw at least one solid reason that is the reason to lead a longer and a fit and healthy lifestyle.

We do understand that there will be people who would always try to discourage you saying that one should not fall into the facade of keeping your body toned and hitting fancy equipment available in the market.

For fitness but you need to keep one thing in mind that fat is good only till it is providing energy to our body and not getting accumulated everywhere making one obese.

Excess of fat is an invitation to a number of diseases and health issues which sometimes can be fatal too.

If you are still counting on those articles and pieces of information that fat accumulation can rather be healthy and why no to reduce your body fat then it is time that you simply chuck those articles and your excuses of not working out and keep no doubt in mind that fat accumulation in excess is not acceptable at all.

As it imposes too many health risks on us. Now, that it is clear in our minds that no excuse in the world can save your body from the ill effects of overfat deposition.

It’s high time that you make up your mind, pull up your socks, gear up for a work out routine and start on those stubborn fat cells to get rid of them as soon as possible to lead a healthy and a fit life.

If confused on where to start and what is the best possible workout or equipment which you should begin your journey of health and fitness then worry not as we are here to help you guide through the best workout journey for you.

Before we start on this let’s ask you a question that when we say a well-toned body what is the first point of reference we say? Yes, we say an athletic build. Athletic build in itself suffices to mean that the person has a well built, well-toned and amazingly strong muscles and bones.

Now, what does an athlete do mainly to get such a strong and healthy body? Yes, sprinting is the answer to it. Sprinting is supposed to be the best treadmill exercise for fat burning and it also is an excellent cardiovascular workout.

So, here is the answer to your problem of what workout you should do for reducing fat. There are just too many sprints on treadmill benefits which we can extract and enjoy. A treadmill sprint workout for beginners is a great idea to start their fitness journey.

Now, the excuses like lack of time, no park or place to sprint or pollution and safety are hitting your mind and for these problems, we have the best solution for you that is to use and own a treadmill which will ensure not only to negate all.

The above problems but will also ensure to help you sprint and achieve that dream, well toned and a healthy body which you have been longing to have secretly.

Types of treadmill

Before we proceed let us quickly throw some light on the types of treadmills available in the market.

Manual Treadmill

These treadmills are manually operated and don’t require electricity or battery for operating. One has to use their movement and by walking or running o move the track of the treadmill. These are comparatively cheaper and has lesser features as compared to the other variant of treadmill available in the market.

Automatic Treadmill

As the name itself says that these treadmills require an electricity source for moving its belt and certain other features. There are variants like an auto-incline or semi-auto incline, etc. available in this category.

These treadmills are costlier than the manual variants and are also loaded with many features like workout programmes, pulse rate measurement, keeping track of your workout progress, etc. Generally, more are the features, costlier is the treadmill.

Points to Remember

Let us discuss quickly what are the points one should keep in mind before investing in a treadmill.


Always allocate a budget and fix a lower and an upper limit and search for the best possible treadmill available within that allocated budgetTip – Costlier the machine, more are the features available.


It is an extremely important point which often is skipped and can sometimes cause trouble as every treadmill has a certain weight capacity which it can bear. If your weight is more than that then you can end up in trouble. So, make sure that you buy a treadmill which can bear at least 15 kgs more than your weight.


Do check for the warranty available as it not only is a confirmation that the company believes in its product but can also save you from a major expense if in case there is a fault with the treadmill.

Tip – Check the year of warranty been provided as some company gives a warranty for one year, some for two and few for more than two years.

Features Available

Many features like heart rate measurement, the memory of the machine which keeps track of your workout pattern and progress report, inbuilt workout programmes, etc., are a few features available which make your fitness journey more comfortable and spiced up.

Treadmill Sprint Workout for Fast Fat Reducing

To help you kick start through your fitness journey here is a treadmill sprint workout for fast fat reducing: Sprinting in itself is an amazing fat cutting exercise.

It not only aids in fat loss but also aids in making your muscles, cartilages and bones super strong. To help you achieve super fast result here is a workout plan which will help you yield faster and better results through treadmill sprinting.

This workout is based on high-intensity interval training popularly known as HIIT. HIIT treadmill workout for weight loss is the most popular workout routine recommended by fitness experts all over the world.

Warm Up: Warming up is a must for any type of workout. You can start with some light stretching which will gear your body for an intense workout.

Step Up: Step up on your treadmill and make sure you don’t hit the track directly. Climb on the platform on either side of the treadmill track.

Start: Now start your treadmill with the lowest speed and hit the treadmill track. Walk for two minutes at a zero incline and speed like 1 mph.

Jog: Now crank up the speed to 4mph and incline at 1 and jog for the next 2 minutes.

Sprint: Crank up the speed further to 6.5 mph and incline at 1, sprint for 1 minute.

Walk: Next, slow down and bring the speed to 4mph and increase the incline to 3 and walk for the next 2 minutes.

Jog: Again, for the next 2 minutes increase the speed to 5mph and incline at 3 and jog.

Sprint: Crank up the speed at 7mph- 8 mph and sprint for the next 2 minutes at an incline 2.

Brisk walk: Lower the speed level to 5 mph and incline at 2 continue walking briskly for the next two minutes.

Walk Again: Reduce the speed level to 1 moh and bring down the incline at zero, continue walking for the next two minutes.

Stop: Now you are through with your workout. You can simply stop the treadmill.

Cool Down: Cooling down is as important as warming up. Do not forget to cool down as it will prepare our body and acclimatize it for the resting phase.

Tip – You can continue the same cycle twice if you have crossed the intermediate stage as a fitness enthusiast and is well versed with one round of the above-mentioned treadmill sprint workout.

Below are the top recommended treadmills available in the market for treadmill sprinting which aids in fat reduction.

  • Goplus 1.5HP Electric Folding Treadmill Portable Motorized Running Machine Home Gym Cardio Fitness w/App
  • Merax JK103A Easy Assembly Folding Treadmill Motorized Running Jogging Machine
  • Merax Heavy Duty Electric Folding Treadmill Running Jogging Machine, Shock-Absorbing Double Layer Running Board, Large LCD Panel with Phone/Pad/Cup Holder
  • MaxKare Treadmill with 15 Pre-Set Programs, 2.5HP Power, 17’’ Wide Tread Belt, 8.5 MPH Max Speed, LCD Screen, Cup Holder & Wheels, Easy Assembly, Black,


Now that you are clear and understand that there is no point spending your time and energy over finding excuses to not to work out, it is time that you pull up your socks, choose the treadmill meant for you and start sprinting and working out and enjoy and cherish.

The moments and amazing changes your body goes through all your life. Enjoy your fitness makeover and look beautiful, feel beautiful and lead a stressfree, worry-free and disease-free life.

Remember – Sprint to reach the goal of fat reduction and avail a healthy, well- toned and fit life.

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