Treadmill Desk for your Fitness at Office

Treadmill Desk for your Fitness at Office

With the growth in technology, humans have become more lethargic and have a sedentary lifestyle. People working in offices sit for 12 hours at a stretch and have no movement. By the end of the day, they become tired and fatigued.

One this we all know is that sitting for long hours is not good for our health. Some physical activity is needed to keep the body and muscles flexible. Sitting for long durations makes you more prone to deadly diseases like Type2 Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, coronary heart ailments, some types of cancers, etc.

Technology has engulfed us so badly that we need to wake up and take some time out for our health. Because nowadays many jobs like playing video games, surfing the net, etc. can be done while sitting. We hardly have any active jobs during the day.

So, wake up before its too late! We need to fight this out before we fall prey to dangerous diseases due to sitting and no physical activity. You will be surprised to know that it is effortless to add some movements to your lazy lifestyle.

Now imagine having a moving workstation? Treadmill Desks are fantastic machines which serve this purpose. You can keep the work going and keep walking at the same time.

This will give you a chance to get out of your seat and do some activity, without compromising on the work. Many companies like LifeSpan, ProForm, Exerpeutic, NordicTrack, etc. manufacture world-class treadmill desks.

Weight Loss With a Treadmill Desk

You must be wondering whether you can lose some weight with the help of treadmill desks. The answer is Yes, and I have researched it. Studies were done on this, and it was found that obese people with zero activity at work, lost around 100 calories in 1 hour by walking at a slow pace (1 mph).

Now, keeping this data as our reference, imagine walking for 2-3hours each day. You can lose approximately 50 pounds in a year. This surely sounds motivating! Treadmill desks may not be intense like other machines, but they add some movement to your body and give you extensive health benefits.

One this is for sure, walking while working will be a win-win situation for all. LifeSpan’s TR1200-DT3 is a walking treadmill which is a very popular choice among users.

Treadmill Desk Benefits

The treadmill desks are an answer to many people’s fitness levels because now they will not have an excuse for work. They can efficiently work and work-out at the same time. You can take a break from sitting and leisurely walk and at the same time do other effortless jobs like watching a video, paying bills, etc.

You will also have no excuse for bad weather or lack of time for not going to the gym. Following are the benefits of using Treadmill Desks:

1. Reduce Obesity (Weight Loss): Weight gain is sure if you have long sitting hours at work and your diet is also not good. Other factors are genes and hormones. But, whatever be the reason, if you follow an active lifestyle you can reduce obesity to a reasonable extent.

Treadmill desks give you the opportunity to walk and have a less intensity workout, but with sure shot results. It will increase the heart rate, burn calories, reduce glucose levels, which in turn will help in weight loss.

2. Productivity: Physical activity is always fruitful. A person cannot think beyond a certain level is he is sitting at one place all the time. Walking while working on a treadmill desk will open your mind and let you think better. Like it is said, “Change is Always Good.”

It will make you feel and perform better at work and keep you energetic for any task. So, you can plan to take out some time for this activity and increase the thinking power for better results at work as well as on the body.

3. Prevents Heart Failure: Being inactive for an extended period is a significant cause of cardiovascular diseases. But, if we plan for one hour of physical activity each day, we can reduce this risk to 48%. Exercise like simple walking can improve cholesterol levels and blood pressure.

Using a treadmill desk for at least an hour a day will lower the risk of heart failure and keep it safe.

4. Creativity: It is established that walking frees the mind from any tangles and let it think creatively. This is because the blood circulation in the brain gets better and it enables you to think clearly.

Many famous personalities like Steve Jobs, Charles Dickens, Beethoven, have claimed that they developed and got ideas while walking. So, walking and working on a treadmill desk will enable you to be more creative and improve your productivity at work.

5. Improves Blood Sugar Levels (Type2 Diabetes): When the blood has more than required glucose in it, the person gets diabetes. Physical activity is a must for such people and even for people who are prone to this disease due to their lifestyle.

Using a treadmill desk for walking while working will lower the blood glucose levels and keep you fit. It will keep it regulated and not make you pray to long-term complications.

6. Orthopaedic Health: Walking is a simple act which keeps the body parts in motion. Any part which moves will feel better because our bodies are designed to run. It is like a piece of machinery. If it is running, it will work for long; otherwise, the wear and tear starts.

Walking aids in back pain, legs pain, feet pain, etc. and makes you feel comfortable. Treadmill deskstake good care of your Orthopaedic Health and keep your body moving.

7. Maintains Strong Bones: Strong bones are essential in the long run as they give support to your body. Doing physical activities against the gravity increase the bone density. Walking also cures arthritis. Treadmill desks help in achieving an excellent bone density by keeping you strong and healthy.

8. Improves Mood, Relieves Stress: Walking on a treadmill desk every day is sure to relieve you from stress and improve your mood. Exercising, including walking, boosts the atmosphere because it releases endorphins in the body which do not let you perceive any pain.

It gives positivity to your body and motivates you to remain fit. So, it is a good idea to work on a treadmill desk while at work to feel relaxed and get distracted from worries.

Using a Treadmill Desk

Once you have decided to use a treadmill desk, be sure on how to use it. It will only give the desired results if used correctly.  Keep in mind the following:

  • Stroll on a treadmill desk for long periods while doing your work. It is essential to get positive results and support this practice every day without fail.
  • Wear proper shoes for walking/running. If you are at work, bring an extra pair of appropriate footwear; otherwise, it can create other complications.
  • Your posture must be correct: while walking and working. Do not have a hunch back while walking just like you have while sitting. This way you will deteriorate your body further and get no results.
  • Set-up the keyboard of the treadmill desk: as per your height to avoid shoulder, neck, or back pain. It should not be too above or too below your level.
  • If you are a beginner, then start with 15 minutes at a time for the first week and then slowly increase the time as per your comfort.
  • In case you are working for weight loss, then use the treadmill desk twice a day for 20 minutes and 30 minutes respectively. Later you can increase the time in the subsequent weeks to get better results.

Treadmill-Desk Ergonomics

Working on a treadmill desk might sound a little weird due to ergonomic considerations. You must be curious as to how the whole thing will function. Good news is that foldable treadmill desks are also available.

Like the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk which folds vertically and gets accommodated in any space. You should see for the following items before you were using it:

1. Adjust Monitor to the Correct Position: Your body movement while walking on a treadmill can change the position of the monitor. So, place it in the right location depending on the size of the monitor. Ideally, it should be around 20-40 inches away from the eyes.

The monitor should be in a slope such that its bottom should be a little closer to you than its top. This positioning is perfect for your head and neck postures.

Also, make sure that the treadmill desk you buy should have a strong monitor arm or stand while you are working to keep it sturdy and in position. Like, the ProForm Thinline Treadmill Desk.

2.  Adjust Desk to the Right Height: Adjust the desk to the correct height so that you don’t have to lean your wrist to reach the keyboard because this may cause an injury.

Keep the positioning ideal so that you can use the mouse or other pointing devices and also operate the keyboard without harming your wrist. Before buying, see if the desk is stable and your height.

3. Be Comfortable: Always wear comfortable shoes while walking on the treadmill. Carry an extra pair of shoes to the office so that you can wear formal shoes while working and can switch to walking shoes while using the treadmill. This practice will avoid hurting your knees and also the treadmill surface.

4. Walking Pace: The pace with which you are walking depends on the nature of the work you are doing on the desktop. If it involves some attention from your side, you can slow down your pace and vice versa, if you are checking emails or browsing the net, you can increase your speed a bit.

5. Your Movements: Walk naturally when you start using a treadmill desk. Initially, keep experimenting with the speed to see which suits you the best because usually office treadmills have max 2 to 4 mph speed.

This is because their primary intent is to get you moving out from the slumber and not getting you into full exercise mode.

6. Take Breaks: Always take a break in between work. Not everyone wants to walk, but make sure you stand or squat every half an hour to keep the body’s fluidity. This practice will help you fight diseases that are caused due to prolonged sitting.

Many people prefer a more working area, so even while using the treadmill they need more space. For such people, we have the TrekDesk Treadmill Desk which has a large workspace.


It is clear now that treadmill desks are the best way to incorporate movement into a lazy lifestyle or office routine. Long sitting hours kills you gradually and makes you prone to many deadly diseases. Our body is built to move, without movement it will lose its fluidity, oxygen generating capacity, and flexibility.

So, without any excuses, take some time out and move. A Treadmill desk is the solution and will help you increase stamina, elasticity, refresh the brain, and detox your body.

People have now become more aware of the dire consequences of prolonged sitting. Hence treadmill desks have become quite a hot property in the offices these days.

You will find some fantastic models of treadmills desk which will serve the primary purpose of your movement and keep you fit and open your brain to new ideas. It will not only improve the overall health but also make your mind sharp and active.

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