Top Dumbbell Exercises For Better Result

Top Dumbbell Exercises For Better Result

Whether you are an amateur or expert, if you work out daily you certainly are making use of the dumbbells. There are a lot of workouts that you could do just with this equipment. There is nothing much to learn but it gives back a lot and that’s how dumbbells become significant in the fitness industry.

People have different fitness needs and they utilize it in their own way. Whether it is reducing the amount of fat in the body or getting a well-ripped body or to gain cardiovascular fitness, adjustable dumbbells can play the trick.

A specific reason for the superiority of dumbbell exercises over many other exercises is their ability to work out every single muscle in your body. In one sense, we can say that dumbbells help you do full body workouts. But all this potential comes at the little cost of space and money.

No matter how small your apartment is all you need is a walkway and even that will be enough for you to workout with them. This is because having a strong built can help you increase confidence and fitness levels.

Whatever is your primary workout style including weight training can be extremely useful for getting the results faster. Fortunately, dumbbells are really cheap so even if you are tight on budget.

You could still get the top dumbbells for home without overshooting your budget. Our experts have carefully selected workouts that can make the dumbbells get you more benefits.

We have even pointed out the ultimate dumbbell exercise to lose weight if weight reduction is the reason that got you to the fitness regime.

Top Dumbbell Exercises For Better Results

1. Dumbbell Bench Press

Using dumbbells with bench press can help in building the chest muscles faster. But a flat surface is a must for working out with the dumbbells to enhance your chest muscles. The main muscles that get worked out during the bench press.

Dumbbell workouts are beneficial for the pectoral muscles located on the chest, triceps muscles and shoulder muscles. There are many variations you could make to bench press dumbbell exercises to maximize the intensity of each workout.

This can be done with the help of a declining and reclining bench. With a bench, you usually can perform the incline bench pressing and decline bench pressing.

When doing the incline bench pressing, placing the bench at an angle of 45 degrees will put the focus on the upper part of the pectoral muscles on the chest. If you are declining the bench, then more focus will be given to the lower part of the chest muscles.

2. Dumbbell Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift

This might look like a struggle to do but the benefits outweigh the hard work you have to go through. To do the deadlifts, keep your feet at a hip-width distance apart from each other. Place the dumbbells to your side and keep balance.

Now slowly bend one foot to the back side of your body with the bother foot balancing your bodyweight.  When the feet are reaching straight back to your hip level lower the level of the dumbbells to the reach the foot on the ground.

Now relax to the normal standing position keeping the dumbbells reaching near your thighs and the leg in the normal position. Keep doing this for a few times and change the legs for working out the other leg.

3. Shoulder Press

Shoulder presses concentrate on working out your shoulder muscles. From all the exercises we have found dumbbells shoulder press to be the most efficient one for shoulders. It is a simple exercise to perform.

All you have to do is lift the weights in both the hands up in the air or lift the weight in one hand while keeping the other hand steady. When you do this with each hand separately, do it alternatively with both the hands.

It isn’t necessary for you to stand while performing shoulder presses. You can do it while you are sitting or can be done with the support of vertical benches. This will reduce the effort of doing the exercises by a great deal.

Shoulder presses put the primary focus on deltoid muscles but the triceps muscles also get worked out pretty well during the workouts. So, we can call it one of the best work out for the upper body.

4. Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch

Dumbbell snatch can be taken as a variation of squats done with some weights. In order to do the workout, you must take the squat stance.  Place the dumbbells in the arms you would like to workout and hold it near your knees. Now thrust the dumbbells up in the air straight upwards using your hips.

When the dumbbells reach near to your chest extend your legs and give a slight jump. Then go back to the squat position with the weight reaching lower position again. This can be taken as one full cycle.

It will be exhausting but the effort will be worth the pain. You can get the best dumbbells under $500 and get going with  Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatch.

5. Lateral Raise

Lateral raises are the best dumbbell exercises for shaping your shoulder muscles. The development will be particularly noticed on the outer part of the deltoid muscles. there isn’t a particular stance you have to maintain for this workout. So, you can do it while sitting down or with the support of vertical back support.

If you want to give more definition to the backside of your deltoid muscles, then leaning a bit forward during lateral raises will help. With little variations in lateral raises, specific parts of the arm muscles can be worked out.

6. Russian Dumbbell Swing

Russian dumbbell swing uses gravity for performing the swing. Since it is done fast, the stance to keep must be perfect. Keep a shoulder length distance between both the legs. Now hold a dumbbell using both hands and start swinging it up and down.

Make it reach the space between both your legs and then swing it back up to a height near your shoulder. It has to be done with the force on your hip muscles so keep up the thrust. If done slowly the focus will be diverted to your arm muscles.

7. Stationary Lunge

If you know to take the lunges, then this isn’t much different from it. The only difference is that you will be holding the extra weight of dumbbells in your hands. Stationary dumbbells lunges are great for developing your leg muscles. They are useful for working out the leg muscles but they are not as popular as the other dumbbell workouts.

These lunges are not just for legs it can involve the use of your quadriceps, glutes, calves or we could say that it is a good workout for the entire lower body.

Stationary lunges are especially used by athletes to develop the lower body to help them stay high on the fitness curve. You can easily get the top dumbbells below  $200 to engage yourself into these lunges and get those shapely legs.

8. Bent-Over Dumbbell Raise

In order to perform the bent-over dumbbell raises, you need to take the stance where your body is half bent at a right angle. Your feet must be a shoulder distance apart from one another and the knees must be bend. The bend of the body must be around the hip level and your face must be facing downward.

Now keeping this stance, take the dumbbells and hold it in your hands. Dumbbells must now be lifted till your shoulder height and then slowly it should come down to the initial position. This could be taken for a single rep. Do this with both hands for completion.

9. Kneeling One Arm Row

One arm rows dumbbells exercises can be highly beneficial for exercising your back body muscles. To put the effect of the weight appropriately on the back muscles, you will need to take the support of the knees and palm on a bench. This can make the exercise more comfortable and actually useful in your workouts.

Lats will be subjected to maximum strain during the workouts. In addition to this, the rear deltoid muscle group also gets worked out when raising the dumbbell.

10. Renegade Rows

People often joke of this exercise as something that was invented when he was just getting up from sleep. The stance used for renegade rows is that of the push-up position. In here the arms and the legs must be kept at a wide distance apart from each other.

Hands must be below the chest and instead of directly touching the ground dumbbells will be held in the hands. Now, slowly you have to pull the dumbbells towards the oblique muscles on the chest while keeping your hands close to the torso. now return it back to the initial position. Do this on the other hand too.

That will complete a single rep continue doing as many reps as you like. If money is not a constraint, you can go for the best dumbbells at over $500 and perform the best exercises with dumbbells to reduce weight.


Dumbbells are for everyone no matter what fitness level you are in. It can assist you in muscular development and in keeping your body fit throughout your fitness journey. Unlike other fitness equipment that restricts you towards a very little set of workout, dumbbells open the doors towards infinite possibilities.

The more informed you are about fitness workouts, the more you can utilize the dumbbells to your advantage. Dumbbells are extremely durable so once an investment is made you don’t have to worry much about any more expenses rising up over them. So, it is highly cost effective.

If you choose to try out the different exercises mentioned here, you will thank us later. These exercises are the ways by which you can upgrade your present workout style. Get yourself the best dumbbells 2020 out in the market. We wish you good luck to you in building muscles.

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