Top 5 Mistake We All Do On Elliptical Trainer

Top 5 Mistake We All Do On Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is one of the most effective but also most ignored workout machines. People consider it as a boring machine which gives a casual and ineffective workout. We did some research on this and saw that people believe it as a machine which only involves working out aimlessly and gives no results.

On the contrary, if used correctly, it can do wonders. It is capable of improving your fitness levels and increasing your heart rate just like a treadmill. Science backs the benefits gives by a treadmill and considers it an outstanding machine for cross-training.

In our research, we also found that the majority of people do not know the right way of using an elliptical. They make mistakes and then challenge the usefulness of this machine. If used correctly, it can deliver a remarkable and effective workout.

We surveyed the fitness experts and took their advice on making the best use of this machine. Some of the best elliptical bikes come with wonderful features which take you one step ahead towards your fitness goals. Following are the top five mistakes we make while using an elliptical trainer:

1. Resistance is Zero

Working on zero resistance and spinning for 1 mile per minute might sound unusual, but it does nothing and shows no results. Fitness experts suggest that owning an elliptical machine is excellent only if you make use of its resistance settings.

Set the level ideally so that you can push and pull at a moderate pace. Keep going on until you feel you have given your best. This kind of training is sure to bring positive outcomes.

2. Lazy to Enter Information

People often tend to avoid entering their information on the machine due to which they do not get accurate results. These days devices are smart, and if you enter your weight and personalize your stats, it will give you an accurate calorie count for your body and enable you to work out accordingly.

Like, most machines are capable of 150 pounds person, and he can burn around 100 calories in 10 minutes. Entering your vitals will enable you to hit your personalized target.

3. Don’t Use Handles for Full Body Workout

Elliptical machines are made to deliver a full body workout if appropriately used. They engage both the upper and the lower body. To get efficient results, it is advised by the professionals to push and pull the handles in an upright position only. The abs must be involved, and shoulders should be pulled.

Some people do not maintain a correct posture, and the arms are merely riding along without any effect. Another option is not to hold the handrails at all, in which case you improve balance and engage the core. But if you are holding them hold them properly.

It is advised to move the arms front and back in a 90-degree angle as you do while running. You can select one of the three ellipticals as well, depending on your need – Front Drive Ellipticals, Rear Drive Ellipticals, and Center Drive Ellipticals.

4. No Change in Workout for Months

Monotony in exercise is not only dull but also not fruitful. Our bodies are built in such a way that they need a change in workout session after six weeks to grow and show results. You must keep changing the workout variables to get the best out of your workout.

Interval Training is the perfect way to challenge your body and add some fun to the exercise. The body gets conditioned as well. Ellipticals are the best machines for manipulating your workout by changing the incline, resistance, and speed.

Transforming and expanding your workout will add excitement and fun to the exercise and at the same time pep up your fitness routine positively. There some fantastic Commercial Ellipticals which give you great options for a change in the monotony.

There are some ways in which you can achieve it:

  • Increase the resistance on your elliptical after every 5 minutes.
  • Start at a base speed and stay in that for some time, then slowly increase the incline or decline, as you wish.
  • Start with a base speed and carry on for 2-3 minutes, then double up the pace for next 2-3 minutes. Repeat and see the results.

The idea here is to be creative with your workout rather than going by rules. Such training will increase your endurance and make you stronger.

5. You Go Until You Don’t Feel Your Feet

Since we use pedals n feet on an elliptical, people often put more pressure on their toes due to which their feet go numb after some time, and they feel they have worked out a lot. But, the correct way is to put pressure on your heels while sitting back. This practice involves more muscle groups and increases stamina.

The Ultimate 20-minute Elliptical Workout

Elliptical workouts can very well be hardcore as you can have interval training on it. In this, you have limited time, but you engage yourself in a fast and effective exercise. This is called high-intensity interval training. So, this is yet another effective way of exercising which lacks time but has a lot of intensity.


Elliptical Trainers are excellent machines for endurance training and cardio workout. For an ideal basic exercise, keep the speed moderate like a casual run. High resistance must give you the feeling of 80-90% of your maximum effort.

Moderate resistance must give the impression of 60-70% of your maximum energy, and low resistance must be 40-505 of your maximum effort. Depending on your body and need, choose the ideal resistance, speed, and incline (in some machines).

For a more challenging ending, do a set of some bodyweight exercises like a plank, lunges, air squats, push-ups, etc. After reading this article, you must be fully aware of the common mistakes people make while using ellipticals.

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