Top 5 Benefits of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

Top 5 Benefits of Using a Heart Rate Monitor

While exercising, Heart Rate is the most critical statistic one needs to know to carry out a frutiful workout. It is the most accurate and prudent piece of information which shows whether your exercise intensity is perfect or not. It is the first sign that indicates any heart problem or any other problem in the body.

Thus, it is imperative to check your heart rate during any workout. Heart Rate Monitors are handy devices which determine this parameter of your body and see whether you are working at your fitness level or exceeding it.

To maintain a healthy heart, you should always remain within your target heart rate zone; otherwise, it can prove fatal. It will give you an idea of how well you are working out and what needs to be done to get useful results.

I Am Listing Here The Top Five Benefits Of Using A Heart Rate Monitor:

1. An Indicator of your Fitness Level

Your fitness level is measured by the recovery your body makes after a workout. If your fitness level is right, your heart rate will come down quickly after a workout. When you use a heart rate monitor.

It helps in calculating your recovery heart rate to conclude what is your fitness level at the end of the workout. This is how you can calculate – Note down your heart rate right after the workout, then after one minute, recheck it.

Now, subtract the first value from the second, and if the difference is more than 12, it means you are fit, and this number will become greater as you achieve more fitness level.

Thus, heart rate monitors play a significant role in measuring your fitness level, and with some advanced models you can save daily’s data and monitor the progress.

2. Constant Feedback Source

It is practically not feasible to stop during a workout keep a check on your heart rate. Sometimes you may forget, and this reading is also not so accurate. But when you use a good heart rate monitor and strap it on your chest or wrist heart rate, you can get constant feedback on your current heart rate.

It will tell you whether you are working hard irrespective of how much you are sweating. Sweating is not a foolproof indicator of hard work. Heart rate monitor gives you immediate feedback on the intensity you are working. It keeps you within your target heart rate zone and maintains a healthy heart.

3. Safe Exercise

Heart Rate Monitors enable you to exercise safely without affecting the heart in the wrong way. Heart health is of utmost importance when it comes to overall well-being. These monitors do not let you overdo or exercise more than your capacity. They indicate this by showing the data on their screen.

If your heart rate becomes higher than your target heart rate zone, it means you are over-training yourself and need rest. You must consult your doctor in case of any heart problems or heartbeat issues you are facing while exercising or otherwise.

4. An Indicator of Overall Well-Being

Not only does a heart rate monitor shows the heartbeat of the person, but some advanced models are also capable of displaying the HRV( Heart Rate Variability) which is time duration between two pulses. It also shows the HR BPM (Beats Per Minute) which is the heartbeat count in one minute.

Now, when you exercise HRV sensitivity changes on many factors, both internal and external, like exercising, digestion, alcohol, mood, etc.  This measurement is a very deeper layer of data, and it is essential to determine whether the person has depression or heart problem.

A heart at rest must have increased HRV, and an active heart rate must have a decreased HRV. So, a heart rate monitor with HRV monitors are more detailed and uses concise information about the heart rate. Some models are – Fitbit Charge 2, Lifetrak ZoomHRV, Garmin Vivosmart 3, etc.

5. Tells When you are Dehydrated

Has that happened with you when after sitting on the laptop for a long time, you get up but feel dizzy? This is because you are dehydrated and when you get dehydrated, your heartbeat increases. When you are adequately hydrated, the blood pressure drops a bit and then speeds up to stabilize the pressure.

But in dehydration, the blood does not have enough fluid, and there is a decrease in flow to the brain. So, the heart rate monitors display your heart health and heartbeats to signal such condition especially when you are exercising, and there are more chances of being dehydrated.


There are many types of heart rate monitors in the market, like wrist bands and chest straps. They help in tracking the intensity with which the heart is working while you are working out. It is clear from above that they are extremely beneficial for health as they indicate you if you have any heart problem.

Blindly working out without knowing its impact on the body is like killing your self. New and advanced heart rate monitors can save your data and upload it to a training record.

It makes sure you work within your target heart zone and doesn’t overdo as it will be fatal for heart health. Choose the best heart rate monitor and make the best use of it for an effective workout with 100% results.

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