Top 15 Tips For Safe Mountain Biking

Top 15 Tips For Safe Mountain Biking

If you are an adventure sports aficionado then going for the mountain biking proves to be a great source of exhilaration. But, it must be understood that mountain biking is full of surprises and you must be fully equipped to deal with any challenges.

As such, there are mountain biking tips for beginners that provide in-depth detail about the mountain bike safety measures. Also, the bikers get to know about mountain biking skills and techniques to make your biking experience more safe and enjoyable.

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The mountain bike riding is usually an unthreatened adventurous activity, but as it involves wet areas and unknown regions, the bikers must have some good mountain bike lessons for the safe journey.

So, let’s go through the mountain biking tips and tricks that every mountain biker whether beginner or pro must know to have cherished biking experience free from damages and serious injuries.

Top 15 Tips For Safe Mountain Biking

1. Wearing a Helmet is Mandatory

The first golden rule of mountain bike safety tips for beginners is to wear a good quality helmet for maximized safety measures. It must be understood that mountain biking involves lots of challenging situations that must be taken care of by opting for the best safety measures.

The most common threat to mountain bikers is the possible head injury if somehow the bike tosses and gets imbalanced. In such a scenario, wearing a proper helmet that fits the biker well can help to thwart any possible serious injuries.

Also, the head-injuries are life-threatening, so the most relevant mountain bike safety tip is to buy the best quality helmet that promises safety and well-fitted capacity to the head.

As mountain bike riding is a fun activity but still it requires patience, technique, control over speed and knowledge of the trail where the biker is riding. But, still, it is recommended never to get over-enthusiastic about your skill and enjoy mountain bike riding with controlled speed.

Also, the mountain biker should know about the possible risk on the trail and know where to slow down and stop to avoid any possible injuries to other bikers if you collide with them.

In such a scenario having the perfect control over the speed comes to your rescue. As speed is one of the biggest draws towards mountain biking, so it is relevant to keep a close check at it especially at 22 feet.

2: Having Proper Mountain Biking Gear

The second important mountain biking tips for beginners is to have adequate mountain biking gear that should provide sufficient cover from injuries. Even though mountain bike riding is an adventure activity, the biker may succumb to injuries due to lack of experience in the beginning.

Therefore, the biker can have bruises, scrapes, and minor injuries, so having the right gear can play a crucial role in adding mountain bike safety of the bikers.  So, let’s check out the most significant mountain biking gear that a biker should have before he goes on mountain bike riding.

  • Along with the premium helmet, the mountain bike rider should have good-quality gloves to protect the hands from injuries.
  • He should invest in some good shoes that not only offer the firm grip but also able to bear the tough biking conditions for better experience.
  • The mountain bike rider should have standard quality glares to protect the eyes from dust, debris, and direct sunlight while riding the bike.
  • The biker must have added layer of protection on his body which includes having the knee pads, elbow pads, padded shorts, body armor jacket along with shin guards. So, whatever terrain you are planning to ride your bike, you must prepare yourself with an adequate layering of protection.

3. Have Your First Aid Kit Ready

The mountain bike fitness for beginners is crucial to enable them to explore different trails and to keep themselves safe from injuries is also important. So, having the first aid kit is something that a mountain biker shouldn’t ignore even though most of the bikers ride without any first aid with them.

It is highly relevant to have general information about how to use the first aid in case of minor injuries and scuffs to avoid getting things in bad shape.

The bikers should know how to use the antiseptic wipes, plasters, dressings on the wound and having painkillers in the kit proves highly beneficial for having a safe return journey.

4. Know Your Skill Level

It is better to understand your skill levels perfectly to avoid possible injuries. Sometimes the certain section of trail is not safe to go through by riding, and the most reliable option is to walk through that section.

If you know your skill level precisely it becomes easier to understand the safety level of the part of the trail, and with time, it enhances your skill, and you would be experienced to handle the trails comfortably and safely.

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5. The Choice of Trail Helps to Choose the Right Bike

It is important to know that different trails require the choice of variable types of mountain bikes. As there are different bikes for the hardtail, uphill trail, downhill trail, steep trails. So, all these trails require the use of different types of bikes for having optimized results.

So, you must know more about the trail and its requirements that would help you to pick the right bike for the trail. You can choose Mongoose Dolomite Fat Tire Mountain Bike, 26-Inch Wheels, Multiple Colors that are viewed among the best giant mountain bikes for having the excellent biking experience.

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6. Knowledge of Basic Rules of Mountain Bike Maintenance and Necessary Tools

As you are exploring rough terrains during a mountain bike riding, it is necessary to know the basic skills of maintenance of the mountain bike. The bikers should keep the tool kit handy that would help them to fix a puncture, gears, brakes, bike chain if the situation arises.

The mountain bike tool kit must have Allen key set, repair kit for a puncture, open end wrenches, tire levers, chain brush, tubes, tube patch kit, chain lube along with a cleaner, a washed clean cloth, and floor pump with a gauge.

7. Keep Yourself on Track with Navigation Guide

In contemporary times, many bike riders make use of the GPS system for navigation that helps them in keeping on the right track. But, it is also a fact that mountain bikes with GPS system are quite expensive and can sometimes mislead the bikers as well.

So, it is recommended for the mountain bikers to have a compass and a map of their destination that would help them to keep track of their journey.

It is often seen that the areas that are specifically outside the trail areas don’t have a system of waymarking that can create problems for the bikers. So, having a map and a compass plays a crucial role in keeping the bikers on track.

8. Drink Plenty of Water to Prevent Dehydration

Mountain biking is a tough task that requires the bikers to stay hydrated especially during the summers and on difficult and long terrains. There are hydration packs that come equipped with a water reservoir along with a drinking tube.

These packs usually have the capacity of holding two to three liters of water and can be effectively carried in a backpack for easy traveling. The benefit of using the hydration packs is that these packs have more capacity for storing water as compared to the standard water bottles that are packed in bottle cages.

There is another option of having the MTB backpacks that are meant to carry fetch water reservoirs. These backpacks also have different levels of water holding capacity and have internal pockets for keeping the biking essentials in the place like map, compass, mobile phone, tools, snacks along with first aid kit.

These backpacks are extremely convenient for the riders to carry even for long rides. So, if you plan to buy the one for you, then you must have a precise understanding of the capacity of water that you specifically require for your bike riding.

9. Enjoy Your Meal to Stay Focused While Riding

The bikers should have adequate food before starting the riding sessions as it’s hard to focus on bike riding if you are hungry. Hunger pangs are difficult to bear while you are riding on the toughest terrains.

So, get started with good breakfast and also pack some food for the journey to avoid your energy levels dipped while going through difficult trails.

10. Keep Yourself Informed of the Trail

If you are exploring a trail for the very first time, then you need to keep yourself fully acquainted with the trail. The best way is to walk through the marked areas of the trail, know more about the blind areas and always keep yourself on the check when you are on the untouched trails.

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11. Understand About the Blind Corners

It is relevant to bring out the fact that the blind corners are something that every mountain biker would come across while exploring different terrains. So, it’s critical to watch out for the blind corners to avoid any injury or severe damage.

12. Evaluate the Results of Crashing

Crashing is an inevitable part of mountain bike riding, and it’s significant to understand the effects of crashing. The mountain biker should carefully analyze the terrain that he is going to start with and the possibilities of crashing in that particular area.

Also, it is essential to know how to crash to minimize concussions or any serious injuries. Having the controlled grip on the handlebars with the upright position of the body helps to avoid the fall.

But if the crash can’t be avoided then it is recommended to keep the hold on the handlebars and put the pressure on inside the handlebars and keep your knees close to the ground and fold them into the bike with elbows bent and unlocked for a safer move with a transition into a roll.

13. Learn the Skill of Jumping Your Bike in the Air

If you prefer to learn the skill of making your bike jump into the air, then you need practice for doing it correctly. It is recommended to start off with something small and after practicing it, you can go for the big ride in the air.

Make sure to focus more on landing as it is more stringent as compared to taking off the bike into the air to have a perfect and smooth experience.

14. Learn to Trust Your Instinct

While enjoying the mountain bike riding, the biker must learn to trust his gut feeling to understand safe and dangerous situations. The biker must realize the fact that his biking skills and knowledge of the trails make him a better rider and there would be many opportunities to test his skills correctly.

15. Get covered with Health Insurance

The mountain bikers should have adequate coverage of health insurance to cover the expenses if any damage or injury is incurred during the mountain biking experience. The biker must have the insurance cover for the bike damage to ensure that all the expenses are covered timely.

So, use these tips to get ahead of your game and keep your spirits high to unravel the challenging trails with incredible strength and stamina.

Happy Mountain Bike Riding!

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