Tips to Reduce the Injury During Treadmill Workout

Tips to Reduce the Injury During Treadmill Workout

A treadmill workout is perhaps the most popular and preferred workout. Not only it is convenient and easy but also is a great means to lose weight, tone your body and boost your stamina and endurance.

The best part of a treadmill workout is that it can easily be controlled according to one’s choice and requirement. You can simply chalk decide and choose your speed level, inclination and the intensity of the workout under.

As easy and convenient a treadmill workout is but there have been incidents where people have met with unfortunate incidents of getting injured. One has to be careful and understand the basic fundamental theories of a treadmill workout so as to save from any unfortunate accidents of getting injured.

Whether you have faced any such incident or not this article will be your guide to help you save yourself and reduce the risk of getting an injury during a treadmill workout.

In this Article we shall know about the following tips will help to Reduce the risk of Injury during a Treadmill Workout

Reduce the risk of Injury during a Treadmill Workout:

  • Wearing the correct workout gear in the correct manner.
  • Warming Up and Cooling Down
  • Maintaining the correct Posture
  • Understanding the features of the treadmill clearly and thoroughly.
  • Not getting distracted while working out. Do not let your mobile phones distract you.
  • Understand your age and capacity and workout accordingly.
  • Ensuring to run on the track of the treadmill only and not on the sides.
  • Safety clip
  • Keep hydrating
  • Do not skip a protein intake immediately after a treadmill workout.

Before discussing the above points in detail let us first know what are the Common Treadmill Injuries?

Common Treadmill Injuries

1. Injuries of the foot: The most common injury is the foot injury as out foot is the first point of contact of our body with the treadmill which takes the maximum impact.

2. Falling off the treadmill: Another commonly seen injury is falling off the treadmill due to a lack of balancing or a sudden drop in blood pressure or sugar level in the body.

3. Pain in the Knee: Due to various factors like age, not running correctly, physical illness, weak bones, etc. knee injuries are again a common type of injury related to a treadmill workout.

4. Issues related to heart: Another concern which is seen among treadmill runners are a heart-related issue like chest pain, palpitations, etc. Immediate medical attention should be given to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

Let Us Now Understand the Above Tips in Detail

1. Wearing The Correct Workout Gear In The Correct Manner: Wear sporty and comfortable clothes and most importantly the correct pair of running shoes which has the capacity to absorb impacts while running on the treadmill.

Make sure that the clothes are right fitted and comfortable allowing space to move and workout freely. Choose the fabric wisely so that sweat can be absorbed and you feel light while working out.

Choose a good quality running treadmills which will give you a nice grip and absorb shocks and impacts. Do not forget to ensure that the shoelaces are tied properly so as to avoid tripping down.

2. Warming Up and Cooling Down: Never ever skip or underestimate the importance of warming up and cooling down as if these two are done correctly and religiously then the risk of getting injuries decreases by multifold.

Warming up prepares our body for an intense workout, makes our body parts come in grid whereas cooling down makes our body go back to the normal rest period and relaxes the muscles.

3. Maintaining the Correct Posture: It is very important to maintain the correct posture as it eradicates the risk of falling down or tripping down. Always look straight, stand with the upper torso at 90-degree angle, let your arms be free and relaxing so that it can move freely.

Do take care of your footwork and try to maintain a continuous rhythm while running on the track of the treadmill.

Features of the Treadmill Clearly and Thoroughly

Understanding the features and methods of operating the treadmill before a workout is very important. One should be familiar with the basic steps, features and mode of the treadmill like incline trainer, how to step on it, where to step on and where not to, how to on and off the machine, how to control the panel, etc. are the basic preparations one must be thorough so as to avoid the risk of injuries.

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Not Getting Distracted While Working Out

Another important thing is to ensure not to get distracted while working out on a treadmill. Do not let your mobile phones distract you.

Be focused and try not to multitask as it’s a well-known fact that accidents happen when we lose our focus. So give your workout session your total attention and avoid falling off treadmill injuries.

Understand Your Age And Capacity And Workout Accordingly

Do not try to overdo something. Always go for a workout which your age and body capacity allows. Your body is your best guide which tells you when to stop.

Listen to your body and workout according to your age and capacity. Calculate in mind on how much treadmill time per day is to be allotted and workout accordingly.

Ensuring To Run On The Track Of The Treadmill Only And Not On The Sides

Make this point clear in your head and always follow to run on the track and never ever try showing stunts on the treadmill as those are an open invitation to treadmill injuries.

1. Safety Clip: When in doubt, out of control or in pain just pull the safety clip which might prove to be the saving factor from an unfortunate event of injuries and accidents. Make sure that the safety clip option is working properly and is easily reachable.

2. Keep Hydrating: One of the biggest reasons for getting injuries like muscular cramps mainly in the legs and arms is due to the lack of fluid. Keep hydrating yourself as we do not realize that we have lost a huge amount of water while working out and we really need to replenish it so as to avoid muscle cramps and other injuries related to loss of fluids.

3. Do Not Skip a Protein Intake Immediately After A Treadmill Workout: It is very important to have a protein intake after an intense workout as it is this time when the building of muscles takes place and there is no hidden fact that proteins are the building blocks of muscles.

So, always have your protein intake ready and have it on time to enjoy the best result out of your workout.


Follow these simple but important tips while working out on a treadmill and enjoy the best of your treadmill without the risk of getting a treadmill injury.

Always remember, prevention is always better than cure. So, next time before stepping onto your treadmill machine do ensure to follow the above running on treadmill tips and points in mind and enjoy your risk-free workout session like never before.

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