The Truth about Low Fat and Low Carb Diets

The Truth about Low Fat and Low Carb Diets

Losing weight without putting so much effort is very difficult for some people. Instead of sweating out in the gym, they do not lose that much amount of weight as they desire. Exercise not alone can help you to shed those pounds from your body, our diet plays an equally important role in maintaining our weight. If you think that only fried food is responsible for weight gain, then you are mistaken here. If we eat carbohydrates rich diet, we gain more weight and this can make us obese. People who are suffering from weight issues, it is highly recommended for them to low carb diets.

While having low carb diets, we can eat all, there is no need to count calories, take supplements and pills to lose weight. Low-fat diets put a restriction on sugar and starch-based foods such a bread or pasta. You are allowed to all types of real delicious foods and vegetables that include natural protein and fats.

Low Fat, Low Carb Diets

Low-fat diets mean that you should include few carbohydrates and a high amount of fat in your diet. It is also known as low-carb, high-fat diet (LCHF). The more you indulge in sugary and starchy food, the more it becomes hard for you to lose weight.  What type of food you should eat while the following a diet with low carb actually depends on your health, physical fitness and your total body weight.

  • Benefit – The main benefits of these diets are that you feel less hungry. Sugar and starch are the reasons behind hunger for food but you can reduce your hunger eat less with the correct amount of carbs in your diet. It will also make it easier for you to burn fats. We think eating a low-fat diet is direct leads to weight loss. But in recent years, Atkins diet has become more popular which has low or no carbohydrates. A six-day low carb diet will help to reduce more weight than a low-fat diet.
  • Fad Diets – Today, people are ready to try everything that promises to help them to lose weight. Companies who produce low fad products attract people by giving them a promise that their food products will help to lose fat around their body easily and quickly. Instead of making efforts to lose pounds, people often opt for easy ways to reduce weight. Although, fad diets only work for a short period of time. When we stop eating a combination of different foods, we get fewer calories. We pay more attention to what we eat. Fad diets promote instant loss of weight but the weight we lose is mainly from not from the body fat. Most of the people are unable to keep up with the demand of a fad diet. They have limited choices and have to eat the same foods repeatedly. Such people will gain more weight what they lost quickly.  Fad diets are restrictive and are exemplified by promises of rapid weight loss. No doubt, these types of diets attract people who are eager to shed pounds easily. 98 percent of people who follow fad diets just to lose weight will gain weight again within five years. Fad diets are not sustainable due to which people revert back to their old eating habits when the fad diet fails.
  • The Truth about Low Fat Selling Gimmicks – Fat is used in foods to add flavour and texture. When manufacturers reduce fat in their product, they usually add other components to add the taste to their food products. For example, the regular version of crème cheese and the fat-free version of crème cheese, you will notice that the fat-free version has more sugar, gum or sodium than the regular version. These components imitate the quality of fat but they are not as healthier than natural fat. When the label of the product says low fat and calories then it has actually more fat than the regular one. For example, one low-fat Oreo cookie has 50 calories while the regular version has only three. With such label, people eat more by thinking that they are eating low-fat food. Low fat does not overheat the food. Most of the low-fat foods are loaded with sugars. Therefore, it is important to read carefully the breakdown at the back of food products.
  • Effects of low-fat Diet – It has been observed in a study conducted by National Institute of Health in 1991, that woman who eat low-fat diets and increase their consumption of whole grains, fruits and vegetables gain less weight around 0.4 kg and are less prone to cardiovascular and cancer. Even it has shown in studies that a low-fat diet adversely affects risk factors for heart disease. Such a diet can reduce good cholesterol and increase blood triglycerides. It may put bad effects on your health. It may lead to poor functioning of the brain, imbalance of hormones or also may lead to weight gain or overeating.
  • The Downside of Low Carb Diet – Low-fat diets can lead to many health issues. Maybe you are not losing weight because of your poor eating habits. Eating low carb foods may lead to constipation, fatigue, dizziness, weakness and headache. Those people who eat low carb diets and have kidney issue, it would become difficult for them to eliminate the protein from their body. These diets may also lead to long-term weight loss.
  • The Role of Calories – To maintain a healthy weight, the key is calories in calories out. We get calories from every food. Our body needs energy and that we get from calorie. If we eat the right amount of food and take calories that are required for our body to perform a daily task and do physical activity to burn those calories that we take daily, and then we can reduce weight. If you still giving more calories to your body and do not work out then you will gain more. It does not matter how much calorie you take in the day, to reduce weight it is equally important to burn those calories by doing some physical workout.
  • Basics of Low Carb Diet – If you are a beginner and want to reduce pounds then you should include Meat, fish, eggs, vegetables and natural fats (like butter) and avoid sugary and starchy foods. Eat small meals 5-6 times a day when you feel hungry, forget about industrially produced low-fat products. When you stop eating sugary and starchy foods then the level of fat storing hormone drops. This will help to burn fat and makes you feel more satiated.

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