The Most Common Mistakes while Riding a Mountain Bike

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The Most Common Mistakes while Riding a Mountain Bike

For those who love adventure, have a passion for outdoor biking on the unexplored and dangerous terrains, mountain biking is definitely the sport for you! Mountain biking on treacherous terrains and unpredictable turns and weather can convince many of us to take to the stationary bikes in gyms or indoor fitness activities.

There might be just a handful of people who love mountain biking, and the unpredictable gives them a rush. However, there are a few strategic moves, if used, can make mountain biking simpler and comfortable to anyone who wishes to give it a try.

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Some of the most common mistakes that people do while going mountain biking are mentioned below, which, if taken care of, will make your biking trip a comfortable one. You can have a look at some of the Best Affordable Mountain Bike.

The Most Common Mistakes while Riding a Mountain Bike

1. Carrying along very less amount of food and water: Going on the assumption that your mountain biking trip might last for just 2 hours can be wrong.  Mountain biking and unpredictable situations go hand-in-hand. Change in weather conditions, unmarked mountain bike trails, or even breakdown of your bike might make the trip last for a day! 

It is always better to have a good amount of food and water for such unplanned situations. Also have your multi-tool, spare tubes just to be on the safer side. Preparation is the key to a good mountain biking ride.

2. Ignorance with respect to the Front Brake of the Bike: The front brake is quite important and the stopping power of the bike lies in the front brake and not the rear tire. As and when the descent gets steeper, the front brake is required at the maximum.

You will notice that the rear tire of your bike is to be worked upon quite lightly, in order to avoid locking of the back wheel. Read more about some of the Best Downhill Mountain Bikes.

3. Taking your Bike through Water: Riding through the water in a mountain stream is a wonderful and refreshing experience. However, it may not be the same for your mountain bike! As the water splashes on the parts of your mountain bike, the process of corrosion and rust has already begun.

This can lead to the breaking of the chains during your ride as well as will be quite an expensive affair later in terms of repairs. The best option is to carry your mountain bike and walk across the stream; else ride in a manner that doesn’t lead to water getting splashed all over your bike.

Once done with the crossing, make sure to clean up your bike and the chains. Click here to read on how to jump hardtail mountain bike.

4. Avoiding Group Rides: Initially, it might be quite uncomfortable to get along and join a group of local mountain bikers. However, group rides can be quite beneficial to you. Once you join a local group of mountain bike riders, you begin to socialize with people who are like-minded, they share their tips and strategies.

They help you perfect your biking skills and make you comfortable with the unexplored mountain bike trails. All you need to do is prepare yourself well for the trip, have patience, be encouraging and always be on time.

5. Wearing inappropriate outfits for biking trips: Prepare yourself way ahead of the mountain biking trip. Attire for mountain biking varies according to locations, so make sure to check the weather from the start to the end of your ride.

You can layer up with clothes, in case your ride includes elevated climbs where the temperature can drop further. Ensure to get yourself good quality shorts with padding and also a good helmet to be on the safer side and to avoid any injury.

6. Ignoring the Shifter: Be it either a stationary bike ride or be it mountain biking outdoors, most of the riders fail to make use of the shifter- a simple tool available in the mountain bike that enables you to control the gears on your bike with just a shift. These are ideally placed on the handlebars of your bike.

This helps in reducing the wear and tear your legs would face in the process of gearing and keeps them at ease. Have a look at some of the mountain bikes that fall under the Best Electric Mountain Bike. You can read on some of the basic mountain bike skills which will help you hone your mountain bike skills.

7. Always concentrating on your strengths: It is obvious that you focus on doing things that you can do with a blink of your eye, rather than those which you would require to need to remember that you need to focus on the areas you struggle at along with your strengths.

You need to focus on strengthening every area that appears to be difficult for you, until you improve on them. Click here to read on what not to do on a mountain bike.

8. Avoiding the scope for improvement: Mountain bike trails are not easy and require a lot of skill, knowledge and experience. You must make use of every opportunity to learn about the different mountain bike skills like cornering, shifting, descending, braking, etc.

Each and every trail differs and may require different techniques and mountain bike skills. Instead of avoiding a rocky terrain, or a steep climb, take it as an opportunity to learn and hone your mountain bike skills. Every biking trip should be taken as a challenge. This will help you tackle any obstacle in your future trips.

9. Not Focusing on your Pedal Form: Yes indeed! Pedalling might appear to be the simplest mountain bike skill of all. However, in mountain biking, you will come across a few technical sections which would require adjusting the pedal. In rocky terrains, a harder gear has to be used to get a control on your cadence, as pedal strikes can be risky in such areas.

In addition to this, the positioning of your feet on the pedal is important. For stability, ensure that the ball of the foot is shifted to the axle which is on the front, rather than balancing on your toes. Click here to have an idea about some of the Best Kids Mountain Bikes for yourself.

10. More air pressure in tires than required: Most of the bike riders pump a lot of air into the tires of the bike till they harden up. During a ride, this mistake will maximize the roughness, minimize the control over the bike and make it bounce even more on every single bump.

11. Ignoring your helmet: Helmets are mandatory. Period. Be it any kind of outdoor riding, a helmet will save you in any unexpected event and prevent fatal injuries to the head. Make sure you get the best helmet with the right fit and be it a simple biking activity, make sure you have your helmet on.


Mountain biking is an outdoor sport and activity that gives a thrill to many. But what many people fail to notice is the simple mistakes they overlook which can ruin a mountain biking trip or even cause injuries.

If these common errors are used as opportunities to learn and improve, every biking trip will be a memorable and worthwhile trip. Simple things like wearing a helmet, using the shifter, wearing appropriate biking gear, etc. will make every trip more easy and comfortable.

Make sure to pay attention to these common mistakes and correct them and your mountain biking ride will be the best ride ever.

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