The Most Common Injury by Dumbbell Exercise

The Most Common Injury by Dumbbell Exercise

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Injuries are inevitable many a time no matter how careful you are. But, some wounds are self-inflicted and especially when you exercise. It is a human tendency to take shortcuts in everything to finish fast, but it should not be the case during an exercise session.

Sometimes it may be a stroke of bad luck that you got injured while exercising, but a majority of the times it depends on how you are performing the exercise. Not only beginners, even the fitness enthusiasts once in a while get carried away by monotony and try to do a task in a shortcut manner.

Due to wrong use of dumbbells, you can hurt yourself severely. Injuries can be very harmful and may lead to permanent damages too, in adverse situations. It puts a lot of stress on the affected body parts and can be severe.

So, be careful when working out or while using a piece of specific equipment. Never try to finish a job hastily because it concerns your overall health. There are some of the best dumbbells available in the market. This article will discuss how you can avoid injury while using dumbbells.

Avoiding Injury

In a majority of the cases, injuries can be controlled by being aware and careful. Before starting your workout, it is imperative to have a thorough knowledge of what you are going to do and what impact it will have on your body.

Each exercise or equipment comes with its technique which ensures that the person performing them doesn’t make mistakes. It is not right to get injured due to your fault and then regret it later.

So, when you decide to start working out or using equipment, make sure your strength, bone and muscle health, fitness level, etc. is perfect as this will judge the type of exercise you can perform. It will also decide your push and pull capability.

There are many exercises which can be dangerous for some and easy for others. Each person has different muscle and joint dynamics which makes it different for every person to ensure they are fit enough for a workout to avoid any injury.

Like dumbells, they seem easy to use, but it is critical to know what muscle groups they target and how should the body be positioned before using them. If you perform a dumbells exercise without a proper posture, it can lead to severe injury.

After fitness level and exercise techniques, another essential factor to consider to avoid injury is the positions, loads, and types of exercises you perform. It is not advised to stretch or extend your muscles, ligaments, or joints beyond your levels.

Always challenge yourself sensibly and understand that there are other alternatives to work on the same muscle which you adopt rather than stretching yourself to injury.

Follow the basic guidelines of every exercise and understand the correct way to execute them. Injuries happen when you overlook these points and blindly perform any exercise.

Some of our body parts are more prone to injuries like the cervical spine – neck and upper back when we engage in heavy techniques, extensions, bad flexion, etc.

It can hurt the joint structures, soft tissues, ligaments, and discs. The joints may get stiff and sore when you involve yourself heavy loading without keeping the head and back in proper position. Many people have a poor spinal posture which they carry to the gym and create problems for themselves.

Now, let us discuss some of the common injuries one can have when using the dumbbells wrongly. Doing it incorrectly not only hurts the progress you have made already but also deprives you of achieving your goal. So, before that, let me tell you the correct way to hold the dumbbells.

Hold the dumbbells straight by your side, then with the help of your trapezius muscles and shrug the shoulders towards your ears and then slowly return to the starting position.

Don’t be fast or in a hurry when using Adjustable dumbbells as it can cost you your health. Here are some of the common injuries by dumbbell exercises:

1. Shoulder Injury: A shoulder injury is the most common injury by dumbbells. They occur when you do not warm up before lifting the weight, or wrongly use the dumbbells.

Shoulder injury usually happens because of the imbalance in the four main muscles which stabilize the shoulder, also called the rotator cuff. When these muscles get hit/tear in a wrong manner, you get a shoulder pain/injury.

So, when you use dumbbells, do not roll your shoulders as this is the common dumbbell mistake that people make. Simply lift it straight up and down.

2. Neck Strain: While using dumbbells, we have seen how important it is to keep the shoulders straight. But, another thing to take care of is the neck/head.

Even your head position ought to be correct to avoid neck strain. Do not toss your head or hang it forward or backward, otherwise, it will use the neck muscles rather than the upper trapezius and disturb the alignment of the spine.

3. Muscle Tear: A muscle tear is also a very common gym injury and especially with dumbbells exercises. If you overload yourselves with heavy dumbbells and perform a single movement.

There are high chances that you will tear or pull your trapezius muscles. Putting more focus on one muscle strains/tears and causes an injury.

 Why Is It Important to Perform Exercises Correctly? Is Exercise Form Important?

This is an excellent question but with a simple answer – YES! We all exercise with an aim or a fitness goal, be it weight loss, muscle gain, etc. and each exercise needs to be done correctly to achieve that aim. Also, doing it correctly will keep you away from injuries.

An injury can hamper your daily fitness routine and keep you far away from reaching your fitness goal. So, it is advised to perform your exercise properly be it using a dumbells only. Wrongly using dumbells can hamper your shoulder, arm, and back muscles.

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