The 10 Advantages of Lifting Dumbbells

The 10 Advantages of Lifting Dumbbells

We all wish to have a body that is similar to the fitness models in various magazines and the like. However, the common notion we have about fitness is that only athletes and bodybuilders require strength training workouts.

However, this isn’t the truth as strength training benefits any individual in many possible ways be it physically, mentally and even healthwise. Check out the 10 benefits of weight training.

We should remember to make strength training a part of our exercise and training regimen. Read the benefits of lifting weights every day which will give you an idea about how it would help an individual.

The fitness magazines and fitness websites display photographs of chiseled and muscular men and women with a toned body. It is true that these people have put in a lot of effort and time to get the desired appearance.

But we also can’t leave behind the possibility of the photograph being photoshopped. Lifting dumbbells help in burning fat, burning calories, reducing the risk of diabetes, along with giving you a toned and chiseled body.

It aids in fighting depression, makes you feel happy and boosts your health as well. We also assume that lifting weights is only applicable to males.

But you are wrong! Many women today, are into weightlifting as well. Check out the best adjustable dumbbells for the woman and start your weight training!

Mentioned Below Are Ten Reasons Why Weight Lifting Should Be A Part Of Your Fitness Routine:

1. Longer Lifespan: Lifting dumbbells are beneficial in ways other than getting that perfect body. Any form of workout adds years to the life of an individual by boosting health. As and when a person ages

If the muscle mass is more than the fat, premature death is quite unlikely to take place. People should concentrate on increasing and maintaining their muscle mass instead of focusing on the body mass index and weight.

2. Improvement in Sleep: Those who work out regularly can notice that they sleep well. Weightlifting also aids in improving the sleep pattern of an individual. Resistance training workouts help in reducing the number of times a person wakes up at night and a person can have undisturbed sleep.

3. Muscle gives you a lean body: Muscles are quite dense in comparison to fat and don’t require a lot of space in your body as fat. Weightlifting assists in converting the excess fat into muscles and makes the body lean.

4. Weightlifting doesn’t require a gym: A gym is not a mandatory requirement for making use of workout equipment like treadmills, trails or for lifting weights. A person can try out workouts which do not need gym equipment which help in burning calories and toning the body.

5. It keeps diseases at bay: Any form of exercise from walking, running to weight lifting keeps various diseases at bay be it diabetes, or any chronic disease.

Workouts are good for the brain, the heart, the waistline, the overall health of an individual. This also means that even weightlifting is good for maintaining and improving the overall health of an individual.

6. Helps in regulating insulin levels and reduces inflammation: Weight training helps in keeping various diseases at bay. Also, it helps those suffering from Type II diabetes as it helps you burn the fat and calories via glucose.

Weightlifting also helps in battling inflammation which is the main reason for many diseases commonly seen in overweight individuals. Resistance training if done regularly ensures that the inflammation reduces.

7. It improves physical appearance: If you wish to slim down, there are numerous workouts and equipment available such as ellipticals, however, better results are visible when strength training is applied. Maintaining a diet is equally important to shape up and strength training ensures the shape of your body is maintained.

Weight training by lifting dumbbells helps you to get a lean body and makes you feel good about yourself in whatever outfit you choose to wear.

8. Lifting weights and cardio can be combined: Weight lifting and cardio workouts can be combined to get the best result. The workouts need not be separate.

A weight lifting workout with the best adjustable dumbbells followed by a run or vice versa can pump up the heart rate! Click here to know about how to capture your heart rate.

9. Enhancement of the Mood: We all have heard that low-impact workouts like yoga can improve the mood of a person. What we do not know that the endorphins that get released during low-impact workouts are also released during lifting dumbbells.

And resistance training thereby having a positive impact on the mood of an individual. Weightlifting enhances the mood of an individual and fills them with positivity.

10. It helps boost up the confidence: Weight lifting can completely transform the life of an individual. Every set of dumbbells cleared boosts up the confidence and self-esteem of the person along with maintaining the weight and improving the physical appearance.


Lifting dumbbells have always been associated with sportsmen, athletes, and bodybuilders and are seen as a way to build muscle and have a toned and chiseled body. What we fail to see is that lifting dumbbells is not restricted just to the sportsmen, but is beneficial to everyone in many ways.

It helps a person battle with various chronic diseases, helps in boosting the confidence, improves the physical appearance, improves the mental health and in short helps in improving the overall health of an individual.

Also, lifting dumbbells and weightlifting are not limited just to men, but women can also go in for this training. All one needs to do is maintain a diet and make up one’s mind to lift weights along with other workouts.

Buy the best-suited Dumbbells according to your requirements. What remains constant is commitment and determination to achieve the goals.

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