Safety Tips to be considered while Working Out on Elliptical Machines

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Safety Tips to be considered while Working Out on Elliptical Machines

An Elliptical Machine is, undoubtedly, provides some of the best elliptical workouts for weight loss. An Elliptical machine is one of the best workout equipment in the market for cardio workouts. However, you must use a proper form in order to avoid the chances of any injury.

An elliptical machine makes use of pedals which stimulates climbing of stairs but ensures no pressure is applied on the joints, making this machine the perfect equipment for people with injuries. Check out these elliptical workout videos which will give you an idea of the workouts that can be done with the help of ellipticals.

Elliptical machines are apt for strengthening as well as toning the muscles and to burn the excess fat. A variety of ellipticals are available in the market these days, such as Compact Ellipticals, Folding Ellipticals, Center Drive Ellipticals, etc.

Before you get started with your elliptical machine, you must understand how to use an elliptical for beginners and read the safety tips mentioned below, which will enhance your experience with the elliptical machine:

1. Safety of Children: First of all, children must not be allowed to use an elliptical machine or even be around the machine when it is being used. Elliptical machines are specifically created for adults and not children. We must be aware that the legs of a child will not be able to reach the stride which can be up to a minimum of 18” or a maximum of 21”.

Children might only be able to slide back and forth, but this might lead to an off-balance on the machine and can lead to a fall, causing injuries or sprains or even more serious issues in case they hit their head. Secondly, children must not be allowed to hover around when the elliptical machine is being used by an adult.

Children are a curious and inquisitive lot, and while observing the adult working out, the might lean on the arms of the machine and might get themselves stuck up in the movements of the arms and wheels. This can lead to broken fingers, broken arms and legs.

In case, the fingers of your child get stuck under the moving wheels, it might lead to an emergency situation. These tips of caution are applicable even to your pets. Check out some of the Best Elliptical for Home Use

2. A slow start to your workout: Firstly, ensure you step on the elliptical machine carefully and very slowly. Maintain your movements at a very slow pace, when you press the start button on the machine. This lets the muscles in your body warm-up and get themselves ready for the workout.

Maintain the same pace for about 5-10 minutes, after which you can take the speed to a level that you are comfortable at working out. Maintain this current speed for about 30 minutes, and ensure you cool down once you complete your workouts.

Click here to read about the guided elliptical workout and the elliptical interval workout which will help you have an effective workout.

3. Considering your fitness level: The time, duration, and the number of workout sessions using an elliptical machine in a week totally depend on the level of fitness of the individual. In case you are a beginner, it is better to begin the workouts at a slow pace and maintain a time of 10-15 minutes for the workout session and do the workouts for 3-5 days a week.

Once you get comfortable with the machine, you can keep increasing the time of workouts by 10% every week. Though this is a slow process, it ensures you do not injure yourself by over-exertion. Check out some of the elliptical workouts for beginners which will give you a number of workouts you could try.

4. Limit set for weight and space: Always check the space available, before you purchase an elliptical machine for yourself. In order to use an elliptical machine safely, plenty of space is required. An elliptical must not be positioned very close to a wall, a ceiling or any other workout machines

. This ensures you do not hit anything while you use the elliptical. In addition, be sure to check the elliptical machine’s weight limit when you purchase it. The majority of these machines come with a weight limit of about 350 pounds. Check out some of the Best Ellipticals under 2500$ and some of the Best Ellipticals Under 1000$ which will assist you in selecting the right model for yourself.

5. Operation, Performance and Power features: Always make sure that the elliptical machine does not restrict the range of motion. Also, check the various programs available along with the levels of difficulty in the manual mode.

Check out all the features offered by the elliptical machine you wish to purchase, i.e., pre-programming for intervals or fat-burning, ability to change the levels of resistance, etc. In addition, the features of the control panel must be simple, easy to access and read, as well as provide all the relevant information on the workout.

6. Going too fast or coming to a sudden halt: Over-speeding or sudden halt while using the elliptical machine is a big no. Many people love to do a virtual sprint on the machine. What they fail to realize is that an elliptical was not designed for this purpose.

In case your elliptical comes with a  wheel and ramp design, the wheels might jump which might lead to the user being thrown off the machine and he/she might get injured in the process especially if he/she hits a hard surface.

Another mistake that users do is to stop suddenly on the machine while moving at a speed that is faster than slow walking. Now, ellipticals come with flywheels, due to which the property of inertia is applicable.

If you want to stop the elliptical suddenly, the machine has higher inertia and this will lead to the user getting thrown off the machine. He/She might suffer injuries in case he/she hits a hard surface. Click here to read about some of the Front Drive Ellipticals and Rear Drive Ellipticals

7. Monitor your Heart Rate: Make use of the heart rate monitor that comes with your elliptical machine. The monitor on the elliptical gives you all the required information related to your workout, your heart rate and ensures you do not exert yourself more than required.

These days, ellipticals provide all the data that is required to understand the intensity of your current workout and room for improvements. All you need to do is locate the monitor, set the target heart rate, keep your hands on the sensors of the machine and begin the workout.

The thumb rule to remember is when you feel weak, stop your workouts. Read about the elliptical workout benefits, which will motivate you to use an elliptical.

8. Hydrate yourself throughout the workout: Make sure you keep yourself sufficiently hydrated through the entire workout session. Dehydration leads to fatigue, weakness, blurriness in the vision, tiredness, etc.  In case you experience any of these symptoms, tone down your workout.

In case you feel dizzy during a workout, make sure you stop the workout and hydrate yourself. During your workouts, when the water level in your blood drops down, the volume, as well as the pressure of the blood drops and leads to dizziness. Always carry a water bottle and place it on the water holder in your elliptical machine. Check out some of the Best Elliptical under 2000$.

9. Even distribution of weight: You must make sure that your weight is evenly distributed while you workout on the elliptical machine. Do not lean on the elliptical machine at any time.  Ensure you stay stable and balanced and do not injure yourself or anybody else during your workout.

10. Have a light hold on the Handrails: It is always advised to hold the handrails of your elliptical machine very lightly.  Ensure your arms are relaxed during the workout. In case you are not comfortable, you can avoid holding the handrails and just swing your hands by your side naturally.

Make sure that your back is straight during your workout. In case you opt for a no handrail workout, it will focus more on your core and give it a good workout. Have a look at some of the elliptical workouts for beginners.


An elliptical machine is a good workout machine that gives you a complete body workout. However, one must follow some safety tips while using an elliptical machine. This will only ensure that your children, your pets and yourself stay away from serious injuries caused due to carelessness.

A variety of elliptical machines are available in the market and you can select the perfect one for yourself based on your specific requirements. Make sure, however, to be safe and keep others safe too. You can have a look at some of the best cheap elliptical available in the market and compare them with some of the best elliptical over 2500$.

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