Running vs Elliptical Trainer For Fit Body

Running vs Elliptical Trainer For Fit Body

It is a dream of every person to have a well-built body to move around freely leading a happy and healthy life. If there was a pill that could make you fit in a single day, then surely everyone would have bought it. But sadly there isn’t a thing like for instant fitness, at least for now.

If you want to lose weight, then you will have to put your time into it and work out with total discipline. With the availability of junk food stalls all around the city, it has now become easy for you to gain weight much faster than losing it.

In fact, it has become a challenge to lose weight because with the busy schedule everyone has, it is almost impossible to spare some time for workouts.

The simplest thing that the majority of people depend on these days is elliptical training or having a long run for reducing their body weight. Both can be a good form of workouts if weight loss is your primary aim. But the troubling question rises up again. Which one is better?

You plan to use both of them for the same purpose so finding out the best one can help you resort to just one of it. Stay with us because we are going to resolve this dilemma in this article. There is a golden rule for seeing faster results after workouts, control your diet.

If you can control the number of calories going into your body, reducing it will become much easier. For women to lose weight, the ideal calorie intake per day must be within the range of 1200 calories if they weigh less than 250 pounds.

With a balanced diet that is coupled with proper exercising, you will be able to reduce the fat content in your body in no time.


Running is the easiest form of workout you could do every day without needing any equipment. It is the simplicity it has and the effectiveness it has that has made all fitness users hit the roads early in the morning.

If you are one of those people who hate running in public, then you always have the option to run within your home space using a treadmill. It doesn’t matter which way you do it if you are able to put the right time into it, then running can slim down your body really fast.

Moreover, running is a good method to improve your overall body stamina. When you engage your body in a proper run, the largest of the muscles in your body gets worked out. And this is quite helpful in burning down the calories faster. To understand this better, let us take the numbers associated with fitness.

If you weigh over 155 pounds and take a run for 30 minutes at 6.7 mph speed, then you will be burning around 400 calories. And that is a period of high productivity. The good thing about running is that you don’t need to invest a single penny to start running.

No extra training or equipment is needed making it the most simple exercise you could ever do. If you can get a pair of running shoes, then your running experience will get better.

If you feel that running is not enough, then start running over inclined plane like mountains and hilly regions. This will increase the resistance and the calorie burning rate.

Running Basics

It seems funny to explain the basics of running to anyone. Because the moment you learned to walk without losing balance, the next thing you did as a baby was running around your home. And with all those years of running, you will know how to make a proper run.

When we see it as a method of working out, there are few more things that need to be taken care off just so that you will be able to get the maximum out of it. The simplicity of running comes from the fact that it is included in our natural way of motion. Running is totally flexible.

You don’t need any special place to start the workouts, and any open space can be your playground. It is always better to run outside as you won’t feel bored and will get a breath of fresh air on the move. While moving into the gym is fine, it will incur a lot more cost for having a run.

Unlike elliptical training, running can pose some risk to your body too. So, it is always advisable to invest in a good pair of running shoes. Even the best cheap elliptical does not cause any impact on your body. But running has its own positive sides.

It can help a lot in bone development which will result in overall better health. When you buy the shoes, make sure that the sole of the shoe is soft and flexible enough to absorb the impact occurring during the runs.

And most importantly make sure to work out for at least 10 minutes before each runs to make sure that the body is ready for it.

Elliptical Trainer

Elliptical trainers are hailed as the zero impact workout machines. So, no matter how many hours you workout on them, your joints and body will only stay healthy. Elliptical trainers have a simple design and do not have much of a learning curve.

So, you will be able to hop on it and start working out on it no time. It is standalone equipment that provides a kind of hybrid training. You will be able to get the benefits of both running and climbing at the same time when you engage the body in elliptical training.

It looks a lot like a cycle with no pedals attached to it. There is an arm pole attached to it too so than working out your upper body becomes a lot easier. Working out on an elliptical trainer is a lot similar to running. All the benefits you get with running at the same intensity can be achieved with the elliptical trainer too.

The advantage is that no joint pain is accompanied by elliptical workouts. If you weigh around 155 pounds and work out on an elliptical trainer for around half an hour, then you will be burning almost 335 calories. These values are based on the research made by Harvard health.

For intense trainers that easily increase the resistance of elliptical trainers to burn down more calories, you can also increase the height of the gliding rails and the speed of rides to make the elliptical training more challenging. Depending on the money you are willing to invest.

Elliptical trainers will provide multiple levels. So, choose the one that suits your workout style better. Depending upon your requirements, you can opt for front drive elliptical or rear drive elliptical.

Elliptical Basics

If you have been working out with the stepper and the ski machine, then you might find many similarities between them and the elliptical. This is not by accident that the elliptical trainer is actually made as a hybrid between the stepper and the ski machine.

They are innovatively built to make sure that the benefits of cardiovascular training that you get while running is provided in the same extent but all the impact it causes on the joints are removed. Elliptical trainers come with a different design which becomes useful for different training.

The elliptical trainers that have movable handles can be used for working out the upper body muscles. Unlike other fitness machines like treadmills, it gives you the flexibility to engage in a backward motion.

Pedaling backward engages different muscular groups in the leg area so a single fitness machine can cover many parts of your body efficiently. But don’t think that hopping on it and merely using without knowing the benefits will help you get the best out of it.

Maintaining a proper posture is necessary to work out all the muscles that are supposed to get worked out in the training. If your body is not upright and you lean on the handles during workouts, then you are doing it all wrong.

You will be cheating the workout and the benefits you were supposed to get with it will die out and the calorie burning capacity of the workouts will also reduce.

So, make sure that you are maintaining the proper posture throughout the workout. Besides this, you can also go for compact elliptical as these can save a lot of space for you. You can also buy folding ellipticals if you feel that you have a shortage of space.


Most of the people these days enter the fitness regime with one aim in mind, weight loss. Obesity has become that much of an issue these days. Elliptical training is also nowadays chosen by people mostly for burning down the fat accumulated over the years.

Since it is simple to start working out with it, we too advise the starters to use for burning own the calories. The strides you take on the elliptical trainers are natural so it is easy for you to replicate it on the machines resulting in a much easier way for working out.

There is a limit to the number of calories you can burn when it comes to running. All you do is increase the speed of running and maybe run over an inclined surface. Other than that there is nothing much you could do to make the workouts more intense.

You can have commercial ellipticals and home use ellipticals depending upon your needs and requirements. Running is too simple but that being said understand that running efficiently requires proper training. It will take you months of running and jogging to become an expert at this.

But even then the impact you have on your body will not reduce. With the intention of getting high intense training, if you start running faster for very long distance, there are chances where you get injured. And nobody wants that to happen when all they want is good health.

It is highly likely for the joints and knees to get damaged with long runs. And sadly all that hard time running won’t be able to burn as many calories as it does on an elliptical training.

In simple terms, it will be better for you to take running as a leisure activity or something that you can practice for a short while when your body is totally fit. And if you need intense workouts then elliptical training is the best method for you.

To put things into a good perspective, we will put it in words that can be easily comprehended. If a person weighing around 155 pounds is running every day for weight reduction and if he keeps on walking for half an hour with a speed of 4 mph then the number of calories he burns will be 167 and in the same way.

If he is jogging at 5 mph then the calories burned will be at 298. Now compare it with a large number of calories you will be burning at the same time using an elliptical and understand how productive it is.  Therefore, it is better than you go for the best elliptical bikes available in the market.

Special Needs

We all may look similar but our bodies are made differently. Something that works for some people will not work for another person. So, finding out what suits you the best is one of the key ways to choose the right type of workout for you. Running might be good for many people but sometimes it may not be for you.

Especially, if you have health-related issues like joint pains or arthritis then refrain from running and stay away from it. The troubles that you will get will always outweigh the troubles you are subjecting yourself into.

If you are overweight, then again don’t think of running as the primary method for reducing the weight. It will be too much for your joints to handle so it will be always better to start with elliptical training and then slowly with time, start running.

Advantages of Running

With all this said, you will still see many people running down the streets than using elliptical training. It will look almost illogical because everything that you get with running is provided by elliptical trainers in a less stressful manner. But we are part of nature, the more we are in sync with nature the better we will feel.

  1. Running outside will give you that oneness with nature making you feel more rejoiced.
  2. And if you look carefully you will notice that not it is hard to see people running alone. In most of the cases, they will be having running partners who will make this whole exercising period much entertaining. This is the reason there are many running clubs in cities.
  3. The only way to get the best out of something is to start loving it. Since the majority of the people hate workouts you will be forcing yourself to the gyms every day. While when having friendly runs with the people you love you will stay motivated to workout more.

Doctor’s Response For Elliptical Training Versus Running

The effort that you will be putting into both elliptical training and running will be almost the same. But based on expert opinions for the similar level of physical effort, the amount of calories burned during running is more than that of the elliptical training.

You can easily notice a 100 calorie burning difference with both these workouts. The main reason for this is during running, your body will be pounding up and down. And the movements in the air during each step will force your body to burn more calories.

It takes up a lot of energy than sitting still on the ellipticals. And it will be almost surprising but both running and elliptical riding burns much more calories than bike riding. So, if you are serious into burning the fat, then avoid bike rides and prefer these exercises instead.

Literally, they will burn around 200 to 240 calories for the same kind of physical effort. All the facts mentioned here are based on the scientific studies conducted by credible organizations.

For people who are into weight reduction, understanding the number of calories burned with each fitness machine will be a good place to start with when to begin their workouts.

The whole table is given below so you can understand better about each of them. Ellipticals were known into the market when this table was made, so the name of elliptical is listed below but it will easily fit the bar between rowing machines and cross country skiing.

The number of calories burned by each of them is not much different maybe difference of 100 to 125 calories could be noticed.

  • treadmill walking/running
  • stair stepping
  • rowing
  • cross-country skiing
  • biking (stationary)

Don’t take the table for an objective analysis. This is just the graph that shows you the capability of each fitness machine. Each of the fitness equipment has its own advantage. So, all of that must be considered and compared to your fitness needs before making the purchase.

All of them will help you burn calories so none of them is totally bad. We earlier mentioned about biking to be burning fewer calories but haven’t you noticed bikes are among the fittest people in sports.

So, it all comes down to one thing – the way you utilize whatever machine you are using. Sometimes even the basic equipment can do wonders to your body. Ultimately it is your dedication that decides where you reach with the workouts.

Keep in mind your budget and you are set to make the purchases. You can have the best elliptical under $500 if you are tight on budget. You can also purchase the best elliptical under $1000. And besides this, there are best ellipticals over $2500 that can be had in the market.


I believe we have helped in clearing off the dilemma. Both elliptical training and running are better in their own ways. So, whichever is better for you to choose that as your daily workout partner. Things that might work for some people will not at all work for some others.

If you prefer working out outdoors and prefer to be one with nature, then outdoor running will keep you happier while if all you care about is calorie burning then choose the best elliptical and start the rides on it. Despite the method you choose.

It is the discipline and consistency in your workouts that will help you burn down more calories. You already know about running so if you are new into the fitness journey and want to choose between them then it will be worthy to try out both and find out what works for you.

Just go to a fitness center and pick up the best ellipticals you can find out there. If you find yourself happy with it then move forward with it. Whatever you choose to put your whole self into and achieve better health.

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