Relation of Mental Health and Mountain Biking

Relation of Mental Health and Mountain Biking

In recent times, the subject of mental health has gained immense attraction from all corners and that too for the right reasons. The fast pace of life has accelerated the growth of the man, but at the same time, he is being subjected to the most severe problem of stress.

The enhanced stress levels along with depression have led to a significant rise in the mental health concerns among the people across the world. Be it peer pressure, social norms or family concerns, people tend to get overburdened with all sorts of disturbances in their normal life.

It is a fact that many of us may have gone through tough times with simple to complex mental problems or may know somebody who is facing this challenge. But, there are ways and methods of getting over mental health concerns, and one of them is mountain biking.

Yes, you heard it right! The mountain biking is an excellent form of exercise not only for the body but also for the mind. This mountain bike riding proves great for overcoming mental stresses. So, let’s have a close view of the various reasons to start mountain biking to have excellent benefits of mountain biking.

Mountain biking is an amazing outdoor activity that allows people to be more social and friendly along with developing a positive perspective of life. It certainly gives an adrenaline rush but also connects the person to nature on a deeper level.

Here people get to know themselves and nature, and they start enjoying the beautiful relation with simple joys of life. So, mountain biking exercise is great for keeping mental health issues at bay and here’s the way it helps people cope with mental health issues.

Relation of Mental Health and Mountain Biking

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How Mountain Biking Helps in the Mental Well-Being

1. Proximity with Mother Nature

Mountain biking exercise offers a great opportunity for people to experience their real connection with mother nature. Moreover, it is a fun way to explore the world around and get a mental space where you can feel a deeper bond with nature.

So, what’s better than exploring the mountain bike riding on singletrack trails that can take you through the beautiful Colorado trail or the Monarch Crest Trail that makes you appreciate the beauty of nature with the closer connection.

There are best trek mountain bikes like X-Caliber 8, X-Caliber 9, X-Caliber 7, Marlin 7, Superfly 6 and others. As the technological era has begun, people spend more time on their phone rather than on being social or enjoying beautiful nature.

The recent studies have shown the direction between mental health and spending time in Nature. The term ‘nature-deficit disorder’ was coined by author Richard Louv in the year 2005 that explicitly mentioned the correlation between mental problems and disconnection with nature.

He states that the regular occurrence of mental stress, mental disorders, and mood swings, isolation leads to severe psychological issues especially when a person spends more time indoors and being hooked to screens of phones, tablets, and laptops.

2. Nature helps to Influence the Human Brain in a Positive Manner

The study conducted at Stanford University revealed that participants experienced cognitive changes when they got through 50-minute walk in nature’s peaceful environment as compared to that of an urban area.

The participants who found a deeper connection with nature experienced a calmer state of mind with increased focus and better positivity levels in general.

So, you can see that if such a nice time out of 50 minutes can bring a tremendous positive impact on the participants then two-hour mountain bike riding can bring humungous change in the participants.

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3. Improving your Perspective

It is a common fact that when a person is in isolation and that too without any defined purpose in life, then the thoughts are the only consistent partner. If such thoughts are on the negative side, then they can play havoc with mind and lead a person towards depression easily.

On the contrary, if a person goes on an adventure activity of mountain bike riding with his friends, then it helps him to see the things with a clear perspective. He understands the fact that life is much bigger than small trifles and at the end, we have so much good to be grateful for.

All this awareness is reflected upon a person when he establishes a deep connection with nature and enjoying bike riding while exploring nature is certainly an added boost to a person’s perspective.

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Rocky Mountain Bikes

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4. Boost to Endorphins

Mountain biking exercise is not only great for the body but proves to be an excellent source of happiness for the mind as well. As bike riding on the mountains require some serious hard work for muscles, the body gets sweaty and release endorphins that are termed as happy hormones.

Also, it is proven that any form of exercise helps to decrease the cortisol secretion that is a hormone primarily responsible for creating stress, depression, and anxiety.

Also, the person who engages in any form of exercise at least for twenty minutes can see the upliftment of his energy for the next twelve hours, and that is great for mental health as well.

Also, if the person exercises in outdoor areas that prove more effective and powerful as compared to any exercise performed in a gym or closed areas like rooms with no direct sunlight and fresh air.

So, next time if you are going for exercise sessions like gyming for hours, then ask yourself of having a better way of exercising and reaping excellent results with outdoor activity like a mountain bike riding.

5. Stay Focussed

In the age of growing influence of electronic media and its usage, people are hooked to their phones, tablets, laptops, and television than ever. This has resulted in tremendous loss of focus among the people as.

When are about to start any important work a message pops up on email; funny jokes put Whatsapp and any friend sharing the latest pics of the holiday on Instagram or Facebook adds to the distraction.

All this leads towards loss of concentration, and you need to be focused on being successful in life. So, one of the key benefits of mountain biking is stay targeted especially with the trailhead.

Where you have to keep your head centered on 20 feet of trail and concentrate on the task with understanding the obstacles and how to reach the destination with perfection.

6. Connection with Friends and Fellow Drivers

One of the prominent reasons to start mountain biking is that it provides an opportunity for the person to establish a connection with people. The bike rider not only enjoys his friends’ company but gets a perfect way to socialize with fellow drivers and their friends as well.

It is this rapport with fellow bikers and friends that a person feels confident about his engagement with more people that enhance his confidence and allow him to get over stress and anxiety.

So, establishing a social connection is important in current times when people get aloof and isolated and become an easy target of depression and anxiety.

So, next time when your social connections offer you an opportunity to come and enjoy an outdoor bike riding activity on mountains, then you have zillions of reasons to say nothing but yes.

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7. Elements of Absolute Addiction

Chances are there that you may never have heard of a term called positive addiction as it is the term coined by American Psychiatrist and he explains six elements of positive addition.

  1. It comprises of a non-competitive activity that you prefer to do, and you can easily do it for an hour each day.
  2. You can do this activity easily as it doesn’t require a lot of mental effort to shift your focus to this activity.
  3. You can enjoy it with or without others as you alone are sufficient to engage in this activity.
  4. You consider it meaningful to you in some way be it mental, spiritual or physical.
  5. You have a firm belief that with persistence you can improve a lot.
  6. You must do the activity without any pressure of criticizing yourself for doing it. But, if you don’t justify yourself for doing it, then you are not addicted to it.

8. Enhanced Excitement

It is a fact that when you are struck with any negative emotion, feeling or experience, then you feel entirely stressed out and lack positivity. But, when you are engaged with mountain bike riding regularly, it offers you a golden opportunity to socialize with your friends, enhance your social skills and get a jump of endorphins.

So, you always look forward to the occasion when you are out in nature and enjoy your time in an activity that causes an adrenaline rush and brings out the best in you.

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At the End…

So, mountain bike riding is a great way to explore nature and also finding the fighting spirit that is lost in anxiety and depressed state of mind. Thus, all those people who have constant bouts of stress and anxiety must go out and try to find a clear perspective with a positive frame of mind with mountain bike riding.

Also, the bonus point is that the person can do it alone or go out on this adventure with like-minded people to have a happy day filled with new aspirations and hope.

Also, nature is so welcoming for everyone as it won’t judge anybody but would accept you as good you are and you feel a calm and serene state of mind for a better life. So, get ahead of stress and depression and start mountain bike riding.

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