Perfect Dumbbell Exercises To Get Rid of Belly Fat

Perfect Dumbbell Exercises To Get Rid of Belly Fat

An effective way of burning calories is working out with the use of the best adjustable dumbbells. This workout also helps you get rid of stomach fat. The two kinds of fat in our body are subcutaneous fat and visceral fat.

The former is a layer of fat which lies directly beneath the skin, whereas the latter is a blanket on the internal organs and is quite dangerous as it affects the levels of insulin, inflammation, and cholesterol in your body.

Read some of the best exercises to lose belly fat for men. You can also have a look at some of the best dumbbells under 1000$  which will help you select the right one.

Dumbbell exercises for belly fat can be merged with few cardio exercises which will not only help to reduce the calories but will help maintain the muscle mass.

It helps in reducing stomach fat and minimizes the risk of diabetes, heart diseases, etc. Dumbbell exercises are quite effective in both aerobics as well as strength training and thereby aid in getting rid of the midsection bulge.

To get the desired washboard abs, a combination of aerobics, proper diet and resistance training should be implemented. One has to be consistent with the workouts in order to achieve the desired goals.

Numerous Exercises Inclusive of The Best Dumbbell Exercises Can Be Performed Which Will Help in Reducing The Waistline:

1. Aerobic workouts should be done for an approximate of 10 minutes. The weekly goal should be moderate yet intense cardio workout for 150 minutes. this can be achieved if you workout for 30 minutes and for five days in a week.

If you use dumbbells of weights 1-3 lbs at the time of aerobics, more calories will be burnt. Also, while jogging or doing star jumps, light dumbbells can be held in both hands.

2. Resistance training demands the selection of the correct dumbbell weight. The ideal weight of dumbbells is one which makes the last reps tough to perform. One should try to perform 10-25 reps in about one to three exercise sets Which will lead to muscle fatigue.

If you are able to do 25 reps quickly, it means the form must be wrong, or you are doing the reps too fast or the dumbbells are lightweight. Get an idea about some of the best dumbbells under $1000.

Perfect Dumbbell Exercises To Get Rid of Belly Fat

Step 1:

Begin with a circuit training workout which should be done for 20 minutes and thrice a week. One needs to perform around 10-15 repetitions of the dumbbell exercises for belly fat, e.g., side lunges, squats, and shoulder presses, butterflies, dumbbell pullover, etc.

The rest period should last only for 30 seconds in between the sets. This helps burn maximum calories. A beginner can go in for a single circuit and can progress to the next two circuits with time.

Step 2:

The intensity should vary from moderate to high-intensity workouts on most of the days. The duration and intensity of the workouts can be increased slowly.

The goal should be an aerobic workout for 60minutes! Brisk walks, low-intensity aerobics are included under moderate-intensity aerobic exercises, whereas high-intensity include running, step aerobics as well as jogging. If light adjustable dumbbells are included during aerobics, it helps in burning more calories.

Step 3:

One should include light adjustable dumbbells in aerobics. Once approved by the doctor, you can begin with 1 pound dumbbells and you can go to a maximum of 3 pounds. Using dumbbells during aerobic workouts helps burn more calories.

Step 4:

Make sure to place the dumbbells specifically on the table where you would have your meals or snacks. This reminds you of the hard work put in on your body and makes you aware of the calories. Make sure to include vegetables in meals, reduce the intake of high-calorie food and start practicing controlling the portion of meals.

Tips For a Better Workout

Workouts like squats or squats combined with shoulder press, help in burning additional calories and increases the metabolism in a better way in comparison to small workouts like bicep curls.

In order to strengthen and stabilize the muscles of the torso, do workouts like abdomen crunches, planks, and side planks. This helps in reducing any risk of injury when you do the dumbbell exercises for belly fat.

Conduct a talk test to understand the level of intensity you can workout at. While performing moderate-intensity workouts, you should be able to have a conversation; whereas, during a high-intensity workout, you must be in a position to speak a few words but not have a  conversation.

Make sure the stretching exercises are done for about ten minutes for all the muscle groups, after each workout. Stretching helps in improving the flexibility, reducing soreness of muscles and reduces the risk of injuries.


All workouts burn calories, but when these workouts are combined with dumbbell exercises for belly fat, the effect is way better. Be it low-intensity or high-intensity workouts, including dumbbell workouts helps in strengthening the muscles and the core. It also keeps diseases and health issues at bay.

The best way to understand your fitness level is taking a test to know the intensity level at which you can work out. Always ensure to maintain your diet while working out and not indulge in unwanted binging.

Dumbbell exercises for belly fat can be done by both men and women and there a lot of adjustable dumbbells available for women.

As well as dumbbells of different weights which makes it easier for a beginner to start off with his/her dumbbell exercises. Consistency, patience, and persistence are the keys to achieving your fitness goals.

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