Paleo vs Atkins vs Low Carb – Who Wins?

People from all over the world are looking for ways to lose weight. Many types of diets are making people confuse about what to eat or what to not, which one is better low-carb or low-fat diet? Most of the trainers give advices to their clients to follow Atkins while the other advice for Paleo or low-fat diet.  The main aim to follow any diet is to burn the stubborn and reduce the excess of weight. If you are confused between Atkins, Paleo or low-fat diets, then first you need to know about what these diets are and how they affect our body. If we talk about Paleo vs Atkins, then it becomes hard to understand which one is better.

Atkins Diet

Atkins Diet

Many people have lost weight by following Atkins diet. Atkins diet is low carbohydrate diet and is also known as Fad diet. With a low intake of carbs, people who follow this diet will burn fat and lose weight more successfully. They consume more protein and avoid dairy products, refined sugars, cereal grains and much more. People have to avoid high carbs and sugar foods.

Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet includes fruits, vegetables, meat, roots and organ meat. Under this diet, people have to exclude dairy products, sugar, salt, grains, processed oil, alcohol and coffee. In short, it is advised to avoid modern processed foods.

Low Fat Diet

Low Fat Diet

A diet which is low in fat is known a low-fat diet. It helps to lose weight. A low-fat diet restricts the intake of saturated fat and bad cholesterol.  It helps to cut the calories and reduce the risk of heart disease and obesity.

Advantages and Disadvantages

To know the main difference between Paleo vs Atkins or low-fat diet, let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages of each diet on human health.

Paleo diet is clean diet and has many anti- inflammatory benefits without any additives, chemicals, or preservatives. This diet includes all fruits, vegetables, nuts, oils, red meat and seed. Eating red meat gives more iron to the body. You will feel full as there is a higher intake of fats and proteins. But this diet is expensive and you have to avoid grains and dairy products which are a good source of energy.  Atkins diet reduces blood glucose and good for diabetics and pre-diabetics people improves the triglycerides and increases good cholesterol (HDL). It increases the mental awareness and there are no hunger pangs. It restricts the number of carbs that improves blood sugar levels. This is high protein diet. Foods which are high in protein are also high in fats which increase the LDL or bad cholesterol. This diet limits the fruits and vegetables, thus depriving people of getting the antioxidants and fibre essential for digestion. This diet is often referred poor nutritionally balanced diet as there is a low intake of Vitamins and minerals. Low-fat diet keeps the low level of insulin and helps to prevent heart or gallbladder diseases and helps to maintain a healthy weight. This diet may cause mineral and vitamin deficiencies in people.

What Studies Says?

The best one diet among all these three diets is the Paleo diet has become so popular from past few years but this way of eating organic food is thousands of years old. The main reason behind Paleo diet is that you have to eat food in its natural form such as vegetables, meat, eggs berries, nuts, fruits, seeds and fats that are healthy. This diet promotes organic eating food which is easily available. Unprocessed foods with no added sugar and preservatives encourage a person to become fit and active and enjoy their life.  A low-fat diet is all about eating a low-fat diet, but if we have to compare between Paleo vs Atkins which are considered to be one of the best diets even from the low fat diet, then it is necessary to know which one is best from these two.

Atkins diet is best for those who want to lose weight easily. But it is really hard to avoid the carbs and sugars for the long term when you are surrounded by delicacies. Paleo is also low carb diet but it does not put too many restrictions as Atkins. The main point is losing weight for the long term, but following Atkins diet, you may lose weight but not in a healthy way. This diet allows eating bars, frozen meals, shakes which are easily available. But in Paleo diet, it requires meal preparation. Atkins meal plan is difficult to cook at home but it is easily available on the go while Paleo diet foods are not. But Paleo diet, you can eat more without worrying about the calories and carbohydrates count. But it does not mean that Paleo diet id perfect. Being expensive diet, it put an extra burden on your food budget. There is a restriction on wheat, grains and dairy products but modern Paleo diet allows the sprouted version of nutritious bread. It does not matter that many critics complaints of this diet, but Paleo diets is clean diet.

Which Diet is better?

Paleo vs Atkins

While talking about Paleo vs Atkins, Paleo diet is more beneficial and effective than Atkins. Paleo diet leads to the strong and functional body. Atkins diet has temporary effects to problems while Paleo aims to heal the body first. Artificial flavourings, processed food and low carbohydrates are not the way to a skinny, healthy, and functional body. Paleo diet can help you uphold that ideal when evaluated to Atkins.

Finally, it depends on you which one is the best diet for you. Paleo has more advantages than Atkins. As not every diet is perfect for everybody, it will be better to consult a nutritionist before going on any diet plan. If you want to lose weight quickly then Atkins is better for you but with temporary benefits. If you want to make your body more functional and strong then Paleo diet is best to lead a long healthier life.

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