Inversion tables- Do they help relieve Sciatica Pain?

Inversion tables- Do they help relieve Sciatica Pain?

A significant portion of the adult population experience severe pain in the lower back area, which comes from a specific form of lower back pain known as sciatica. This is quite a painful condition and inversion therapy which makes use of some of the Best Inversion Tables for Back Pain, in order to provide relief to the individual suffering from sciatica.

Activities such as lifting heavy articles suddenly might cause sciatica. Sciatica may also begin over a period of time. You can click here to read more about Teeter Inversion Table to understand how it works and its benefits.

Meaning of Sciatica

Damage to or pressure applied on the sciatic nerve leads to a lot of pain, numbness as well as weakness in the leg and foot that is affected. This is known as sciatica. It also causes a tingling sensation in the leg. The sciatic nerve controls the muscles of the lower leg as well as that of the backside of the knee.

The sciatic nerve starts at the spine and ends at the backside of each leg and is the nerve that provides sensation to various parts of the thighs, the lower leg as well as the foot. Sciatica is not just a simple condition, it is an indicator of other medical conditions that occur from either slipped disc/herniated disc, Spinal Stenosis, muscular tissues, tumours or even fractures. Do inversion tables work for neck pain? You can click here to find out how to use an inversion table.

Does Inversion Therapy get rid of Sciatic Pain

Those who suffer from the condition of Sciatica, the pain from this can be extremely unbearable with symptoms like weakness and numbness in the affected leg and foot. This pain can be continuous and extends for prolonged periods, making it difficult for the person to even walk normally.

Sciatica is a very painful medical condition which actually is a symptom of lower back pain issues such as spinal stenosis, slipped disc, spondylolisthesis, etc. Click here to read how to make use of inversion therapy without a table.

Initially, the treatment for sciatica requires the use of pain killer medication. It is also advised to those suffering from sciatica, to keep doing their daily activities as per their abilities. Time is the key factor that helps in resolving the sciatica pain.

However, if the pain worsens and becomes severe and goes on for about six weeks or more, the next option to be considered would be surgery. Although surgery might speed up the improvement and reduce the pain, long term benefits of surgery are not quite certain. If sciatica pain leads to complications like dis-functioning of the bowel/bladder.

There are other treatments for sciatica such as steroids, acupuncture, spinal manipulation, etc but limited evidence of their benefits are available. Read about some of the Best Inversion tables for Sciatic Pain.

However, it is fortunate that a natural method is available that is believed to diminish the symptoms of the condition of sciatica as well as help in avoiding back surgery which is not required. Click here to know inversion table sciatica exercises which will help in minimizing the pain.

The Benefits of Inverted Decompression or Inversion therapy

What is Inversion Decompression or Inversion therapy?

Inversion Therapy or Inversion Decompression is a method where the individual is suspended in an upside-down way, so as to relieve the body from back pain by stretching the spine. By using this method, the body’s gravity is shifted. This leads to reducing the pressure from the back of the individual and also gives traction to the spine.

This makes Inversion Therapy beneficial to people who suffer from chronic lower back pain, scoliosis, poor circulation as well as sciatica. Inversion Therapy has many benefits and medical studies indicate that it has been quite effective in resolving various medical conditions along with providing relief from lower back pain.

A study has also been published on the effectiveness and benefits of inversion therapy especially for patients suffering from sciatic pain.  The patients were divided into two groups wherein both the group underwent physiotherapy and the Teeter inversion table was administered regularly on one group as part of the experiment.

The outcome of the study was that the group that made use of the Teeter Inversion Table were less likely in need of surgery in comparison to those patients in the control group.

Exercises that provide Relief from Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief

1. Decompression technique (Light to High): Decompressing the spine as well as re-hydrating the discs is a good exercise. Inverting yourself to a degree of about 45 and 60 degree helps in releasing the pressure built up on the intervertebral discs. This further helps in lowering the pressure that has been applied to the sciatic nerve.

In case you are trying this out for the first time, make sure you begin with the Light Intensity exercise. Also, limit the sessions to just one session a day in your first week. In the following week, if you are comfortable with the exercise and your body feels better, proceed with the Moderate Intensity exercise and try increasing the number of sessions to two per day.

As per your level of comfort, you can also try the High-Intensity exercise. Post the trial of all the three levels of exercise, choose the level and position as well as the duration that you are very comfortable with. Always remember to do short sessions frequently than doing long but infrequent sessions.

In addition to this, listen to what your body tells you. If you are not comfortable, don’t rush onto the next levels and don’t keep increasing the sessions and intensity. These different levels of exercise are just a guide to help you out. You must enjoy the inversion exercise experience in order to enjoy the benefits of it.

The angle and duration for each level of intensity are mentioned below for reference: The Start Position:  You can begin at 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees. This is dependant on the level of intensity chosen by you.

2. Light Intensity (Angle 30-45 degrees): You can begin at 30 degrees and hold it for one to three minutes. As you get comfortable, move to 45 degrees and hold for about one to three minutes.

3. Moderate Intensity (Angle 45-60 degrees): You can begin at 45 degrees, and hold it for three to five minutes. As you get comfortable,  move to 60 degrees hold for about three to five minutes.

4. High Intensity (60-90 degrees): You can begin at 60 degrees and hold on for five and go up to ten minutes.

Method to be followed while following Inversion Therapy

Firstly, you need to place both your hands either around your head or you can hold the top of the table bed. This will make you feel the total stretch in the back area and the torso. As you do this, breathe in and out deeply and let your muscles relax, because this will give you a much more effective stretch in the lower back.

Also, in your first attempt at Inversion therapy, do the exercise for a minute and stop, and if it makes you feel good, go ahead and do the exercise for a minute more. Secondly, you must relax your mind and keep it free from any kind of thoughts and shift the concentration on the spine when you exercise and feel the decompression on the back.

You must remember to leave behind any thoughts on one’s personal issue or work-related issues or any such work, as this can increase the tension in your muscles. One must ensure the body is calm and this will help the muscles to relax and get rid of the tension in the body. You must concentrate on feeling good and not allow any other thoughts to be the area of focus.

Finally, once you have completed the exercise, you must get back to the horizontal position in a slow way. Try doing another exercise session another day to get the hang of the exercises.

How to find the Best Inversion Tables for Sciatica Pain

First of all, when you shop for a Teeter inversion table, make sure you check if the inversion table is effective and is user-friendly and safe. Check out the inversion table for sciatica reviews to get an idea about some of the inversion tables.

Secondly, also check for a certification from a third-party such as the Underwriters Laboratory (UL) mark. This is a good way to determine if the inversion table is of good quality and good design. Only the testing specification of particular requirements are provided by the Underwriters Laboratory (UL), which are needed for the unique functions of the inversion table.

Also, check the inversion table ensures the safety of the customers. This is a standard requirement which must be voluntarily provided by the manufacturer, however, it is better to have a check.

Nowadays, there is a boom in the market for inversion tables, which has led to inversion tables available at different price ranges and having a variety of features. However, what is lacking in most of the equipment is that they do not come with the UL mark which leaves a hint of doubt with respect to the risk involved in making use of the inversion table.

You can check some of the inversion tables that have made it to our Best Inversion Table Over 400$ and also Best Inversion Table Under 400$. This will help you make your choice while shopping for an inversion table.


Sciatica Pain can be extremely painful as it is related to the lower back and causes weakness and numbness in the affected legs and foot. Many times, in order to get rid of this pain, back surgery seems to be the only option available, however, the long term benefits of surgery are uncertain and unknown.

Inversion tables help in relieving the sciatica pain as it involves shifting the gravity of the body and focusing on decompression of the back along with the application of traction. It also helps in calming the mind which is necessary to perform the exercise. Depending on your comfort level, the level of intensity must be chosen.

Though there are a wide variety of inversion tables in the market, the basis of your choice must be safety, effectiveness and the UL mark.

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