How to Use a Treadmill for Beginners Safely

How to Use a Treadmill for Beginners Safely

Are you a treadmill virgin and is speculative about using a treadmill or not?  Are you looking for how to use the home treadmill effectively for weight loss? Look no further. Here are the hidden tips and ways to use a treadmill for a beginner safely.

The treadmill as fancy it sounds, it is extremely beneficial and a perfect work out equipment for everyone. The list of the goodness of this machine is endless. Not only a treadmill will help and allow you to do exercise at your own time and convenience but will actually help in making work out fun for you.

Anything we do for the first time in life always pops so many questions before trying in our heads that we are always confused about whether doing it or not.

It’s absolutely normal if a treadmill virgin is confused and is doing his/her research before stepping up and embracing the beautiful and magnificent work out a machine called – the treadmill. In this write up you will be able to connect yourself with a treadmill and it will be clear for you whether or not to use a treadmill.

Before Going Any Further Let Us Try And Understand The Basis of a Treadmill

What is a treadmill?

A treadmill is a machine and a device commonly used these days for working out and exercise which consists of a continuous moving belt on which one can run, jog or walk.

Why is Treadmill Used?

A treadmill is a work out equipment which is used mainly for weight loss, increasing body strength and endurance. It is an excellent mean to go for a cardio workout. It can be used by almost everyone as it goes easily over one’s body and causes less impact and injuries.

It is used by even people having bad backs and joints issues. A treadmill workout goes easy on everyone and can be customized according to one’s requirement, health conditions and stamina. One’s stamina and endurance shoot up, the intensity of work out too can increase.

What Are The Types of Treadmills?

Broadly treadmills can be categorized into three types of categories –

Manual Treadmill

As the name itself says that this type of treadmill works manually and requires no electricity. It moves as one force it to move according to one’s stamina. It is extremely helpful in building one’s stamina and endurance. We recommend the following as the best treadmill for runners in manual mode –

  • Lifeline Manual Treadmill Machine for Tummy Trimming and Skipping Rope Gym Bag Sweat Belt for Stomach Exercise
  • Lifeline Fitness Manual Treadmill Machine | Bundles with Twister, Pushup, Yoga Mat (6MM) and Accessories (5 Items)
  • Powermax Fitness MFT-410 Multifunction Treadmill
  • Kamachi 4 in 1 Foldable Multipurpose Manual Treadmill
  • Leeway Manual Jogger Treadmill| Roller Jogging Machine For Home| Foldable Tread Mill| Multifunction Walking and Jogging Gym Running Exercise Machines| Deluxe Tradmill| Lifeline Cardio Exercise.

Automatic Treadmills

As the name itself suggests that automatic treadmills use electricity and the belt keeps moving automatically using the power supply. There are varieties of automatic treadmill available in the market and one can choose and pamper according to his/her requirement, needs and budget.

Click below for the best treadmill for runners in automatic mode

  • Powermax Fitness TDM-97 1.0Hp, Light Weight, Foldable Motorized Treadmill for Your Fitness Workout
  • Powermax Fitness – UrbanTrek TD-M4 – 2.0HP, 100% Pre-Installed, Flat Surface, Motorized Compact Treadmill with Android & iOS App
  • Cockatoo Velocity Series 1.25 HP (2.5 HP Peak) & 1.5 HP (3 HP Peak) DC Motorized Treadmill
  • Powermax Fitness TDA-125 (2.0 Hp) Motorized Smart Treadmill with Auto Inclination and Auto Lubrication
  • Powermax Fitness TDA-230M (2.0 Hp) Semi-Auto Lubrication, Motorized Treadmill with Massager, Dumbbells, Sit-Up & Twister

Medical Treadmills

These treadmills are used by doctors and physicians for evaluating mainly one’s heart health. These treadmills are larger than those used commonly in gyms and houses and are more accurate in results. Now let us understand how to use a treadmill safely for the first time by beginners.

Running is an excellent form of keeping fit and healthy but the human body is a machine and sometimes not all can run due to some problems and issues related physically and medically.

Running on a treadmill track or running outside is somewhat similar apart from the fact that running on a treadmill is less risky, gives less impact and can be used according to one’s need.

Here Are a Few Points One Should Keep in Mind Before Stepping on a Treadmill For a Beginner to Workout Safely

Understand Your Body

The first thing one should consider is to understand one’s body, stamina, strength and endurance. You can go for a medical test and consult your doctor with the reports so as to know how strong your body is and then work out accordingly.

If a person has a weak back, then he/she must work out accordingly and should start with walking till the time your body itself asks for more and your doctor gives you a green signal for the same. A 30-minute beginner treadmill workout is considered to be the best way to start the fitness journey on a treadmill.

Wearing The Correct Work Out Gear

Working out becomes far less risky and easy if wearing the correct choice of clothing and footwear. When you work out on a treadmill make sure to wear super comfortable and fitted running shoes which will work as a shock absorber and reduce the impact on the legs while running and sprinting.

Also, a fitted shoe with shoelaces well tied will avoid unusual accidents and injuries caused due to twisting of legs or getting tangled and falling down.

Wearing sporty and fitted clothes will help in making running easy and also the right fabric will soak sweat and not make you get an irritating feeling like that of itching and scratching.

Understand The Machine

Before hitting the treadmill firstly, try and understand the machine and then start up your workout. Do not be in a hurry to start running without knowing all the features of the treadmill. Be well informed about how to set a treadmill and how to use the treadmill control panel correctly.

Check out all the superb features and modes offered by your treadmills like speed, incline, pre-programmed features like a fat burning workout or a cardio program to yield maximum benefit out of the machine.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Drinking a lot of fluids and keeping yourself hydrated before and after a workout is highly recommended as it will keep your cells intact and also boost up your metabolism.

Understand The Safety Clip

Most of the treadmills come with a safety clip which should never be ignored and one should never underestimate its importance. A safety clip is an emergency button used to stop in case one loses control or is feeling dizzy and uncomfortable.

It can save one from some serious injuries and medical conditions. Keep it in your mind always that whenever feeling uncomfortable, one can press the safety clip to stop the machine. Clipping the safety clip onto the body is a good idea as it will help in case one stumbles over the treadmill.

Warming Up And Cooling Down

Before stepping onto a treadmill never ever skip warming up your body. When you warm up that is start moving your body, you actually make it flexible and prepare your body for a workout.

A warm-up session should be a part of your work out regime and should never be skipped at any cost. Similarly, cooling down is a must as this is when you prepare and let your body understand that the work out session is over. Cooling down helps in avoiding after workout muscular cramps and pain so, never ever skip it.

Learn The Correct Style

Always keep your every foot over each side of the treadmill before hitting the work out belt. Start with the minimum speed and do not just start running or step your foot over the belt at a high speed as it may result in falling or twisting of legs, causing serious injuries.

Learning how to use a treadmill control panel in detail is the first and the most important step one should pay heed for leading a safe and great workout regime.

Always begin at a low speed and then slowly start increasing the speed. Start with walking that too slowly and hen brisk walk. Ones when you are used to the treadmill then start increasing speed further to jog and run.

Start exploring features of your treadmill one’s you are comfortable with the machine’s basic features.

The Right Posture

Maintaining and building a right posture is the key to yield the best of the treadmill work out. Always look in the front, try swinging your arms instead of clinging to those handles, keep your body upright, avoid hunching shoulders.

Avoid overstriding and leaning forward and move your arms and legs freely so as to attain a good posture which not only will make working out easy and yield better results but will also aid in avoiding injuries like muscular or hamstring pulls and the pain caused due to them.

Be Patient

Do not be in a rush to use the treadmill just because it looks cool or you think that running onto it will make you lose weight and tone your body. It will do so but just do not rush into doing so.

Simply, keep patience and let your body and the treadmill understand each other and come in good terms. One’s the body has geared up the speed and basics of the treadmill, then work out like you own the machine.

Keep A Protein Bar

Always keep a protein bar or protein shake handy as it works like wonders in building up muscles and replenish the required energy by the body after a workout session. Immediately after an intense workout session does not forget to sip or hog onto the source of protein.

Apple And A Cup Of Black Coffee

To help enhance your workout results always eat an apple 30 minutes prior to your work out and have a cup of black coffee without sugar and milk, which helps in boosting the metabolism yielding faster weight loss.

Address Nature’s Call Before Stepping On The Treadmill

Always address nature’s call prior to a work out session to avoid breaking the rhythm of your work out in between. One’s the body is at a tune of an intense workout, a sudden stop in it can upset the entire workout result.


Working on a treadmill is perhaps the most convenient form of work out and a treadmill workout is actually a people-friendly workout which is made by the people.

To the people and for the people. So, do not wait any more, simply gear up, follow the tips and instructions and take a step towards your fitness goal today with just the right treadmill for you.

When a beginner, follow a 30-minute beginner treadmill workout session on the treadmill and slowly increase your workout timing.

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