How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

When you have a tight budget and eating healthy is the big concern for you then planning for grocery shopping has become the biggest challenge. Having a tight budget, it becomes hard for you to buy the healthy foods. But with smart tricks, you can eat healthy food under your budget. Here are some ways to eat healthy on a low budget.

How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

1 ) Buy Fresh Produce and Freeze It – Fresh foods and produces are always best. Try to buy those produces that are currently in season and freeze them for future use . If you find any deal or discount at any local grocery stores then don’t hold back, check what they are offering and shop for those healthy products that remain for long period.

2) Buy Less Expensive Cut of Meat – Having a tight budget does not mean that you cannot have meat in your meal. You can still enjoy it. All you need to do is to look for the less pricey cut of meat such a chicken thighs . Try to cook them in the slow cooker if you want tougher cuts of meats to be juicy and tender.

3) Buy Whole Grains and Beans – If you are vegetarian and looking for cheap healthy produces then buy healthy whole grains and beans such a freekeh, quinoa and brown rice are not expensive and offer you great taste and can add more bulk to your meals .

4) Plan Your Meals – Planning your meal is a good way to save more money. If you know what you want  to eat in your daily meals, this will help you plan your budget accordingly. Try to prepare food in advance. Whether you want to make breakfast, lunch or dinner, planning your meal ahead is a good way towards eating healthy. This will also help you to minimize your waste.

5) Keep Your Fridge and Pantry Organized – By keeping your fridge and pantry organised, you keep an eye on leftover which is always great. You can label them and have them any time to reduce the waste. In case you are planning to buy some produces, then visit local farmer’s market where you can find fresh and a great deal on different foods . Only buy those things that are healthy and under your budget.

6) Always Stick To Your Grocery List – When you have planned your meals and made your grocery shopping list, then stick to it. There are many things that will allure you to buy them and this may lead to unwanted and expensive purchases.

7) Cook at Home – Cooking at home makes a great sense and much cheaper than having your meal outside where you have to pay taxes. Make your habit that you will cook at home. Many people find it best and they cook for the whole week. This saves their time. This will help you to know what exactly you are eating in your meal.

8) Grow Your Own Produce – This is a great, producing your food by yourself not only save your money but also give you fresh produce. If you have a large or small garden, buy seeds which are cheap and sown them in your garden. You can grow tomatoes, cilantro, sprouts, onions and many other healthy crops. This will help to save your money for certain things which you have grown at home. Home grown foods are better in taste than that you buy from the store.

9) Use of Coupons – If you have coupons, so use them wisely. If know how to use your coupons, you can save more money. Most of the coupons are for processed and unhealthy foods. It will make a great sense that you should sort them for good deals and save them for healthy and clean products.

10) Shop from Cheap online Retailers – There are many online retailers who offer great deals on different food items. You can register with them and get access to the deals and discounts . The best part is, you don’t need to go shopping in person, just order online and all your grocery items will be delivered to your doorstep.

11) Replace Meat with other Proteins – Meat is costly and if you cut down your meat intake and shift to other protein-rich foods, you can save more money. You can have hemp seeds, legumes, canned fish in place of meat. They have long shelf life and also give you the right amount of protein as you get it from meat. They are also cheaper than meat and are easy to cook .

12) Buy in Bulk – Try to buy in bulk when you find things on great discount or on running promos. There are many types of foods that you can store such as oats, Whole milk, rice and pasta . If you find them on sale, try to buy as much as you can manage to pay for and store them until the next sale.

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