Exercises Need to Do Before Treadmill Workout

Exercises Need to Do Before Treadmill Workout

Are you a fitness lover who invests most of his/her time on a treadmill? Did you know that you have to follow a certain exercise before working out on the treadmill? If no, then  This write-up will bring clarity regarding the importance of the exercises required to be done before a treadmill workout.

The most recognized and a crowd pleaser workout equipment if voted will undoubtedly be the one and only our very own and favourite treadmill. Doesn’t it feel superb to simply think and cherish about a nice and intense workout session over your favourite workout equipment?

A treadmill is a versatile machine which is used as an excellent cardiovascular exercise. It also offers great physical toning and weight loss if done in the correct way. You must have seen that treadmills are used in the field of medicines too which generally gives a clear picture of one’s heart conditions.

Today, the market is flooded with options of treadmills which comes in various sizes, features, and programmes. The world walks and runs on the path of fitness on the tracks of a treadmill which can help in actually making a person fit and healthy.

Using a treadmill is like a treadmill walking or running treadmill on the road. Almost everyone knows how to operate the machine. It is no more a rocket science to operate this amazing piece of fitness equipment.

You put on any video of fitness or subscribe to any channel, instructor or gym, you will definitely come across a treadmill which has become a part and parcel of everyone’s fitness regime.

A 20-minute treadmill workout for beginners or a 30-minute beginner treadmill workout or a 30-minute treadmill workout, etc. are few types of workout videos which are easily available for us to watch and implement to enter the world of fitness.

Treadmills have become like the oxygen of fitness equipment which is used by every fitness enthusiast. You get almost all the information on how to install, operate, varieties of exercises which can be done on the machine, safety features, precaution rules.

And everything regarding a treadmill but what most people are unaware and pay minimal to no heed is that there are certain exercises which need to be performed before one steps on the treadmill. I am sure you must be thinking that now this was new and you never knew that there is something like a pre-treadmill exercise.

Well, frankly speaking, this pre-treadmill workout is the actual secret behind extracting the maximum benefit out of the machine. The result achieved with a pre-treadmill exercise like doing stretching exercises before treadmill takes you to an altogether a new different fitness level.

It is that trick which not only reduces the chances of injury but also aids in achieving the fitness goals faster and with more precision. This write-up will reveal about the exercises you need to before a treadmill workout.

Types of Treadmill

Before coming about the pre-treadmill workout let us understand the types of treadmills broadly available in the market.

Manual Treadmills

As the name suggests that these treadmills have to be operated manually. Manual treadmills are cheaper and one has to use his/her own force and movements to operate the machine.

Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill, GOGOUP Folding Treadmill, Silent, Free Assembly- Manual Running Jogging Walking Machine for Health/Fitness/Exercise are a few popular choices which are used by fitness lovers.

Motorised Treadmill

Motorized treadmills are also known as automatic treadmills which are more convenient to use as there is a motor which assists in moving the belt and the track of the treadmill.

Automatic treadmills are generally more preferred than the manual ones due to its superb features, performance, versatility and the fact that it requires less effort in operating it. Motorized treadmills are costlier than the manual ones.

JH& Electric Treadmill Collapsible Home Weight Loss Treadmill Automatic Tilting Gym Equipment Multi-Function Ultra-Quiet Indoor Available, UMAY Smart Heavy Duty Running 7 Inch LCD Display Treadmill with Auto Incline are few popular choices for automatic treadmills.

Let Us Now Discuss The Pre-Treadmill Exercises in Detail Now:-

Basically, the pre-treadmill exercise is the warming up which we need to do which makes us warm and prepares our body for an intense workout session. It not only brings us in the grid of motion but also reduces the risk of getting an injury drastically.

When we start working out suddenly with full intensity our body tends to get into a shock as all of a sudden it has to multiply the efforts and that jerk can cause injuries like a muscle cramp, leg pull, ligament or tendon tear or a fracture.

Below Are The Exercises You Need to Do Before a Treadmill Workout.

Stretch Your Body

Start with stretching your body. Stretching will prepare your body and warm up your muscles which will enable you to build a strong foundation for an intense workout. You can do the following exercises

Yoga – Doing yoga will help a lot. It is believed that Suryanamaskar is an amazing form of yoga which involves every muscle of yours and fills your body with power and enthusiasm.


Another popular pre-treadmill exercise is the pilates which again ensures the usage of most of the parts of our body and allows us to go ahead with an intense workout.

Squats and Lunges

Squats and lunges are great for your legs and lower body workout. It not only warms up the muscles but also aids in toning the lower body.


Start with walking simply at a normal pace. Just walk normally the way you always do. Do not speed up or start sprinting immediately.

Brisk Walk

Next step is to start a brisk walk and up your walking speed a little.


Spot jogging or a normal jog is the last step of the pre-treadmill workout. One or two minutes of a light jog and you are all ready to hit that treadmill for an intense workout. Tip – Do not forget to cool down after your workout session.


Next time when you hit the treadmill and is all prepped up for an intense workout just remember to follow the above exercises to get a faster, better, more enjoyable and an injury free workout session.

Never ever skip the pre-treadmill workout and make it a point to always exercise the above-recommended exercises before working out on your favourite piece of equipment called the treadmill.

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