Baby Heart Rate Monitors- Are they safe or not?

Baby Heart Rate Monitors- Are they safe or not?

Baby heart rate monitors, also go by the names fetal heart monitors and fetal dopplers. They are widely used by women at the time of their pregnancy. Fetal Dopplers have made it possible to listen to the heartbeat of a baby at home itself, in between appointments, and this helps a pregnant woman to have no fear or concern regarding the health of her unborn child.

One must, however, remember that these fetal heart monitors might be safe, but their ability to either locate a fetal heart rate or not, can be quite upsetting and worrisome and cause stress. It is advised to consult a doctor prior to purchasing a fetal heart monitor for your child.

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Fetal Heart Rate Monitor – What is it?

A Fetal Heart Rate Monitor is also widely known as a fetal doppler or a baby heart rate monitor. This device is used by mothers, expectant mothers, fathers as well as family members who would love to hear the heartbeats of the unborn baby.

The fetal heart monitor produces ultrasound waves of quite high frequency which pass through the skin of the mother and reaches the baby. Once the waves identify the movement of the baby, they provide the sounds of the baby’s heartbeats which can be clearly heard by you.

The basic point of difference between a fetal heart monitor and a fetal stethoscope is that a fetal heart monitor allows everyone to hear the heartbeats of the baby, whereas the fetal stethoscope permits only the doctor or the midwife who operates it to hear the heartbeats of the baby. You can check out the details about some of the Best Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors.

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring – Is it Safe?

The use of devices like a stethoscope or fetoscope, or even a  Pinard horn does not have any physical risks. However, overuse of an at-home fetal heart monitor can be harmful and this is ideally not advised by the FDA. A fetal heart monitor normally is restricted to usage in a hospital.

You can read more about Fetal Doppler Safety which will let you know about the safety measures to be taken while using the device. Using such devices can cause unnecessary stress and affect you emotionally or psychologically, especially when you cannot hear the heartbeats of the child. Stress is never good for a pregnant woman.

Why parents prefer to use a Fetal Heart Rate Monitor?

Fetal heart monitors are not a new invention. They go back in time to the year 1958, where the first fetal doppler monitor was invented by Dr Edward H. Hon. Many parents love to make use of a fetal heart monitor for various reasons, some of which are listed below:

1. An opportunity to bond: It is the perfect opportunity for you to bond with your family members and your spouse. Listening to the heartbeat of your unborn child is a magical moment and keeps everyone looking forward to welcoming the little one home. At times, families maintain and fix a time to listen to the heartbeat of the baby. You can have a look at some of the Best Earbuds with Heart Rate Monitors.

2. Curiosity of parents: Human beings are quite curious and inquisitive by nature. This makes it normal for any parent to be curious to listen to the heartbeat of their unborn child whom they are expecting soon. You can check out where to find the baby’s heartbeat at 20 weeks if you are curious!

3. Educational Experience: A fetal heart monitor can be an educational experience especially if you have younger children who are excited to know more about their brother or sister who will be home in a few months. It gives them the opportunity to listen to their unborn child’s heartbeat.

4. It provides reassurance and saves on hospital bills: Yes, apart from curiosity, we also need reassurance that all is fine. Fetal heart Monitors can be reassuring to parents that the heart of their child is beating properly. This holds true especially with mothers who might have noticed that the movement of their baby has reduced or has stopped completely in some cases.

In addition to this, regular visits to the doctor, just to hear the heartbeat of your child, might lead to spending lots of money on bills. Click here to read about some of the Most Accurate Heart Rate Monitor -covered in 60.

5. Safe to use at home: Fetal heart rate monitors make use of low emission ultrasound technology, to function. These devices are controlled, monitored and approved by the FDA use at home. However, the devices must be approved by a physician in order to be used and must not be a replacement for consultation by a medical professional. Although they are safe enough to be used at home, it is recommended to limit ultrasound exposure as much as you can.

Functioning of a Handheld Fetal Heart Monitor

A handheld fetal heart monitor makes use of a probe and ultrasound technology to identify the high-frequency sound waves that are produced by the heart of the baby. In addition to this, a conductor-gel or oil is also used in order to enhance the sound waves, to enable the probe to pick up the waves, post which the monitor amplifies the sound.

About At-Home Use Fetal Heart Monitors

Fetal Heart monitors are also available for you to use it at your home. It functions in a similar manner to the ones in the physician’s office. Although the heartbeats of the child can be identified even in the eight weeks gestation period,  it is not advisable to do so until ten or twelve weeks.

The success rate of finding the heartbeat of your child is after fourteen weeks. At-home fetal heart monitors are quite simple and easy to operate. The gel has to be placed on the stomach of the woman exactly above the pelvic bone. The monitor must then be moved around until you find the heartbeat- make sure to keep tilting the probe at various angles which will enable you to find the heartbeat.

Also, remember that the results generated by these devices are not replacements to the consultation and care of your doctor. Any queries or concerns must be put forward to your doctor. Know more about the baby whisper heartbeat monitor that is available.


It is true that hearing your unborn child’s heartbeat is quite comforting and reassuring to expectant parents. Parents might wish to listen to the heartbeats of the baby in between visits to your doctor. Make sure you consult with your doctor about the fetal heart monitor, about the safety measures as well as the level of accuracy of the device.

Although it might be a blessing, it can also cause unwanted stress which is not good for the woman who is pregnant. All you need to do is take adequate rest and be stress-free and enjoy the experience of motherhood.

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