Activities To Do With Treadmill Workout

Activities To Do With Treadmill Workout

Every day you gear up with full zeal and get ready for an amazing workout in full swag thinking to get a well-toned and a well-shaped body. The most preferred and recommended workout is a treadmill workout which is generally considered to be a quintessential piece of workout equipment for every possible gym or any workout station.

If there is a workout station, the treadmill is the first workout equipment considered and bought by almost everyone. If you too are a workout freak then you must love your treadmill workout and you invest quite a lot of time on using the amazing features of the machine every week at least three to four times.

Using a treadmill has an amazing set of benefits which is undeniably the most recommended and popularly used and loved by fitness enthusiasts all around the world.

If you too are someone who just adores a treadmill workout and uses this piece of workout equipment in your fitness regime on a regular basis, then this write-up will be one interesting and informative read for you which will guide you about the activities which you can do with a treadmill workout.

If you are thinking that why do you need to do any other activity while you are already walking on a treadmill, then below are the reasons which will bring clarity in your mind regarding why exactly it is encouraged to do activities with a treadmill workout:

Reasons For Doing Activities While Working on a Treadmill

Say Bye To The Monotony

Its human nature to get bored up in a particular routine for a long time. If you keep doing any activity which is done on a regular basis, then the chances are that you will end up getting bored and slowly will start losing interest in that activity.

In case of a treadmill, if you stop working out then soon your hard-earned result of working on it will end and you will start a journey towards a world which is unhealthy, fatty and full of health issues.

That isn’t really a thing which any of you would want to go through and that is why it is required that you bring some kind of creativity or change which will help in breaking down.

The of your treadmill workout regime and your mind and body will continue their state of health and fitness throughout. A fun treadmill workout with variations is the key to a successful workout routine.

Peps Up Your Mood

To do a new and interesting activity always peps our mood’s happiness quotient and we feel thrilled to try and accomplish new goals and conquer them which initially seemed impossible to even start, leave about conquering.

Even the thought of doing something different in itself is so exciting, isn’t it?

Versatility Aids in Achieving Goals Faster

Our body is programmed to adapt so that we can survive. With adaptation as its basic principle, it is an obvious thing to understand that if we keep following a certain kind of a workout pattern or a routine then it is bound to adapt and after a certain point.

The effects it showed initially will start slowing down and there would be a point where we need to introduce some variation so that we can continue our journey of fitness.

Activities To Do With Your Treadmill Workout

HIIT is the New ‘IN’

What better way can be to add in variations than introducing HIIT in your treadmill workout regime? HIIT means high-intensity interval training which is based on the principle of doing a workout of high intensity which involves a break of a short time says five to ten seconds.

Treadmill interval training is a great way to stay on your fitness journey and achieve your fitness goal. In HIIT, one works out heavily and allows a small breath of breath and keeps on working with a small breath in between.

This interval workout allows a faster metabolism and you get excellent workout result. There are some top-selling high-end treadmills which are perfect for doing a HIIT workout due to its great options of incline, speed, weight capacity, etc.

For e.g. –  You can start walking on your treadmill for a minute, then crank up your speed and incline and start jogging for 3 minutes.

Then crank up the speed even further and increase the incline too (as per your requirement and choice) and run for 3 minutes then immediately bring down the speed and incline a start walking for a minute and then repeat the cycle.

You can repeat this cycle twice to thrice or even more and add in variations with the speed, incline and time for each of the workout as per your body’s capacity and need for a full body superb workout.

Tip: You can even add in some weights to your legs for taking the workout level to a whole different level.

Do Those Lunges

Lunges are every fitness enthusiast’s favourite. In a lunge yo forward your one leg with knees bending and keeping the other foot backwards in a down position and then repeating the same with the other leg in forwarding position and the first one in the backward position.

It is most difficult to do lunges while you are walking which is the most recommended way of lunging. On a treadmill, it becomes easier and more fun to do lunges as there would be no hindrance or blockages in your way of working out.

You would have your little moving belt on the treadmill and all you need to do is start lunging and working out with full enthusiasm.

Tip: You can increase or decrease the number of lunges as per your body’s condition but if a beginner then you can start with five to six lunges and then increase the frequency slowly.

Juggle It up With Your Skipping Rope

Another amazing variation is to work out on your treadmill and keep a skipping rope ready to juggle up both the workout together to not only spice up the workout regime but also to yield a better and a faster result and move towards your fitness goal even faster.

Simply, workout on your treadmill for ten minutes, then come down and start skipping for five minutes and then hit back your treadmill for another ten minutes.

Tip: You can continue repeating this pattern for two to three times or even more depending upon how much your body allows.

Kick Those Butts While You Run

Kicking your butts and a treadmill workout are great workout patterns in itself. Just, imagine how much you could gain if you club in both of them together?

We say that it is amazing that while working out on your treadmill especially when in speed simply lift your legs even further so that your feet can kick your butts. After all, kicking your butts yourself is always a great idea.

Tip: You can start slowly and do not try to overdo. Allow your body to come in synchronisation with it naturally so as to avoid any kind of an unfortunate injury or accident.

Add Some Dance Move

Working out on a treadmill is fun and so is dancing. Clubbing up both together is like singing a duet which will last in everyone’s memory as it is not only fun but melodious and lovely too.

Simply, workout on your treadmill for a couple of minutes, come down and do some dance as per your choice and then hit back the tracks of your treadmill again.

Tip: Pre deciding a song with which you are already familiar and comfortable dancing.  A non-stop dance mix will be a great idea to play which will aid in working out without any stoppage or disturbance.

Squat It Like a Sumo

Squatting is the wonder exercise one needs to do for a well-toned butt and lower body. Mixing squatting with a treadmill workout is the way to love your body which will allow you to get a firmer, better and a more fit and healthy body.

Tip: You can either squat on the floor or the tracks of your treadmill belt depending upon your level of expertise and your body’s capacity. Do not overdo.

Club in Some Push-Ups

Make a cocktail of pushups with your treadmill workout. Simply walk and run on your treadmill for some time and then come down on that yoga mat and start your push-ups.

Tip: You can do knee push-ups or complete push-ups as per your body’s condition.

Listen to Loud Music With Heavy Beats

It is a known fact that listening to music alters your mood. It is always a good idea to listen to loud music with some heavy beats which will act as a dose of an adrenaline rush and you will be able to work out with great intensity.

The market has some great options of treadmills for serious runners who require music while working out with the option of mp3 playing support via USB or a pen drive.

Tip: You can download from various gym workout mixes which are easily available online or in the market and can play then for an uninterrupted and great treadmill workout.

Increase the Incline and Run

So what if you live in a city which has no hilly terrain? Your treadmill has an option called the incline button which you can crank up to get a feel and workout result as you would have got on hilly terrain. Your treadmill is a complete package which allows you to work out in the best possible way.

Tip: Do not crank up the incline level to the maximum at first and start working out. Slowly increase the incline and get accustomed to it.

Sprint It Out

Do not limit yourself to simply walking on the treadmill as it will fetch you no great results. If you really want to get good results and reach your fitness goals faster then sprinting is the way to go.

Tip: You can slowly increase your sprinting time by acclimatising your body.

Mix in Some Plank

Another great workout mix up would be to mix in treadmill workout with planks. Simply keep your yoga mat ready beside your treadmill. Step on and start working out on the treadmill and then come down and do a plank for as long as you can.

Tip: You can add variations in planks slowly as and when you master planking.


Now, that you know and understand that it’s not only your food which has to be versatile, but also your treadmill workout so that you don’t end up losing your interest in working out.

You have your guide as this write-up which will aid you in spicing up your treadmill workout so that you never even get the idea of quitting a treadmill workout session.

Do not limit yourself to anything as our body is made to adapt and we can achieve great heights of success of reaching our fitness goals by slowly increasing the level of challenge and the adapting them and then taking a step further.

It is an ongoing journey of fitness with variations and adaptation as its key principles.

So, wake up, take a pledge of fitness and start working out immediately to increase your life’s health and fitness quotient like never before as it is only you who can keep yourself ailment free and healthy.

Keep eating and keep exercising with the perfect variations which you can add in with your treadmill workout and enjoy a fit and healthy body forever.

Spice up your treadmill workout with just the right variations of activities and lead a life full of health and fitness.

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